Katawa-shoujo, a great dating sim

Ok, I’m a fan of this game, and I want to share it with you guys, I won’t talk much about the game, just the premise, your a kid who has a heart attack from a rare condition and has to go to a disability school, the game does have some sex scenes, but they can be turned of in options, that all I’m going to say about it, because I don’t want to spoil it, here’s the link.



I completely agree. This was the first visual novel I ever played, and I love it.

This game made me a better person.

Seriously, don’t let the premise fool you. The subject matter is handled very tastefully and the characters are very well written, neatly avoiding not only any stereotypes associated with their disabilities, but also avoiding many dating sim clichés. The end result is a very well-written and often emotional tale. (Katawa Shoujo is one of the only games to ever make me cry.)

Katawa Shoujo is also free, so you really have no excuse not to play it. Give it a chance, you won’t regret it.

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I actually was not gonna play it cuz I couldn’t buy anything at the moment.
Then you said it was free.
There goes my free time.
Now I’m gonna have to 100% this.


I thought the game was okay. Like 6.5/10. Idk, the sex scenes I got were kind’ve just thrown in my face like I didn’t have a choice. To each their own but I will be deleting this :stuck_out_tongue: Hope to see more games that include disablities and whatnot though.

Looks interesti… And I have to download it…

Sex scenes aren’t really the point of the game…

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Then why add them? I just didn’t see a point to them. I don’t really care though, as long as other people enjoy the game.

If I recall you can turn them off.
I know what you mean though.
Each to their own, it’s not something I would have missed were it omitted.
But it’s a good game regardless.

I gotta say.
Out of all the characters man.
I really like Hanako.
But kenji man.
He found the great feminist conspiracy .
He is just.
Too something.
I’m stuck between weird and wonderful.

He’s certainly unique, I’ll give him that.

I’m still not sure if I should get this or not…

I recommend it for at least kenji.
I was laughing so hard.
I can be best friends with this dude.
Let our conspiracy based hijinks commence!

Two discoveries of free games, available for Mac, in one day? Thank you COG forums!! Sitting around sick just got a lot more fun.


I think this sums up Katawa Shoujo fairly well.


Katawa shoujo is an amazing game I wish four leaf studio had another game but I am exicted for katawa shoujo 2 also Hanako was my favorite

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@Brownotaku Fair warning, the people who made Katawa Shoujo bitched out the people trying to make the sequel so it’s no longer being called Katawa Shoujo 2 it’s now called Full Hearts. And while it is inspired by KS and has a similar themes it is not officially affiliated with it in any way.

http://woodmusicbox.tumblr.com/ is the development blog of Full Hearts.


@Durxa Thanks I didn’t know they had an update blog but they seem to understand what made katawa shoujo great so I’m hoping they can deliver

Yeah, I’m hoping for the best.

Katawa Shoujo is a wonderful game though.


Because it’s an eroge. Those tend to have sexy times.


Prepare yourself for powerful feels. And Kenji.

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