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The main character will have a personality independent of whoever is controlling them! You make the decisions but the flavour of those decisions and the interaction with other characters is based on their own personality.

Think of it as more taking inspiration from the Witcher than from Skyrim. Though the game won’t exactly be a sprawling fantasy epic.


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@DontJudge Yes, Bathala made his game when he was drunk, so he is a drunk hillbilly…

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You just need to have started a demo first. You can’t start a thread just to talk about your idea anymore, but once you do have a demo which people can look at, you can start the thread yourself.

There’s a lot more variety to how inheritance works than that :sweat_smile: there’s societies where youngest sons inherit, where whomever the ruler appoints inherits, where only men can inherit but they must be related through the female line, and even in traditional European monarchy, daughters would inherit if there were no sons in most countries (not, say, France… and there was Poland, with an elective monarchy…)


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Just thought I’d let anyone interested know, the WiP for my game is up.


Post a link so if anyone from the future scrolls through they can find it more easily! :slight_smile:


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I mean, it’s a fairly harsh option and no one here would actively put a writer down :cowboy_hat_face:

I do have a question though; how advanced are we talking in regards to technology? Advanced for 2019 or just advanced for 1867? I know you mentioned computers but that can range from old Commodores to a super intelligent AI :thinking:


Laser guns? Pew Pew


More or less, 2019 technology.


Wow, someone wants me to give up… :smile:

It’s me, I want me to give up… lol.

Okay well since no one dislikes the idea I’m gonna try my hardest to actually work on it tomorrow and not login on ROBLOX and play Phantom Forces…

Edit: well not that I really gave you guys a choice to dislike it, I mean it was either ‘I like it’, ‘it’s okay’, or ‘give up on your dreams’. So not much of a choice… but thems how the world works… I guess… sometimes you have to give people the illusion of choice… and I guess I don’t play fair game…


Hey everyone!

I have recently begun planning my first interactive story! It is based on one of my passions, which is wrestling. However, unlike Slammed this will deal with the much more violent and hardcore “deathmatch” style of wrestling, which is depicted as very taboo due to the violent scenes portrayed.

Deathmatch wrestling is a style of wrestling known for insane bloodshed, mainly due to the weapons they use. Thumbtacks, glass, light tubes…you name it. This is a massive sport in Japan, and some states of America.

After doing some research, I am now planning the universe and history of the story - which will bit by bit be revealed. The public demo is ages away, due to me being a novice at choicescript and the fact that I am computer-less at the moment.

Feel free to comment any questions and I will answer them when I can! Ciao!


This is a good thing that you’re doing some research into Japan’s wrestling. I feel like they’re completely ahead of the business at this moment with their expansion into the wrestling world. Not to mention their insanely long history with holding death matches, doing moves if done wrong can either kill a person or paralyze them as it has done for many wrestlers in the world.

Since the WIP mentioned Toronto in the title, I am going to assume that the story takes place in Canada. May I make a suggestion that we learn wrestling from a parody of the Harts and the Dungeon?


That’s a really good idea.

I have a character who trains your character planned out, but he is a bit of a backwoods character. So the “dungeon” might be a little different.


Your idea sounds interesting, but I think the interest check thread would be a better place for your discussion until you have a working demo to share :slight_smile:


I’ll give it a read when there’s a demo. It strikes me as a little strange that the story is flagged both “Adult-content” and “Young-Adult-Fiction”


Probably because of the author planning on adding wrestling’s “death matches” which is extremely violent and you normally won’t see it in American wrestling.


Oh yeah…I get why it might be considered adult content…I just don’t quite get how something can be both adult content and young adult.

Isn’t it like saying, “this book is aimed at young adults, but contains things that are inappropriate for young people?”