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Just noitced why u said God of the sea you seen the new aquaman


Yup I loved it, makes you realize he was always badass having control over 70% of the Earth and being able to flood the rest if he was pissed off enough with the surface. Plus tridents are badass.

@DecryptedDev Can’t wait to be Jason Momoa in your story lol.


Haha I’ve actually only seen the trailer of the movie but thanks for the support!


What other Gods are there? Which spots are taken? Can the player be the God/Goddess of insignificant things like the sun, moon, stars, wind, marriage, animals, etc etc?


Right about now there is the goddess of the Sun, god of the Moon, god of Death, god of Life, goddess of Autumn, goddess of Air, goddess of Summer, god of Spring, god of Winter, god of Humanity, goddes of Fire, goddess of Water (this is to be different than the god(dess) of Sea), goddess of Wistom, god of Earth, god of the Underworld, goddess of Love and goddess of the House.
More might be added because like I stated earlier, my plan is to make it into a multiple-book story.


Would the MC be one of the rare dual magick users?


I’m always up for a magick story, typical or not, besides this is one of those “typical” stories that I enjoy.


But a god being patron if those thing would be quite known by humans, these aren’t exactly things you forget easy, Mc being a god of more insignificant things would make more sense like god of lost causes, goddess of the reindeers etc


Let’s assume that this story is set in a modern era, how many people today actively worship ancient Gods? Yeah, some people study mythology but it’s almost forgotten these days. Greek and norse mythology is pretty mainstream but this is probably another insignificant religion/mythology.


Very true, but i wasn’t talking about worshipping per se and more about at least knowing, even if not worshipping them anymore some places have a heavy connection with them.


Let’s just roll with it for now. I am still processing the whole plot and all so things might seem a bit weird at the moment.


Best idea i heard of around here (I soooo gonna be Lucifer)


Yep, it’s one of the possible options.


I’m considering working on a fairly cozy/low-stakes, character-driven (romance optional) fantasy story. Would you rather play as:

A. A villager who finds and befriends an abandoned mage tower, and then, in order to keep using it/learning magic, has to deal with its mage;


B. A con artist who, in a heist gone horribly wrong, is transported to an abandoned, backwoods mage tower, and ends up impersonating a mage in order to lie low/buy time/figure out a way to deal with the repercussions of their screw up?

The first option would be a bit more cozy, with the tower as more of a character. The second wouldn’t be dark/gritty by any means, but it would have you trying to con the local populace, and you would eventually have to deal with the fallout of your failed heist.

Any thoughts?

Edit: Setting/tone-wise, I’m thinking akin to the first half of Howl’s Moving Castle (book, not movie), if that helps clarify what I mean by cozy.

  • A. Villager
  • B. Con Artist

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I’m tempted to say the con artist, but I’m actually not a big fan of the whole “liar revealed” arc.


There would be several ways for it to go down, including being immediately honest with a few conspirators (including ROs, if that’s the issue?), and then maybe not having a wider reveal, if that helps?

So if you want to be honest (or just bad at straight-out lying), there would be a pretty immediate chance to get a local to help you with the pretense, and options further on to let more people in/get more help.

(I think a wider reveal would be an option, but by no means necessary, regardless of what you choose. And there would be few [if any] cases where the reveal is not your doing and can’t be walked back.)


I I were you I’d pick one of those two choices and run wild with it, but splitting it up basically into two separate games side by side might be a bit taxing!


I kinda blame Hero Unmasked and @Tevin for the inspiration:

I’m toying with the idea of making a(nother) superhero themed game where you are the only superhero in town and have to balance crime fighting and mundane life.
Means in addition to the relationship stat there’d be a suspicion stat. And what if one ro might be a supervillain?

So, put this on my to-do list (i might even work it out as a spin-off to curious Cuisine)

  • Yes, do it.
  • No, don’t.

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Oh hell yes


I really liked Hero Unmasked for taking time to balance that, though I think there is a WiP already where you have to balance a day job as well, which I liked.