Master List: Links for Beginners

Since this gets asked a lot I thought I’d try and create a master list of links for beginners. If anyone wants to add links to the list please feel free to since I’m making this wiki format.

Start here for newcomers

The Wiki
ChoiceScript Basic Tutorial on wiki

RETowers’ Tutorial by @RETowers

Lglasser’s Tutorial by @Lglasser

Dedicated ChoiceScript Development Tools

You do not need to download or update ChoiceScript when using either of these tools.

Chronicler Visual Code Editor by @BenSeawalker - aims to reduce the amount of actual coding you need to do

CSIDE by @CJW - aims to help you learn coding with its own step-by-step Interactive Tutorial
CSIDE on browser (no download thingy-thingies. Requires access to your Dropbox account)

Other Tools

You will need to obtain the latest version of ChoiceScript if using a text editor.

Notepad++ - Text Editor for Windows
CScript plugin for Notepad++ by @CJW, these ones by @KickinTyres and @Szaal.

Atom - Text Editor for Windows, iOS, Linux
CScript plugin for Atom

Visual Studio Code - Text Editor for Windows, iOS, Linux
Link to the discussion thread and its CS plugin-extension.

Chat Mapper - a tool for writing and testing nonlinear dialogue and events

Fairmath Calculator by @Twiger_Fluff,
Fairmath Calculator Online by Lucid , Google Spreadsheet version by @Eleckar

yEd Graph Editor - a graphing, flowcharting, mind-mapping tool

Official CoG guidelines
Choice of Games Guidelines

Choice of Games Blog Game Design

Choice of Games Style Guide

Dashingdon CScript hosting site by @dashingdon

Neocities Free Hosting


Viewing Game Code

An example of setting up relationship and gender

Grammar Tool


Hemingway App

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A Hero's Story (A New Interactive Superhero Novel) WiP
A Hero's Story (A New Interactive Superhero Novel) WiP
New Discourse Feature
Linear Game Posting
Devil's Heart - Demo Updated (6/23/18)
Some WIP Ideas (and Interest Checks)
Ulcaceur (WIP) - 6.17.17
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Game of 20 - (WiP) Updated 9/26
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Northern Winds: Dragonships. WIP (Reopened and Chapter 1 done!)
Kingdoms: Embers In Ashes[WIP] [OLD VERSION]
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Adding name choices
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Help me format my code
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If I "New people" am needing help with coding and commanding, Can I get some input?
How to begin making your game in Choicescript?
Text as variable?
3rd Party Software
How do I define gender variables?
A question about choicescript
Simple questions
New stats
Name variables?
Two long questions about game mechanics before I start with my project
Two long questions about game mechanics before I start with my project
How to do branches more efficiently?
Introduction to Choicescript?
Need a coder
Invalid indent, expected at least one line in 'if' true block question
Help using index.html
Can anyone be a Choice writer?
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Looking for a couple of tips
Any tips for begginer for scripting and writing?
How exactly do you get chosen pronouns to work?
Problems with inventory system

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Updated to add @RETowers tutorial.

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I added in which is full of articles about designing games that I loved reading.

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I briefly came across CoG’s “Style Guide” but neglected to bookmark it and can’t find the link again. Might be a good one to include in this list?

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Edited in the OP. It is a Wiki, so if there are other links you think should be there, feel free to add them.

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Visual Studio Code ( free, open source, runs on Mac, Linux, Windows) now has a choice script syntax highlighting plugin called ChoiceScript VSCode for those that want to use it as there development tool.


Hi,I just join Choice of Games a few weeks now and are interested to write a my own game.I am not a skillful writer nor scripter.
Any tips for begginers?

Is there anything specific you want to know? Coding tips, or tips in general?