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@r_isexhausted seems very… how do I say this… ‘non-unique’, “2099” very original, I means that’s every future story, book, game, comic, etc. Maybe a different year that’s more unique will peak my interest, another thing is the plot, sounds like you made it on the spot… plots are sort of like a movie or book, they aren’t made in a day, more like months or years, but that plot is basically nowadays except 10% worse. Not that it isn’t a good idea, just actually take a couple days or weeks and make a more interesting plot then that.


Yes, that’s exactly what I mean. Might even add supernatural powers(kinda like superpowers) but like I said, I got this idea from a dream…


heh, I get all my stories from day dreams myself. And nice, I’m always up for a good supernatural story. Could i ask what the 4 definite families will be?


So … men?


Yea sure, it’s not a secret… but yea the 4 definite families are the following:

The Ten family: werewolf’s that can change at will or when angry.

The Smith family: vampires that only drink the blood of people they really hate.

The Raven family: shadow like entities that can control the shadows of other people and the shadows around them, they are chill people and don’t care about much.

The Blood family: demons that rage really fucking easy, and are very strong and have wings, horns, red or black skin(very rare but some have had white skin, and duel coloured skin)


@tophat I’m sure that your post was not ignored. Maybe you was just a little too vague with the description. Could you be more explicit about the main plot? :slightly_smiling_face:


I think I said this, but I got the families idea from a dream and have absolutely no story as of right now. I just wanted to see if it was worth writing a story. @Vashnik


You know what I just realized?..has there ever been a CoG where you play as a Centaur? or even just have one as an NPC??? well, I know what I’m sticking to the top list of games I want to make now!


You know what, you got a valid point… I might add that as a family… but I’m wondering how they would work on society, I mostly want the families to be able to interact with humans… i will see what I can do(mostly because your the only person to show actual interest)

Edit: took a chug of Coca-Cola and realized I could make them change form… if you’ve watched “Perseus Jackson: and the lightning thieve” then I think I got a way, except less wheelchair.


@tophat You have the characters, that’s an important step. Sometimes this is the most difficult part of an story. Now you need to create the narrative thread, the action, the main conflict :wink:


Yea, I think I’m a guy who rolls along with the breeze, make the story as it comes to mind, like I just came with the thought that the story takes place in 1867 during a war.
And it may be 1867 but there’s modern technology in this timeline like modern electronics and stuff but ships and houses(for the poor) are the same as 1867


Sounds like steampunk to me


Since I realized there hasn’t been a game where you play as a centaur, that I know of, I’m curious how many others would be interested in playing a centaur focused CoG, or at least one with centaurs in it.

  • Yeah, Centaurs sound pretty cool.
  • You mean those…half horse people? eh…not really.

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Maybe, but less steam and more ‘zzzt’


@Bathala think of all the horse puns though.


I’m just thinking the length of our…

Nerver mind that

Cough genitalia cough


pffft someone has their mind in the water trough :stuck_out_tongue: I get what you mean though, but i think if done the right way it could be really unique and interesting.


There is a woman on tumblr, ,who draws some really awesome centaur stuff. If you like centaurs or are thinking of adding them to a story i really suggest checking out her artwork! might help you better understand their anatomy and how they would interact with present day items and situations.


I remember that @Twiger_Fluff once worked on a WIP about being a horsefolk (still rubbing head around the terms). It’s a good read, the story also emphasizing a bit on gender with antler shedding and whatnot.

Unfortunately, it appears the WIP went into indefinite hiatus. Here’s the link if anyone is interested.


ahem cervitaurs.
Man I think about that story every day. Maybe I’ll finish it after I finish my next two Interactive Novel languages.