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You have to have a demo first before creating an wip thread. (but i do really like this idea) (nevermind i just noticed you put a demo but its giving me errors)


While the premise certainly looks interesting, I’m very worried by the balance of sexualities among who I assume are going to be the ROs… :confused: Only one option for gay or lesbian players is not balanced, especially when you have six characters to work with. I’d certainly recommend that you made all of the characters bi/pan- or MC-sexual. It’ll be more enjoyable for non-straight players (and there are a lot of us), but also easier on you, since you won’t have to keep checking genders. :thinking: Also, it will make it far easier to fit non-binary players into the game.

Anyway, good luck with the game. :slight_smile:


So let’s Head Canon our characters in the early days of the game and see how they evolve as the game grows :slight_smile:

I’m going to call my girl Tomie ( if last name isn’t assigned) Kawakami

She’s got depression and self esteem issues. In her old school she was bullied relentlessly to the point she became so numb it wasn’t even fun for the bullies any more. She prefers books to people and spirits will definitely catch her interest. If she learns a spirit ( especially female) died tragically she’ll become enamoured with them. Possibly even trying to join them in a beautiful death.

Dragon Age Inquisition:

Cassandra: Human Males only

Solas: Dalish females only

Cullen: Human or Dalish females only

Black wall: Women only

Vivienne: No one but her true love

Sera: If you’re a woman you can straddle my face but elves gotta work for it

Dorian: Any male character will do.

Josephine and Iron Bull: Sex is Sex


Okay, so I figured before I get any further in it I should probably ask- is any one (other than me) interested in a dating sim? I’m huge on romance but a lot of COG and Hosted games just don’t scratch that itch for me. For the last couple years I’ve been fiddling with the idea of making one but only really just sat down to start working on it.

So, would playing a text-based, interactive romance game interest people?

So far, the idea is to meet people (of course), romancing them and sorting through problems with them. I’ve numerous characters in mind, and a mix of options pertaining exclusivity, dating around, or even entering poly relationships (character dependent).

I’ve also been mulling around a second romance idea revolving the supernatural which is a bit more plot orientated but still heavy romance. Basically, you find out you’re not quite human (unless you are) and being whisked away by a person of your choice due to certain plot devices.


Both sound like great ideas (but i really like how different the first one is (i don’t think there are any dating sim if wip or games on here) but i have to ask: will either of the stories have any movie/tv shows/anime romance tropes in them?


Off the top of my head, from what i have planned so far- the first one will have possible love triangles (not necessarily angsty unless you make it that way), and the second has a potential enemies to lovers bit.


I love the idea of a dating sim game and both sound pretty good, especially the second one!

I’ve tried a dating sim themed game once on here before but I felt like it was forcing the MC towards a certain romance interest. I think as long as you avoid that as well as open up the floor past a gender-locked MC, your game will gain a lot of interest!

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The second one in particular (well, actually both but I realize the second one implies it) doesn’t force you to romance the person that whisks you away (though that is the idea). It might lead to some short scenes, but you’d be able to finish the game without being pushed on them.

(Also, no gender-locking on either!)


Sounds perfect, and I’m definitely interested!

How far have you gotten with the development of your ideas? I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for the thread and demo whenever you’re ready to release it :slightly_smiling_face:

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The first one I’ve mostly worked on setting up the coding (and there is a lot of it with more to come) and so far one meeting scene. I’ve also been slowly working on characters and their backgrounds. I’m also in the process of setting up coding for an ‘online’ dating aspect (which was originally what it was going to be, but wanted something a bit more action oriented. But, the online dating is still going to make an appearance).

The second one is still more in the planning stage but I’ve a couple scenes written out to set up the plot. I have the plot outlined, and characters decided.


Let me try it like this. I’ll probably end up working on both but I’d like to see which one I should put in more effort on first.

  • Normal dating sim with not much plot but lots of choices
  • Supernatural dating sim with plot but RO cut off at certain point

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I think until Hearts Choice is out we’re lacking great non-supernatural based romance games so I would go with the former. I would definitely avoid any situation which forces the reader into a specific RO unless there’s a really good reason (or the player can customize them significantly).

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I´d love to play that game. In both versions

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Have closed the Gulliver polls now. Will see if I can’t start sketching out some ideas for a game and then go from there, but thanks for your input guys and gals! If you have anything you’d like to see in such a game feel free to PM or suggest something here. :slight_smile:

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Hello everyone, I have some ideas about the game I am going to create, I hope everyone can give feedback on that if you guys are interested.

  1. You are the only child of a famous young scientist couple, on a winter night, when you were five years old, your parents waved you goodbye and went out, but then they did not come back to you. The next morning, you received the new that they had died. Police said this was an accident, but is that true? You became orphaned at that time. The story will start from your childhood until you follow your parents’ path to becoming a young talented scientist. Most importantly, you will find out the truth about the death of your parents and a mysterious syndicate stands behind. A road to revenge the enemies are responsible for the grief throughout your life has just started, along with your genius brain, in this itinerary are you solitary or not? when there are young people also belong to science like you, will they take advantage of you, help you or stand by you, be willing to sacrifice themselves for you?. The story also focuses on romance. These two elements: science and romance will go together.

  2. You live in a glorious Renaissance when Baroque art flourished. You were born in a prestigious noble family but your family is not unique when there are six other families with splendid outstanding young heirs fight for overpower in the aristocracy. And then in a Baroque-style ball, you secretly find out they’re all vampires. The story will focus on romance and the fight between the aristocratic families mentioned above.

  3. You have a passion for ballet since you were a child and you try to be chosen as a soloist but the art has obstacles and dangers and there are so many talented people than you, will you achieve your dreams, especially in the National Ballet Contest?. The story will focus on the challenges of your life with ballet and romantic relationships on the journey to gain a victory over yourself and achieve success.


All of your ideas sound really interesting and creative! I’m especially intrigued by the first one - the theme of having an underlying mystery as the plot progresses seems really exciting!


1 and 2. I luvs me some Baroque vampires, but 1 is really unique.


I understand your point, it does seem a bit backwards to be a dating sim but get stuck with one person. To spoil a bit, the plan was to meet with several characters, choose the one you like the most and then spend time with them for plot. Each character has a different route (maybe the occasional same setting because there’s about 10 different characters) but each inherently their own thing going on. I might see about opening up on the character’s (maybe a chance to meet ones you’ve connected with) but ultimately the focus is on whether or not you choose the character you’re currently with.

I’m still a bit at a standstill though because I’ve been checking the poll here and there and it’s been split evenly for a while now.


So like, otome style routes? I’m always down for that!

I do prefer dating sims with more plot substance than kiss the cute LI.

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Hi everyone, I’ve had an idea in mind for sometime, and would like to check in on the interest to it before I work more on the story.

The premise:
You are a police officer working in a small town, and despite not having been in the force for long, you thought you have almost seen it all.

You were wrong.

One night, the town is rocked with a strange disappearance. There are no clues; no suspects; nothing. It is as if the young woman had simply vanished into thin air.

Days later, the missing woman turns up on your doorstep. She shoves a small child into your arms, whispering just two words before she disintegrates into dust:

“Protect her.”

It is not long before allies and enemies alike come knocking at your door, and soon, you and the small child are taken in by a group that claims to be there to help.

Throughout the story, you will have the opportunity to uncover the truth of who that woman was, and why some people are after the child. You can also find love and develop friendships, and forge a path that may determine the fate of your town - all the while evading detection and capture by a mysterious group. The story will tap on the ideas of supernaturals and magic as a core focus of the issues that will happen in the story.