Cervitaur's Choice WIP

I’ve begun work on my new game Cervitaur’s Imbroglio. In it, you play a cervitaur.

Currently it’s about (1%, 1.2 Chapters) done, and I plan on updating every few days perhaps.

To play the demo, go here: L-I-N-K

Right now I don’t have all the clans information set up nor relationships information and stat meanings written in. Mostly I just want to show it off, get some feedback and ideas for the time being.

If you give me any good ideas that I end up implementing, I’ll be sure to add you as a special thanks.

sorry about binary genders, will add more l8r

Update: Currently working on finishing clan descriptions and describing the stats as well as writing the next chapter. I’ll upload all these changes at the same time so the WIP doesn’t look so hectic.


nice wip (well i mean the part i could play through)
when you say “my name is jacob” this happens

Hello! I enjoyed what you have so far and can’t wait to see more. I also had the same error when trying to choose my name, perhaps the indenting is a little wonky.

I also found a typo.

It should be “their”.

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I really enjoyed what I read–this is a really nice concept. I liked the worldbuilding so far, but you should really define the clans and what stats they’ll effect before you move forward much more, since some players try to play for specific stats and its hard to make a decision if you don’t know what you’re deciding. As well, the first choice has several options that all say “I know the answer” but only one is correct. You might want to adjust that to “I think I know the answer”–its minor, but it makes it more immersive and helps make it clear to the player that they may not be correct, despite the choice implying that they will be. And I also got the same error after name input.

Good concept, good worldbuilding, and I really like the hints we’ve gotten so far of the culture! Very fun WIP, I’ll be keeping my eye on it!


i agree on the stats thing, i try to play for strength combat skill and if possible charisma

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What an interesting game! I always thought that the concept of certivaurs were cool, but never knew what they were called. The more you know, am I right?

The worldbuilding is amazing. I’d love to learn more about it, but it feels like there isn’t enough information yet in the character creation process. I don’t know which nationality I want my MC to be because we don’t know much about the clans (how other clans perceive them and what makes them stand out). I’ll admit, the “Elucidation of clans, etc.” section was a bit difficult to understand. What do the colors and animals after clan names signify? Perhaps more historical exposition would help us better identify and understand culture, customs, important figures, and past and current conflicts.

I’m definitely looking forward to playing more of this game. It’s been a while since I’ve seen something as unique as this. I’m a sucker for anything involving fantastical worlds, especially choice-interactive games that are heavy in lore and worldbuilding. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also along the way, I found some bugs. When customizing my character, I chose to have silver hair, but the stats say that I have pastel pink hair instead. It also says “You’re eyes are brown” in the stats page, when it should be *your, and I got a bug right after I typed out my MC’s name.


What should be “their”? I’m confused. I see no errors.

It’s in the second paragraph.


Im having the same name problem as TruMaknae

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I’m glad you’re so interested in it. I’ve fixed the bugs and several typos.

I’ll update the game on dashingdon in like (right now). I won’t have the clan info done by then, but so you know: the color is for the map (which can’t be viewed on dashingdon) so the red circle shows the clan with that color’s territory. The animal or whatever that is next is what the clan’s name means in English.

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I have similar problems, as well.

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Do you mean the “they’ve” should be “their”? I believe they’ve is proper grammer and what I meant.

I was wondering about that, that’s a pretty cool idea

Right there, @Twiger_Fluff :expressionless:

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but it IS “their” and caliente was saying to change it to their. Sorry, am I being really dumb rn?

@Haribospoon @Umbreonpanda @Caliente @peaches @TruMaknae @HomingPidgeon @augustus27
The bugs after choosing your name is fixed.
Did anyone try to skip entering their name? If not, try it.

The I and E needs to switch places.

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Ooorgghghghgh!!! let me scream.

Font bold-ed for your convenience :raised_hands:t4:


@Szaal @Caliente OMG SORRY. I have a hard time seeing letters being switched. Not the first time facepalm thanks for dealing with my dumbness.

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BTW, I’ve played through the “don’t tell my name path”

It appears, I have a continuous bad dreams afterwards. I should speak my name to the ground as the tradition demands. :pray:t4:

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