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I bookmarked that one! I loved it so much, it was such a cute and unique game. I hope you’ll have a chance to finish it.


Waah! You alive! You’re alive!

I mean, we got centaurs, satyrs, and there’s cervitaurs… Is there any other -taurs I need to know? Guuh, I remember my chem class having taurine somewhere in it.

Then you mentioned 2 Interactive Novel languages. If don’t mind me asking, are those something like VN, or story about language, or perhaps I totally missed the point and not about story at all?


Just gonna leave this here


1d9 or Gravity Falls


yeet hello again!
I just wanted to add more, uh, specific stuff to what I already posted in case other people are interested! : )
so here goes yeep yoop:

the specific stuff
  • there’s going to be superpowers! yay or unyay! haha I feel like the people who read my post didn’t expect that twist and I’m scared. but like, because the plot doesn’t revolve around them they’re basically just treated like, say, personality traits–they’re just another part of the character’s, uhh, character.
  • when I say psychological themes I mean there’s a few characters, including the person who you narrate for, who have mental illnesses, and they are taken as important things in the story (but I swear it’s not in the discriminatory way of course)
  • about the fact that you are the narrator, technically you’re still a character, but you aren’t corporeal so the main focus of the game is to strengthen your influence, power, or trust with the person you narrate for so they do whatever you want/what you think is best for them and for you/what they want to do and sometimes what you wanna do
  • backstory tragedies are great but really sad stuff to write >:0

also I’m like really new to this forum so I wanna know–can we just make a new topic in the WIPs section anytime or do we need some sort of permission? thanks!


You mean, we’re a God with a big G? Hmmm… I haven’t played anything like that before. Seems interesting.

EDIT: Okay, so this got me thinking and it might be fun. We’re like the little voice in a character’s head. Which is to be honest, pretty cool—and of course, I can’t wait to play as a God—a generous God

Me: Hey kid, confess your feelings to your crush.
Character: confesses and gets rejected
Me: Oh well, sucks to be you, mate


ALSO WOW OK there’s going to be an actual scene like that! the chapters are going to be based on the age of the protagonist, so like, around chapter 3 or 4, not sure yet, they get a small “uwu I like this guy” moment and you get to decide if you let them pursue the guy or not, if you yourself like this guy, and yeah; and I like relationship stats so ofc that’s gonna affect you and your protag and the kind of scenes you get
asdhsasds my favorite part of writing this whole story is the fact that you can be a salty b@tch or a Very Nice friend and there’s 872473284 in-betweens and I get to write the protag reacting to them all


Okay, I am ready to be an A.hole to my protag… write em babi


You need to remember that unnatural to describe supernatural monsters was something I used for my game it’s not an official term. So use supernatural so people don’t get confused between games.


Feeling a bit burnt out on TDUP. Stared for half an hour at a blinking cursor today. Maybe just tired. Figured I’d work on a smaller project to cleanse my pallet somewhat.

I’ve gathered a few ideas I’d like to tackle. Each of them would probably result in a game that’s fewer than 30,000 words total. Think of it like a short story rather than a novel.

First Responder

The offworld colony needs nurses, and they nailed you for jaywalking just to get you onto that spaceship. Only problem with jamming a hundred and twenty criminals onto a spaceship is that not all of them are gonna have the best intentions in mind.

You wake up with half your living quarters mashed up against the hole punched through the hull. You were lucky you take naps during the day; your roommates weren’t lucky enough to have strapped themselves down.

As one of the only able-bodied passengers still standing, and the only qualified medical professional on the ship, it’s your responsibility to make your way through the scuttled ship and rescue everybody you can. Hopefully along the way you’ll figure out how to get the damn thing back on course, as well.

Main Character: Jay Quynh, 23 year old nurse, literally just finished their degree the week prior to getting voluntold as a colonist.

Romance: Negligible. Might be some light flirting. It’s an emergency situation. Focus.

Flow of Game: Jay already knows how to effectively manage someone in critical condition, so you don’t need to have Yahoo Answers up in the other tab in order to not screw up and kill someone. Instead, the major choices are who to save and where to focus your efforts. You can’t be everywhere always and there are many bad things happening all at once. Should be a couple different endings that aren’t just “you failed” or “you succeeded” e.g. do you take advantage of this opportunity to screw over the natters who sent you here, or do you keep on course? Who among the other convicts might you need to keep alive for either choice?

The Howl of the Wind

You were a junkyard dog, plucked off the street, cleaned, broken, and shipped off to the Yukon. They need huskies. You’ll have to do.

The other huskies were either taken away as puppies or born here. They’re soft. Docile. Obedient. Brainless. They haven’t known anything but the bitter cold. But you remember the hot summers of Alberta. You remember how the people on the street would kick out and throw stones. You remember how things worked in the junkyards. They don’t call it a dog eat dog world for nothing.

You’re beginning to suspect that things might not be so different here.

Main Character: Junkie, a feral huskie kidnapped off the street and forced into the services of prospectors in the Yukon Territory during the gold rush.

Romance: None at all.

Flow of Game: First part of the game is learning the rules of the Great White North and establishing yourself as the Alpha @{gender Bastard|Bitch}. Second part, mild survival elements with a human companion after a storm hits while you’re out. Third part, two different endings (embrace your chains or break free).

The Armageddon Archipelago: Arin Arnold's Airship Adventure

As a meteorologist, you weren’t surprised by the revelation that there were entire cities bobbing in the clouds like jellyfish. You’d spent half your adult life trying to explain all the weird weather patterns above the Pacific, and now you’ve finally got your answer.

