Practicing Writing Games for Beginners

Hello, Choicers!

I’ve done a great deal of collaborative writing and roleplaying in my past, but I haven’t written a lot of solo stories. I’ve always been interested in interactive stories and I want to get started, but I’m struggling to figure out how to start practicing with it.

I’m not going to try to write something worth publishing on my first attempt. I’d like to write a game or two that are small in scope and get me working with the system, both conceptually and technically, but because I have such little experience with the genre, I’m not sure how to put together even a small interactive idea. Perhaps I just need to read more of the examples out there!

How have you guys gotten started? What were or are your struggles in creating such a complex piece of art? What would you recommend? Any prompt ideas?

Thanks for reading!

x Kara


While I dont consider myself an expert I do know how to power through projects. One of my favorites strategies is to play “what if” games with random thoughts in my head. For instance.

What if a taxi driver was paid a lot of money to wait with a secret package for someone but heard shouting for help?
If I think of what might go through my head is think
A. Drive away
B. Sit and wait
C. Get out and investigate

Simple options but they would all lead to different things, then your question could be “what’s next?”
A. could lead to people chasing the taxi driver.
B. Could lead to meeting the person
C. Could get him killed etc etc

And on and on those choices go.

If coding is what you need help with the forums offers great support to help you learn and also we have several code support programs that make it so much easier! Chronicler and CSIDE come to mind :slight_smile: (sorry it’s 1 am here so I hastily typed this up haha)


I’m not sure how to put this, but I started to create what was absent. By this I mean, I would play a lot games or read a ton of books, only to find myself wishing for more at the end. Not necessarily more of what I had just finished, but there always seemed to be a story that was missing.

I recommend thinking about what you wish existed. Don’t wait for someone else to write a story you want, write it yourself. I struggle with motivation, but that is the one thing that keeps me going. My creation will never be exactly the same as any other. It’ll be exactly like I want it to be.

So read through the prompts we have on here, play the games, and then decided if you find something lacking. If so then great! Start working right away. The process itself is complicated. Don’t be afraid to re write multiple times or to be unhappy when something doesn’t come out exactly like you expected it. Happens all the time. I enjoy the coding aspect, as it’s an acquired skill you have to learn. I feel proud knowing that I made said creation. Most of all have fun with it. Do what you want!

Want a book about killer birds? Do it! Want a strictly BL game? I’ll play it lol.

I wanted a book about Vikings for years, but every one I read was never exactly what I wanted so I started my own interactive fiction. Honestly take it one day at a time and enjoy yourself. Don’t slave over it and don’t let it stress you out or be your sole focus. I wish you luck in your endeavors though!

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Hi Kara,

Great idea to keep your expectations low and the pressure off your first attempt. Practice is important, especially right at the beginning. I just wish I could adopt the same attitude.

I’ve been writing since I was little, but even as a kid I always had it in the back of my mind that whatever my current project was, it was ‘the one’. It’s hard for me to really put my best effort in if I don’t truly believe in what I am doing.

My advice (if you end up struggling with your idea) is to just jump in to the most simple version of what you’re really passionate about. For me, it’s zombies! :zombie:

In terms of ChoiceScript itself, I’m new to it too. But I have found this community very inclusive and eager to help. There’s a lot of learning material online to work with as well. Of course, if there’s anything a n00b, like me, can help with don’t hesitate to drop me a line :grin:

Good luck!

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