Projekt Liquid Fusion W.I.P Minor update added 2018/11/20

A little note everybody, tomorrow I’ll upload a minor update. You’ll be able to create your stats for your character tomorrow. I’ve finally figured out how to add stats :laughing: and there’ll be a twist to it too. You’ll be making your stats while being slowly drowned in a coffin. Who’s looking forwards to it?


You’re a Sadist and I love ya for it.


Cool start! Will be watching this WiP. My only advice is be careful about giving the readers 100% control over the story. It’s your game after all and you probably have (or will have) an idea about the plot. It’s wonderful that you’re asking people about what they want but don’t be afraid to do what you want!, even if it goes against other people.

Looking forward to seeing what you cook up! :slight_smile:


Why does a choice with only one option exist on page 1?
If you need to break a large wall of text, you can do this:
*page_break The Beginning

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You were in the Coffin once again, This was where

You need to replace that comma with a period (“once again. This was”).

of course, You’d drown

Needs small letter (of course, you’d drown).

question…of which you knew the answer to…each

I think you should add some spaces:
question… of which you knew the answer to… each

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Alright everyone! the Minor update is up! You can now set eyecolor, set whatever name, gender is added now okay i’ll leave you guys to it…gonna start on the storyline now. Leave a like! leave a comment! Catch you all later! Here’s the link if you don’t wanna scroll up:

Side question: i’m gonna do a little breakfast scene, What do you guys like to eat for breakfast?


Reposting the link so we don’t have to scroll up you’re a peach :slight_smile:

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There is still a choice with 1 option, but it just says “Next” this time. There is a command you can use instead:

I recommend to add a few options for MC’s name. 1) It will inform your readers which names are popular in your game world and give it a more distinct feeling. 2) When you playtest it, choosing the first name option instead of typing it again and again is much easier and less annoing.

MC can be the best at a given program, then nearly fail the same program later. Use *if command in combination with options to avoid repeating the same training course, like this:

    *if (stealth = 30) #The Detection simulator.
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Wait, choosing just 1 training program will give +20 to one stat, but Jack-of-all-trades gives +20 to every stat?

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Yep that’s right

That MC would be very powerful :muscle:. Basically you will play in easy mode.

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That’s exactly what I intended, there are those who want a challenge and those who just want to play though it quickly. I play to all audiences :wink:

If these players guess that choosing this option will give them +20 to everything and not +4 to each stat, like I initially thought.
And my previous suggestion with *if command wouldn’t work properly, it will just eliminate all options and produce an error. You can try this instead:

    *if ((stealth = 30) or ((stealth + endurance) = 100)) #The Detection simulator.

An option to fail a course will appear either if this course wasn’t chosen as the best and is still 30, or if Jack-of-all-trades was chosen and there are more than one stat with 50 points.

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Thanks for the suggestion, i’ll try to implement that now. cheers!

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So! Suggestion for a military Breakfast guys? I could do egg, ham, and a tall glass of milk. but what other suggestions do you guys have?


Actually Might help you

Lol, okay. I’ve had Canadian MREs and they most certainly do not have bear paws in them.

Maybe something changed ?

It’s possible, I mean it’s only been what? 2 years? since I last had one of those MREs?

Perhaps they didn’t get official military MREs and got it from a private company that claimed to be military supplier.