Airships aren’t entirely unheard of in this day and age, though the whole Hindenburg thing has made them unfashionable. No matter – now that an airship is the most effective method of navigating the islands of interconnected cities in the clouds, you’ve procured yourself an invitation using your expertise in meteorology. The captain is a bit too gung-ho for your tastes, but you take what you can get.

Whatever is up there in those cities, it isn’t human, and you’ll find out soon enough why they call their home the Armageddon Archipelago.

Main Character: You’re a nerdy meteorologist, 38. Think the guy from the Atlantis movie with the big glasses. Well, guy or girl, your pick. You’re not the badass captain with an eye patch and a scar from brow to chin. You’ve never fired a gun. But you sure do know a heck of a lot about cloud formations.

Romance: I’m thinking one male and one female member of the crew are romanceable, almost certainly including the captain. No more, in the interest of keeping things lean. Probably will be able to pick the captain’s gender.

Flow of Game: More free-flowing and exploratory than the other two here. Sail from “island” to “island” learning more about the culture and worldview of these strange sky people. Choose how you want to present your findings to the UN once you’re finished. Zero combat!

EDIT: to clarify, all three have “set” main characters. You can choose your gender, but you can’t change your name, age, or background. I also don’t plan to use stats for any of them; your skills and abilities are already pretty clear.

I’ve added a few more details to each about what the game would be like.

  • Space Medic
  • White Fang
  • Airship
  • No! Don’t get distracted!

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I never claimed otherwise! The story I want to tell features a caste-based patriarchal empire. You can reform it and that will be a plot point.


Then how is the MC not the son of the ruler? Patriarchal society have the eldest son as an heir


I voted/have a strong preference for airship (though space medic also sounds interesting). An exploratory game where your weird/mundane area of expertise matters sounds great, and I’m very into the zero combat.

You said we have a set protagonist in terms of name/age/background/skills – what about personality? Obviously we’re making choices about what to do, which is part of it, but in terms of general social interaction, do you have a “type” in mind or is that going to be player’s choice?


Oh hello there, fellow brazilian :smiley: yeah, i guess i was a bit targeting to them, althought it was unintentional. I just figured I’d try and use some current political on going business, like maybe the rumours that EUA might try and send troops or negotiators to Venezuela, etc.

And yes, i actually thought of making new names for the cities or create some new ones, but still having it deep rooted on the localtion it was based on, you know? I’ll have to think it better.

Thank you for the support!


Yeah well, like i said in the first message I’ve posted I’m already working out the actual plot, smoothing the wrinkles etc etc. Also, despist going through 2099 (which seems the more rational age for cyberpunk, for me at least – years like 3400 something always seemed the more logic for scifi, idk). I’ve never seen some cyberpunk with witches as the main characters, so i did thunk it scurried a bit away for non-uniqueness – but really, is there at least one plot that hasnt been already done? The catch is in the way it is written, key elements. That’s the beauty within cyberpunks, at least for me. Its always some corrupt government and some resistance and some gruff detective that ends up in the middle of it all, but the why, how and who is what makes it unique, i guess.

But thanks for the advice – Like i said before, It’s a bit far from being actually made since my laptop isnt the greatest, and until then I’ve gotten everything figured out. Just wanted to see if people would be interested in the actual base plot.


No they don’t, agnatic primogeniture societies do. And the Empress has no legitimate sons, and the illegitimate ones are dead. The succession system for this empire is not one which has existed in the past, nor does it exist now. Also, how many words are required before I can post a WIP thread?


There isn’t a requirement, you just need a working demo. The longer it is, the more feedback you’ll get. If your demo ended after character creation, for example, no one would be able to give you helpful feedback about the story


Okay I actually sat down last night(half asleep) and got stuff sort of figured out…

5 Family’s

The Crown Family: Werewolfs.

The Smith Family: Vampires.

The Raven Family: Shadow like entities.

The Blood Family: Demons.

The Wraith Family: Ghost like creatures.

This game takes place in 1867, in a city called ‘Trinity City’. Technology is very advanced, but only available to the rich(20% of the population(worldwide)). Technology became heavily advanced in 1743 when a person invented the ‘Computer’ but it cost a lot of money, so only the rich could afford this advanced technology. The Main Characters Family just happens to be in the top 20% of the population that could afford these luxuries. There is a war going on somewhere. The MC just turned 16 and has a couple human friends that don’t know(or fully know) that the MC is not human, but all changes when the MC finds himself/herself cornered by a couple bullies and ‘accidentally’ kills them, so the MC has to go on the run(with his/her friend who was there) while monster hunters and a government agency, tries to hunt them down.

NO THIS IS NOT STEAMPUNK!! (So stop saying that @Bathala you drunk hillbilly)

other stuff

Each family has ability’s and such, that can help them.

I’ll try to implement a way to pick your personality because I find not a lot of games have a personality choice.

My rambling...

Probably not a lot of romance if none at all, because I feel more inclined to make this badass with less “I love you” and shit, if you got a problem with that then to bad, I couldn’t care less, or maybe I could care less… who knows… anyway if i stop being a lazy fuck and actually make this I hoped I can make this a never ending story because personally I hate when good story’s come to an end abruptly… so it might end with the MC’s death at old age or something, or at MC’s sons/daughters death of death of age(if I add romance). Anywho that’s my story I decided to come up with on the spot… so yea might change it but probably not. Lot of blood and combat, death, maybe loss of sanity who knows I’m not that sane myself so, it could become anything from mildly gruesome to horrifically gross and stuff, so be warned that’s all I really need to sleep now problem gonna copy and paste this on the fourm tomorrow, well I guess if your reading this I posted it. Yay.

Do you like this game idea?

  • Yes, It’s a cool idea.
  • Eh, it’s an idea…
  • No, Please give up.

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i should,ve just added one choice so no matter what you could only give me one answer… lol