I want to write... but I don't know how.


I sincerely want to write stories. I’m uncertain if people will read my writings and I’m not confident with my skill, but I really want to put my imagination into words.

I have wanted to write for years yet if I would accomplish a single novel right here it would be my first one. I have read plenty of novels and Choice games; I aspire to take people on a lovely journey while reading as to what these writings did to me.
I am a complete amateur but I do have the passion. Unfortunately, I have quite a hectic schedule so I may not have too much time to indulge in writing. I have still have lots of flaws, I think I need to start from scratch. I’m confused and I need your advice… please?

Thank you very much! Hearts for you! :blue_heart:


Useful links:

I recommend reading through these threads and others (use the search icon that looks like a magnifying glass to find relevant topics–try the term “getting started” and the various “Writer Support Thread” posts). Then, as specific questions come up, post to a thread that has a questions or concern closest to yours.

If there’s no thread that matches your specific question, please feel free to create a thread that asks your unique question…but I bet there will be an existing thread.