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Omnibus…? :thinking:




Its basically a succubus with male reproductive parts


ahhh i see, i’m kind of glad the only thing that came up when i looked it up on google was an old timey wagon bus thing :smiley:


Obv this omnibus


I wouldn’t mind seeing a CS game based on… body-swapping! :smiley: May be influenced by the fact that I just saw a movie based on that very topic called Self/Less!


Try The ORPHEUS Ruse.


Choice of Hiveminds

Ever wonder how the Borg started out or where Unity (from Rick and Morty) came from?

This is a story in which you can basically play as your own version of the borg. Set after the collapse of a type 2 civlization (Kardashev scale). This is a version of our solar system which is teeming with lab grown intelligent organisms (terrestrial aliens), Oneil Cylinders, Biological and mechanical Megastructures, warring AIs with conflicting goals and uplifted corvids, cephalopods and pachyderms .

1: Pick your origins (Willing Servant of a Cosmic Horror, Ambitious Biotechnologist, Escaped Experimental Subject, corporate manager who wanted to gain an edge over their competitors, cult leader)

2 Pick your assimilation method (e.g. virus, cybernetics implants, nanotech, cloning, Augmented Reality with Brain Washing)

-Is it voluntary, involuntary or is it somewhere in between (e.g. Induced addiction, data-enhanced propaganda, military style recruitment program)

2: Pick your Pretext (e.g.Expansionist Religion, Empire, Corporation, Space Communist)

3: Pick your structure (e.g.Singular Consciousness, Heirarchical mind control chain of command, Mental Democracy with subconscious voting, Transactive Memory)

4: Get your superpowers( e.g. Collective Perception, Collective Memory, Enhanced Wisdom, Omni-Competence, Heightened combat coordination )

That’s what I got so far.


I’d be very interested in a game like this. I imagine the character’s perspective would be similar to the way Aether: Life as a God is structured, but rather than watching over the civilization, you are the civilization.


I believe the title “choice” is reserved? Unless you’re in a contract then…never mind my stupidity


Just a working title. I know.


I honestly think this is pretty cool. I’m not a god but not exactly a God god, more like a cult god.
ya know what I’m sayin?




I would like to announce a new choicescript game project,
Super robot maker

“super robot maker” is a must have for anime mecha and super robot fans everywhere!

in this game it will take the creation proportion of the robots to an even greater extent, to the point where you can design your own transformers, triple changers six changers, combiners and so much more!!!

it all begins in a large laboratory where a battle over earth is reigning over control over the planet from a galactic empire, who had vowed to control and dominate the entire universe and shape it to their own vision even if it means by force,

create your brave super robot, build a team, upgrade your war machine, even create powerful combiners and take them all out to fight the enemy! thwart their evil ambitions, and even fight the evil emperor himself!!

but, with every war, there comes a choice,

use this power, to fight for freedom? or to punish and enslave? the choice is yours!!

this game maybe a long time project, but I can assure you all it will be worth it,
support and feedback is always welcome on here,
thank you all!!


Do you have a working demo to post? If not, you should take this to the interest check thread :slight_smile:


That sounds sick as hell.

Just “Hivemind” might be a good title. Or something like “The Collective”. Or you could go all three musketeers with it.


I love this concept! So much!


Hello guys. Its 3 months since I put my first WIP on development hell. However, I want to present you the current title I have been working on.

Is it cliched? Boring?

Feedback on this will be much appreciated.
I have been making a lot of progress on this idea but haven’t started the coding yet.

Code Providence

Sci-Fi Political Thriller

Synopis:- An Opposition leader is arrested and held at an Asylum as prisoner, is seemingly brainwashed by the government; Then rescued by fellow resistance collegues but has lost memory.

You must uncover the past or conjure a new one. You must join the Resistance once again or corrupt it.

You must choose because the fate of Providence lies in your hands.

[WIP] The Rogue Saga (On Hiatus)

How about Game of Hiveminds?


Why not “The Hive”


So I know just at the start of this month I posted about how would people feel about playing as a god.
And yes, I am still thinking of that project and it is currently under heavy consideration in my head.
But some days ago I got this idea about another project I wanted to try. And it is somewhat different from my first one.

So basically what I have in mind is that you play as a enhanced person who, for some reason, is in prison. But one day you get notified about being transported somewhere else. And that somewhere won’t be another lame prison. You will be sent to the military.
Because times have changed drastically, you learn that supernatural beings have started to walk amongst the humankind and the enhanced. And the military wants you and a few others to put a stop to them.
In the military you are put in a team consisting of other enhanced beings and just normal military men and women. You can befriend them and even fall in love.

  • Chose your own gender (Female, Male, Non-binary)
  • Consists romance
  • Choose your own enhanced ability (This section is currently under heavy construction)
  • Choose your own name
  • Angst, because I’m a sucker for it
  • Will be added more when it comes to that

I know it isn’t the best description and if I’m honest, I’m just curious to see what you all think.
I’m welcome to all kind of feedback that this may or may not get.

Ps. I’m not that nervous to post something for once!