Interest Check Thread


I plan on removing the young adult tag. I just don’t know what else to tag it as :slight_smile:

But thanks for your interest!


Been toying about with the idea of having multiple promotions you can do sidejobs with, that can in turn increase your popularity meter. Thoughts?


I actually would like that to be honest. Maybe add some events working with a different promotion like Ring of Honor did with New Japan too?


Not a bad idea. Will keep it in mind.

There will be some “legacy” matches included in the base game too, which are just optional texts you can read for notable parts of the company, since the game starts in 2018 and the company started in 1995.


Do you mean something like the Hell in a Cell match between Undertaker and Mick Foley as Mankind? The one where Mick Foley was thrown off of the top and later crashed through the steel to the ring?


Well, these will be well known matches in that universe, so in a way, yes.


Well, this does seem like a pretty interesting project. Hurray for gratuitous violence! I’ll await for the demo with interest.

To be fair, I get the impression that a lot of the published young adult litterature nowadays would be labelled as adult content on CoG. I mean, it often tries to explore the themes of violence and sexuality (with various degree of success). I suppose young adult is still adult?


Trust me. The matches will be as graphic as possible :slight_smile: gonna really push how far I can go with this without actually making people uncomfortable.

Speaking of which, there is an update in the initial post regarding a plot later tonight!


I’m thinking of replacing my third project “Your Ugliness,” since I don’t really have a solid plot for it yet and I’ve had something else on my mind for a while now, i think I’ll call it A Devil’s Virtue

You play as a demon exorcist, literally, a demon who is an exorcist. (I blame a bit of it on my new love for the Hellboy comics haha)

The plot :

You were born in the 1880s and your horrified human mother, who had no idea her last erm…“employer” was a succubus in human disguise, left you on the doorstep of the Iglesia del Santo, a small church in the middle of what is now the state of Arizona where you were taken in by Father Matías Salvada, a humble priest by day and a master exorcist for hire by night.

He taught you everything you know and was the only person who believed you were more than just a demon, and then she took him from you…you will never forgive her.

It’s now the year 2012 and you’ve finally tracked her to Las Vegas. Nothing will get in your way this time, not even when you become the target of the city’s demon hunter organization.

It’s time to finally bring peace to Father Matías’ soul.

At first, it was going to take place in California but I thought Las Vegas sounded way more fun and interesting. Also Fallout New Vegas is my favorite game ever hehe

So what do you guys think? Sound interesting? c:


Well I for one am one hundred percent on board with this idea. You’ve got a nice premise, Interesting MC, and some nice background lore and world building with some conflict that could set up a nice sequel depending on how you deiced to play it. In short you’ve got an reader in me.


I really like the sound of this! Are you sure you’ll be able to manage three projects, though? :open_mouth:


i’m glad you like it! And it seems like a lot i know but keeping my mind moving helps me stay sane d: kinda like a mental fidget cube heh


Glad to have caught your attention c; i think i’m gonna have a lot of fun with making this one, hopefully you’ll have as much fun playing it once i get a demo out!


I likez demonz :neutral_face:


Do you mean incubus? Because a succubus is female.


Sounds great :smiling_imp:



Why hello there


That, or it turns out that a succubus can still impregnate someone, due to demonic magic :thinking: Which is it?


or it could’ve been an omnibus.


Without spoiling too much, it was indeed a female succubus who impregnated the woman who birthed you c; Demons can’t get pregnant, but what they can do is take a chunk of their demonic essence and stick it inside a female human host.