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It does, thanks!


No problem. I have no idea what kinda supernatural romances your thinking of but I’ll take an Onryo.


You gave something that I didn’t even knew I needed @Sugi


More of sleepy and tranquil, with some secretive individuals! As for supernatural elements, they would be those that possess magical gifts! This can include a diverse range of abilities ranging from manipulation of runes, control of elements, and more. This ability differs depending on the character in the story :slight_smile:

Thanks for the response everyone! I’ll be working on the story as much as I can to produce a reasonable demo soon :hugs:


@MindGlitch, @obieblu, @MindightWatcher, @Reymark_Serentas, @Ritter. Thanks so much for the response, actually, I am confused between the first and the second idea because I will spend more time on the selective one, therefore, I create this poll.

  • A science-fiction story also focuses on the romance.
  • A story focuses on the war between the vampires’ noble families in the Renaissance and the love between you and the heirs of those families.

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I picked both because they both sound like great ideas but can I ask: is the second one based off of romeo and juliet?


Thank you for your interest, but this story is not based on Romeo and Juliet, 7 families (including your family) will participate in the power game. You will either be their ally or their enemy depending on your choice. The balance of power will be changed when you have your impact on the aristocracy.


Alright, so I got a new idea for a story. An this time it won’t be the mess of a game that I’m currently working on.


The year…….is in the near distant future. America has become a total totalitarian dictatorship/fascist government. They have retreated into isolationism and have shredded the Monroe doctrine. They have become teritoryal and greedy, only recently they installed a puppet government in mexico and are in the process of anxeing them. It would seem america’s sights have been focused on Canada, while they were preparing for the possibility of this, what could they ever do to stop the giant that is the united states. With the world on edge and rotting from the inside what shall you do to stop the Unstoppable storm that is the American state?

And that’s where our story begins, you play as a Canadian resistance fighter on a quest to save your country from american occupation. Will you be able to stem the unstoppable force that is America or shall you be written off as terrorist trying to stop the unquenchable force of progress?

(Note this game has nothing to do with real world politics or events. It is purely a work of fiction set in a Alt history setting I’ve been kicking in my head for a while now.)


So, spinning out of something I mentioned on another thread, total shot in the dark question here… if you could pick three male and three female historical characters to romance in a COG game, which would interest you most. This is more idle curiosity than me creating anything at this point…


Hatshepsut, Agatha Christie or Katharina the great

Sir Francis Drake, Howard Carter or Albert Schweitzer


I would be intrigued by this but I would recommend being careful. It is perfectly fine to insert a little politics into an alternate history just look at Henry Turtledove but I would recommend potentially making the game in the past as opposed to the future. Not only would it be an intriguing piece of alternate history (my recommendation would involve a Canadian resistance movement after the American Revolution where America became a military dictatorship after the war ad conquered Canada) but also avoid comparisons to modern events and avoid the messy quagmire that is American politics today. Just a thought.


The second option! The Renaissance is one of my favorite periods in History so I would love to read a game from this time.

Would it be in Italy or a fantasy land?

Sounds intriguing! Would we have the option to do some detective work?

I love me some noir :slight_smile:


You make some fine points, but, the problem is you can’t have It set in the past if only because Canada wasn’t a nation yet. In the times of the American revolution they were simply British loyalist which had fled from the thirteen colonies. The idea of nationalism which in my opinion is the base for any type of resistance isn’t there yet, if the game were to be set in the past it couldn’t be done before ww1 when historians all claim that Canada truly became a nation rather than another British colony.


Fair enough I always forget that Canada was not considered a nation until then. After WW1 would be an awesome setting though especially if you had it were America did not join the war and instead conquered North America and the Caribbean. That could give you some awesome setting locations as well as a very diverse cast. Again just a theory as my knowledge of history isn’t strong enough to make a case for why this would occur but I guess you could have it that America never stopped the age of imperialism and then took over Canada at the end of WW1. That would allow the sense of nationalism that would benefit the resistance.


Yes, I’m thinking of how best to weave this into story! Thanks for the Interest! :slight_smile:


Hi, thank you for your interest, I intend to set the story in Italy or France.


Awesome. But honestly, your premise seems compelling enough to keep me interested even if you decide it can’t fit the story.

In any case, I’ll be watching the forum for your demo!

Oh, French aristocracy is no laughing matter.

Wish you all the best in your future project, whichever you end up deciding on.


Awww, thanks! Now I’m nervous I can’t deliver up to expectations :worried: but I’ll do my best!


Thank you so much :hugs:


Heya, good * insert here the time of the day you’re reading this * (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

This is probably the wrong order to post things… but at the time I created my first WIP here there wasn’t a specific area on the forum to post “interest check” so I got way too overexcited and decided to create the story and the demo in two~three days (that was a bad idea btw). Now after some time, adequate pondering and worldbuilding my original story got considerably different…

Considering that I don’t have the new demo yet, and while I choose if the old The Will of the Nine thread should arise from the ashes like a phoenix or if I should just create another thread (considering how much different the story ended up), I’m going to post here the new version of my ideas.

The game has a lot of Norse Mythology in it (with some deviation), it happens after Ragnarök (for me to have more freedom with the story, plus Ragnarök is used way too much as a tension builder) and in a modern world.

Questions, suggestions, and nitpicking are always appreciated!

The Will of the Nine

Because of a prophecy they received since their birth, the protagonist is obliged to prove their innocence from a crime they didn’t commit by traveling to Helheim in order to bring Lif and Lifthrasir back from the dead… discovering the secrets of their birth and involving themselves and their allies in more trouble as they go.

In this, the protagonist is an offspring of a human and an elf or giant, making them a half-elf (moon elf/dark elf or sun elf/light elf) or half-giant (frost giant or fire giant). You choose your human parent at the beginning (for example, if you choose the human mother your dad is going to be the “special” one) and because the protagonist’s birth is an important part of their personal story there’s a big consequence in this choice.

Choosing the human mother means that your father is either a dark elf or a fire giant, and by choosing a human father means that your mother is either a light elf or a frost giant. Also, the human parents have different personalities and backgrounds 'cause I didn’t want this to be the simple choice to change the string variables.

An extremely brief description of the available RO's:
  • Astrid Hildsdóttir: A stoic and awkward valkyrie assigned to protect the protagonist. Although she seems very put-together her weakness seems to lie in the opposite sex.
  • *Tyrael Ilivyre: The sole princess of Alfheim and an exceptional pyromancer. The young light elf has a flirty, open personality and a fiery temper, just like her magic.
  • Søren Dhilvi: Resident intellectual and overcritical dark elf that probably spends more time with books than people. He’s an apprentice of a rune researcher from Svartalfheim
  • *Theodor Blæcwulf: Emissary of the Úlfhéðnar and first son of the main family branch. A valiant warrior that has difficulty in hiding his emotions.
  • *Petra Rosenbloom: The emissary and best warrior of the Svinfylking. Has a sharp tongue and an even sharper spear.
  • *Osla Ilivyre: The Second Prince of Alfheim loved by his subjects. Calm and respectable, but scary when angry

All the romanceable characters will be a slow burn (some even slower because of their personalities) and the ones with a (*) are optional romances: the protagonist can take Tyrael or Osla and Theodor or Petra. The characters will have an “enmity/amiability” bar and they can be romanced no matter the value (except if their enmity is very high) an enmity!RO and an amiability!RO will have a very different feel.