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Me,a big fan of Norse Mythology: SIGN ME RIGHT UP MATE


Okay! I’ve had dozens of ideas for wips but most have fizzled out-I’m doing this to try to jumpstart myself into doing it-There are three ideas I have.

1-You are a ballet dancer. In space. Longer answer, you are a ballet dancer just past your prime, coming off an accident that derailed what should have been the last years of your career. However, you are offered a chance to star in a ballet on your home planet, Telerian, a fractured, chaotic planet most known for corruption and the protests against the gentrification of the former mining planet that is pushing people from their homes. There’s spies, rebels, drama-or if you just want to do ballet, that’s fine too. You decide what you’re going to do with the rest of your life-teach the next generation what you know? Marry someone rich and live in the lap of luxury? I wouldn’t say it’s a political game, but there would be some, certainly. Again, depends on choices. Has romantic options.
2. You are in your late twenties, frustrated with your career and not really going anywhere fast, when your world is turned upside down with the news your estranged sister died-and you are going to be taking care of her kid(s). Haven’t decided how many. It’s slower, more character focused. Raise the kid, make a career change, watch as those around you change, etc etc .Has romantic options
3. You are a sheltered, naive child, a member of a prestigious family in America’s new Gilded Age. Everything that goes on in the family is done on the will of your great-aunt, she controls everything with an iron fist: and she has her eyes on you to be her heir. Or puppet. Maybe both. You can encourage her affections, shun them, try to walk the line.

If any of those sound interesting or if they sound good but you have something to suggest please! I’d love to hear your thoughts, as long as its not “I’d like this if you changed every single thing about it” lol.

  • 1 (ballet in space)
  • 2 (surprise! You have a child)
  • 3 (rich controlling family game)

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Fun ideas! Only reason I didn’t pick the evil granny game is because as an outsider to america and its history, Im not sure if I care or know enough to be properly immersed. Unless you have a way of addressing that?


Thanks! I’d say that it’s not defined by being set in America- the new gilded age is more an example of how it is- shiny and ostentatious on the surface, and rotting and corrupt underneath. Not knowing anything about America hopefully would not make the game harder to understand except if I accidently use slang lol. If I put it in medieval times in England or the Tang Dynasty in China, the core of it would be the same, I think.


They all sound interesting, though why the third one wouldn’t have romances is beyond me. Political and family intrigue stories a highly fertile ground for them after all and your other two ideas prove you’d not be averse to writing romances.


It’s more that the story, as planned now, starts around age six, and ends at age twelve. I might change it from twelve to eighteen in which case yeah romance but for now :slight_smile:


I think that change would be for the better as when you mentioned “heir” I immediately thought older teenager or young adult, not kid.

I don’t see what the benefit of the part of the six year old would be but I guess that’ll just have to wait for the possible demo.
In any case ballet in space still remains my favourite of your concepts and I like number two the least.


True! Guess i might have part of it at age six, then skips to 16, and then most of the game goes from there
Edit: it’s more to set the scene for how things start- you meet your great aunt at six, and that changes how she feels about you, things she allows you to do, how people react to you at first, etc


For those of you that haven’t seen my post about my WIP here’s a link: Projekt Liquid Fusion W.I.P Chapter 1 complete! 2018/10/10 I’m on the look out for more testers I could use all the help I can get.


Oh, I voted for the aunt game before I saw the age in later posts. I would definitely want at least half the game as an adult. I don’t think I’ve ever been interested in playing a game with a child as a protagonist. Though, I would definitely be into this if you get to grow up and endure the consequences of decisions you made much earlier in life. That would be awesome.

All 3 sound like a great deal of life-planning. Other than the sci-fi aspect of the first game, is there a reason you couldn’t combine the family/career pressure into one story?

If the aunt game needs to be mostly as a child/teen, then I’d switch my vote to space ballet. It’s an interesting hook for a Life Sim.


You sold me on the premise of “post ragnarok”
Yes. Take my money!


Man, Ballet in Space was such a great premise without much votes. I wish it gets made since I love your twist on the whole retired ballet performer thing.


I guess the people have spoken lol- I’ll do prologue at 6, and then most will take place when you’re at least 16, if not older. And yeah, the point of starting at six is that people react to you differently- paths open, paths close, great auntie has different reasons for you possibly being her heir and thus changes what she does.


I know there’s pretty much 0% chance of it happening, but I’d play it even especially if the whole game takes place at 6. :laughing:

Anyway, good luck with your project! All your ideas seem interesting. :slightly_smiling_face:


Norse Mythology game, yes yes yes yes and yes please


In a potential IF of mine, the MC raises a family of dragon hatchlings to adult hood - and mostly have experiences/adventures with them beyond adulthood.

My question is, how many chapters would you like to spend on raising them before moving into the plot of the story?

  • 1 chapter
  • 2 chapters
  • 3 chapters
  • 4 chapters
  • 5+ chapters

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Would we be able to fight if so could we learn magic


In certain parts, yes. You’ll be able to fight. I would say there’s probably less than a handful of instances where you’ll actually be fighting and one of those times it’s less a fight and more of a “tactical retreat”, if you will.

Also, yes. There is magic, but everyone has it, so it’s pretty redundant thanks to its commonality.

If you’re looking for a combat driven or intensive IF, then this isn’t for you. I would honestly compare the IF to the gameplay experiences between The Boy and Trico from The Last Guardian or raising a pet from babyhood to adulthood.

There is a conflict, but you’re not involved in it and you won’t have a significant effect on it in any particular way. Eventually, the plot will “officially” come into play when someone who has the potential to affect the plot crashes into your life, giving you the opportunity to act as their Mentor, so to speak.

Honestly, I would classify the conflict of the story as something primarily as a “Man vs. Nature” story with a dash of a “Man v. Society” conflict at the edges.

The idea of this story came into being from rewatching How to Train Your Dragon, reading Runt of the Litter for the first time and being disappointed with the lack of gryphon raising, and noticing that a lot of the stories on HG and CG are mostly concerned with younger protagonists and wanting to create a story that involved an older protagonist (29+).


Hi there! This is my first ChoiceScript game! :blush::blush::blush:
The working title: From Chaos (Name of the game can be changed. :thinking:)
My game will be about superhero society and superhero teams! :space_invader::space_invader::space_invader:
Small Part of Plot ( I’m still working on the story line): the game is about superheroes, their superheroes life, and daily life, about their relationship with each other and with people without superpowers, society.
Here I am trying to write a game.
English isn’t my first language, so please excuse any mistakes.


Hi! Does anyone know any overpowered mc in wip? This kind of story is quite a trend in anime right now. Even in closed thread?