Interest Check Thread


I think there are two or so, though i’m not certain if they focus on that aspect?


The demo (which changed names, and I can’t remember the old or new) didn’t seem to have an RO, but did have the idea of balancing superheroing and mundane life, and Hero Unmasked had the RO aspect, as did Fallen Hero: Rebirth (which was tough to relate to the MC in, but was SO well-written).


Should i still give it a try?


Yes please. :hugs:


I say if there is a story you WANT to tell, tell it. I’ve never written one, and my first game is something very similar to existing work, but it’s what I want to write.


Here are some ideas which would make for a good CYOA game

  1. Warring states of China and Chinese Unification (roleplaying game, perfect for trilogy or more)
  2. Hungdread year war (roleplaying game, can work as one off story or trilogy)
  3. Vikings (roleplaying game)
  4. Crusades (roleplaying game)

These are historical periods that would are perfectly lending themselves to CYOA genre.
They are perfect for roleplaying and would satisfy large demogrphic of people from roleplayers to gamers, people who like history, or those who like alternate history.

Interest Checks (A Discussion Thread)

Hello everyone I just wanted to let those who were interested in my 3 projects that I’ve made a tumblr for them where I will be posting updates and stuff and maybe even some drawings\doodles of characters if I can gain the courage…anyway my main computer is currently in the shop until Wednesday so while I wait to get back into working on the demo for Military Dogs I would love it if some of you send me some questions or reaction asks since I find them super useful in getting a better feel of your own characters! :smiley:


hello guys! I’m really new here owo

so I just wanna know if anyone would be interested in playing a game where instead of being a physical character in the story, you play as the narrator of the protagonist; so instead of doing things, you’re more like influencing the protagonist to do stuff based on how you narrate the events happening around both of you and based on how you think of things as well. so kind of like those games where you decide your opinions on stuff, except instead of affecting just stats, it affects the game flow itself.
big note: the game’s protagonist is like, really dependent on you to make decisions for them because insert backstory ; also the game would be heavy on psychological themes haha

so, would anyone like to read something like this uwu

oh yeah–in case someone already made a story based–or even just loosely based–on this concept, can someone give me a link to said stories? thank you very much!


Ok, so I’ve started planning out a WIP where the MC is the heir to a technologically advanced (in some aspects the technology is more developed than now, in some less, with the lack of an internet being the main one) feudalistic empire, with a brutal caste system. I’m going to loredump some of the more developed parts of the lore soon, and brainstorm the undeveloped ones here. I’ll start by talking about the MC. Of course, because this is a COG you will obviously be able to determine almost all of the stuff about the MC, but there are two things which will not be determinable.

  1. The MC starts at fourteen years old.

  2. The MC is genderlocked to male. Because the empire in question is quite patriarchal, if the MC was female I would have to write a completely different story.

Interestingly enough he is not the child of the reigning Empress, nor is he the child of anyone in her branch of the family. I will explain how this works a bit later.

I will loredump the rest during the course of this topic, and I shall answer any questions regarding the lore, and brainstorm the lore which I have not worked out yet.


So I had this idea from a dream I had a couple days ago, so basically there are 7 families(previously 17), all of which are unnatural, and you get to choose what family you are apart of. I have 4 definit families, I have a few more that I may or may not add(thanks to @Nocturnal_Stillness for the ideas). The story is still in the making but right now I’m learning to code in choicescript(again thanks to @Nocturnal_Stillness), but other then there being literally no story so far except these families, I am gonna post this to see if people are interested in it, or if i shouldn’t even bother making this game.


Still working out the kinks and things and probably gonna be a while before i even have a demo since my laptop is more useful as a table leg support but listen

What about witches
If you answer was yes, then listen again:
What about witches… In the cyberpunk.

Cyberpunk witches. Neon witches. Witches that mix their long ancient voodoo mambo jumbo with viruses on the internet and things

I’m gonna sober up, and I’m gonna fucking do it


This always makes me a bit uneasy, apart from the lack of opportunities for women those sorts of places are also the ones likely to label gay men as : gender traitors or something of that nature. And, as almost everybody around here knows, I like playing gay protagonists. :worried:


Can you give us more informations? Because Witches and a Cyberpunk setting? I’m in


The empire in question is quite homophobic, but the MC will both get the chance to have gay ROs and reform the system so gay marriage is allowed.


Okay I’ve sat down and actually figured the base plot, at least. This is it:

The year is 2099, about to turn into a new century but, despiste all the technology discovered since the late XX century up until now, humankind hasn’t changed all that much. If anything – it’s only grown worse, especially since the IIIWW (thanks to – you guessed it –, EUA.). Rich people grows richer and poor people gets miserable every single day as the Earth keeps on rotating.

On the big Metrópolis de São Paulo, Utopian Brazil, you scrap by, currently living in the crooks and narrows and alleys of the favelas, surrounded by vulgar graffiti, trash on the streets and violence at plain sight, despite the happiness the politically correct residents like to express everyday for just being able to afford a roof over their heads.

Hiding at plain sight amidst all the neon and blinking lights, you and your coven siblings try desesperately to save the tradition of magic and dodging those pesky hunters. Things get interesting when an cheap, early XXI’s airplane touches down on ground with no passengers, baggages, nor pilots inside – except writing on the walls.


This sounds like a very unique plot and i hope to read it someday, and it’s nice to see a fellow Brazilian here, but you might be careful using EUA as the ‘villan’ specialty since cg is targeted to Americans, maybe use a fictional name, same with São Paulo since it’s a Utopian you could have your very own made up city, but these are just suggestions, wish you the best of luck with this project :heart:


Yes, but you’re the one who decided the empire is patriarchal! Your hands are not tied here.

EDIT: for more on this check out The Thermian Argument.


It seems my post was completely ignored, thats not a very good sign… I mean I thought this idea was good… well, I’m still not giving up, gonna learn to do the coding, and actually write the feckin story.


hello, fellow newbie at choicescript coding here! :smiley: When you say unnatural, what exactly do you mean? o3o supernatural? like vampires, weres, witches, etc?


I like your idea. And your style. Let’s see what you can do.