Gakko No Kaidan:Okuzawa-Cho

Warning: This game features death, child abuse, bullying(ijime in Japanese), and suicide.
Premise: Gakko No Kaidan: Okuzawa-Cho: The Game takes place in Okuzawa, a small town in the Gifu Prefecture. You and your family moved to Okuzawa after your father got a new job and your grandfather got so old, he could no longer take care of himself anymore. When you and your family arrived in Okuzawa, You transferred to Okuzawa Municipal Junior High School in the ninth grade. At first, life went well. You made new friends, joined an athletic club and a cultural club(optional) and tried your best to adjust to your new life at Okuzawa. But strange things begin happening to the town lately, like the moon turning red, strange happenings at the school, students dying in mysterious and gruesome ways and a ghost wearing a school uniform walking in a strange way at night. When you and your friends realize the town and the school are haunted, you must find a way to handle the supernatural happenings at school and the town while trying to deal with school life and your family’s secrets. Will you find out about the secrets of the town or will the town’s curse and the ghost catch you first?
Inspiration: Gakko No Kidan anime, Junji Ito manga; Town Without Streets, Glyceride, and Uzumaki.
Setting: Okuzawa-Cho in the Gifu Prefecture. Year:2008
Classmates and Students:
Katsuhiro Okumura: A shy, overweight, and bespectacled boy who has lived in Okuzawa all of his life. Bullied since childhood, he had always been called Piggy from the Lord Of the Flies character Piggy. Lives with his mother and father. Goes to Broadcasting Club and works at the Bookstore. An only child. Pan-sexual.
Mayuko Hayakawa: A clever girl with a big personality, a big heart and the MC’s next door neighbor. Best friends with Reiko since childhood. Lives with single mom and has a younger sister Kaede. Goes to Band Club. Bi-sexual.
Masujiro Yunosaki: The bad boy and the gang leader of Okuzawa Junior High School with a troubled childhood. Lives with alcoholic and abusive father. Bi-sexual.
Kenji Misaki: The Popular boy of Okuzawa Junior High School and a member of the soccer club. Lives with his mother and father. Has an older brother who goes to University Of Tokyo. Pan-sexual.
Reiko Asahara: A tomboy on the Girl’s Basketball team and best friends with Mayuko since childhood. Lives with her struggling single dad and her abusive older brother Osamu. Bi-sexual.
Tamiko Koizumi: The good girl who cares about your well-being. Lives with loving parents and older sister. A first year in Okuzawa Junior High School. MC-sexual. Goes to the Knitting Club.
Minoru Otonari: A skinny teenager who only makes art. Lives with abusive single mom. Non-binary and Pan-sexual. Goes to Art Club to express himself.
Hitomi Kawasaki: The class representative of class 3-2. Pan-sexual. Goes to Broadcasting Club.
Yuichi Kishimoto: The class clown of class 3-2. Lives with his older brother after their parents died in a car accident. Goes to Basketball Club.
Sayako Kimura: A member of the photography club in class 3-1 who secretly takes photos of boys and gives them to smitten lovers at the school.
Naota Fujimoto: A cynical teenager and a member of Masujiro’s gang.
Takeo Maruyama: A childhood friend of Masujiro and a third member of Masujiro’s gang.
Shigemori Yamamoto: A sadist and a fourth member of Masujiro’s gang.
Hiroji Aoyama: The fifth member of Masujiro’s gang and a tough greaser.
Yukari Makita: A pretty snobby girl in your class with blond curls. You might start a love Triangle with her if you’re female and you started dating your gym teacher.
Family: Tetsuo: Your younger brother. Tall for his age and easy for MC to get along with. He goes to Okuzawa Elementary School. A fifth grader.
Seiji: Your older brother. He always thinks MC is overly self-conscious, but mostly gets along fine with MC. Goes to Okuzawa High School and a second year. He wears glasses.
Mom(Chiyuki): Your mother who always makes sure you are okay.
Dad(Kazuhiko): A career-oriented man who spends enough time with his family as possible. Former student of Okuzawa Junior High School in the class of 1978.
Grandpa(Hisaki): An old man who hasn’t been working since his accident.
The Onryo of Okuzawa-Cho:
Yuhei Kanagi /Mitsuko Tatsuda: The honor student of Okuzawa Junior High School and favorite of Okuzawa-Cho who was murdered thirty years ago. Now an Onryo, they wander the town looking for anyone who might have killed them and tries to join anyone in a very brutal death.
Staff of Okuzawa Junior High School:
Kazuki Andou: The homeroom teacher of the infamous class 3-2.
Hiroshige Mihara: The Principal of Okuzawa Junior High School.
Shojiro Kawasaki: An overly-confident, perverted gym teacher and father of Hitomi Kawasaki. Manager of the Girl’s Basketball club. Heterosexual, but likely to start a love triangle with Yukari Matsuo.
Sumiko Takishima: The guidance counselor at Okuzawa Junior High School.
Izuru Yukawa: A former student of Okuzawa Junior High School who is now a detective who would do anything to find the killer.
Hayato Hinata: A forty year old man who owns the Bookstore.
Miyako Kuramoto: The mother who wants a tutor to help her struggling son Satoshi.
Satoko Fujiyama: The owner of the Convenience Store.
Hideki Akiyama: The younger brother of Keiko Akiyama who was claimed by the curse.
Chiharu Nakayama: The older sister of Isamu Nakayama who was taken by the curse along with his girlfriend Akane and his friend Keiko.
Toshiharu Machida: The younger brother of Akane who was taken by the curse along with her boyfriend Isamu and her best friend Keiko.
Tadayuki Yamaji: A Shinto Priest who works at the Okuzawa Shrine and childhood friends with
Shojiro Kawasaki.
Satoshi Kuramoto: A third grade boy who has been falling behind in school and had always been bullied.
Hisashi Kawada: The mayor of Okuzawa-Cho.
Hideki Narisawa: A former classmate from the class of 1978 who has just returned to Okuzawa.
Athletic Clubs: Basketball Club/Girl’s Basketball, Baseball Club/Softball Club, Soccer Club/Girl’s Soccer, Judo Club, Girl’s Volleyball, Kendo Club, Badminton Club, Swimming Club, Track Club.
Cultural Clubs: Art Club, Brass Band Club, Drama Club, Yearbook Club, Calligraphy Club, Broadcasting Club, Knitting Club, Photography Club.
Part time Jobs: Tutor, Volunteer Assistant, Convenience Store Staff, Bookstore Staff.


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