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1 and 2. I luvs me some Baroque vampires, but 1 is really unique.


I understand your point, it does seem a bit backwards to be a dating sim but get stuck with one person. To spoil a bit, the plan was to meet with several characters, choose the one you like the most and then spend time with them for plot. Each character has a different route (maybe the occasional same setting because there’s about 10 different characters) but each inherently their own thing going on. I might see about opening up on the character’s (maybe a chance to meet ones you’ve connected with) but ultimately the focus is on whether or not you choose the character you’re currently with.

I’m still a bit at a standstill though because I’ve been checking the poll here and there and it’s been split evenly for a while now.


So like, otome style routes? I’m always down for that!

I do prefer dating sims with more plot substance than kiss the cute LI.


Hi everyone, I’ve had an idea in mind for sometime, and would like to check in on the interest to it before I work more on the story.

The premise:
You are a police officer working in a small town, and despite not having been in the force for long, you thought you have almost seen it all.

You were wrong.

One night, the town is rocked with a strange disappearance. There are no clues; no suspects; nothing. It is as if the young woman had simply vanished into thin air.

Days later, the missing woman turns up on your doorstep. She shoves a small child into your arms, whispering just two words before she disintegrates into dust:

“Protect her.”

It is not long before allies and enemies alike come knocking at your door, and soon, you and the small child are taken in by a group that claims to be there to help.

Throughout the story, you will have the opportunity to uncover the truth of who that woman was, and why some people are after the child. You can also find love and develop friendships, and forge a path that may determine the fate of your town - all the while evading detection and capture by a mysterious group. The story will tap on the ideas of supernaturals and magic as a core focus of the issues that will happen in the story.


That sounds great! It sounds like it could have a wonderful Twin Peaks vibe—what would the small town be like? Sleepy and tranquil? Secretive and judgmental? What kind of supernatural elements are you thinking?


I am definitely intrigued by option 1 as I’ve always been a sucker for a mystery and I’ve got to agree with @obieblu as this seems really unique for a COG so count me as down to play it


You had me sold at small town supernatural police game.


I can’t say I’ve played a lot of otome games so I can’t really say, but the intention is to have more substance, but revolving around the romance.


This post is related to my earlier deaf swordsman idea. After thinking more about the plot, I feel like it would make a bit more sense if I were to change some things about the plot itself such as changing up the reasons on why the deaf MC wants to be the best swordsman ever lived.

So what I’m thinking about doing is that I’d start the game off with the childhood of the MC then training. I was planning on having a massive international tournament (something out of Shaman King if you’re aware of the anime) that would possibly settle on who would get the title of the best swordsman ever lived. I was also considering adding some supernatural things like the tournament would bring back all of the dead master swordsmen just for the purpose to compete in the tournament.


Thanks for the advice!


To be honest, I wanted to base this game on the Gakko No Kaidan anime, the Junji Ito manga and anime episode Town without streets, and Bokurano. I also want the game to be set in the Year 2018.


Dude you can’t have aunt titty flash with middle schoolers. But you definitely piqued my interest huge junji ito fan. As well as Onryo in general… this sound like it has amazing potential. And I’m all in.


2 please!


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Hey COG Community how’s it going? I’m working on a new W.I.P. called Projekt Liquid Fusion, You are a Weaponized test subject who becomes a vigilante in a city called Icarus One a floating city above the clouds. You escaped from a underground lab and now choices lie before you: Do you decide to return to the government that created you? Or do you forge your own path?
The game will include but not limited to: Technological upgrades to your body, different interesting weapons (Imagination is a wonderous thing) and several main paths you can take: The governmental path where you must obey orders, the Violent path where you kill everything that opposes you, The peaceful path where you look for other ways to solve your problems other than your weapons, and a smaller lesser known path: Carefree and careless, simply just seek to ignore everyone and everything. I’ll probably make an achievement for that (Average Denizen: Don’t mind me I just exist)

okay so this was split off from my main thread but now it’s back up again you can go search for it. My intro Demo is up heres the link Projekt Liquid Fusion W.I.P


also let me know guys whether you prefer WIPS to be in First person or third person format. I’m not sure what the general community would like.


But can we play a mute ;p


I’m probably going to close the poll soon, just need one more vote to break the split and decide!


That help?