Nakama: You'll never be alone-Wip-


Hey, everyone!

I’m sorry if I haven’t finish the other game I’m working on but I just can’t get this off my mind.
And I got my own dropbox now!

Nakama you’ll never be alone is a little hard to explain, so please just go to the game information for details.
You’ll play as a student, up until the world ended. You’ll meet a little girl who is exactly like the girl in the book you read. What you need to do is to get the little girl to safety from the “Bad Guys” who wants to kill the little girl to end the ending of the world. On the way, you’ll meet various people who’ll help you. I’m writing gibberish. I know. I’m sorry.!!

I wrote this from an Anime-ic point of view, but tried to write as realistically as possible.

The anime I took inspiration on are Clannad (the Little Girl in a world that ended), and Zetsuen no Tempest (The Black Iron Syndrome).

So, here’s the link!


Title reminded me of Evangelion 1.11: You Are (Not) Alone. You’ll (never) be alone I guess? Haha.

You could just put the information page in 2-3 pages. All the little stops are kind of annoying, though I don’t mind that format in-game.

I smell a hint of Persona in here, and the anime vibes are strong in this one.

Nice avatar system. Definitely something new.

There are grammar errors here and there, but they aren’t too glaring. You can always polish up later.

Looking forward to updates! I’m a fan of post-apoc settings myself, and the premise of your game looks interesting.


I love the plot, Sandstorm! :"D

There are a few grammar errors, I can point them out if you want me to.

I love it how you get to choose a picture on how you look in it, a rare option that many Choice Of __ games don’t have.

I feel like as if it was being very forceful and controlling my character. I couldn’t even get to decide if I wanted to go near the child or how I could act near her.

At Chapter two/three *SPOILERS* I don’t think the character would say everybody turning into stone after an Earthquake is ‘just a natural disaster’.

Thanks for reading!



Okay. I’ll edit them in the next update. Because our new home is kinda isolated, I only get to net in the mall, in their wifi area.

Uhm…I just saw the error in the side quest, please capitalize the first letter of the password. Ty!


im liking it alot however i am thinking that their is a bit too much clicking involved. i understand creating shorter pieces of text for tempo or tension but some of the other bits i feel like you could ft more text in and decrease the amount of clicking involved but keep the overall feel and awesomeness of it. apart from that i love it ! the whole choose a picture thing is especially good !


Man, I’m a boy and my only friends are all girls. I guess they’ll fight for me, seeing as I’m precious. :stuck_out_tongue:


I love it!!!


~Confusion~ So wait…I’m helping a little girl…in order to CONTINUE the conclusion of the world? But if the girl died, wouldn’t the problem be solved? I’m not sure, but I think you’re trying to make me an idealist, which I am not.


I like the plot, it’s different from the usual. (The puzzle is driving me a little batty but I do just suck at word puzzles. X3)


I like this a lot so please keep it going. The puzzle is driving me a bit crazy though. XD


Too much clicking the next button.

But I did like what you did with the character picture, that was implemented nicely.


I just started reading and already I’m largely intruiged with the character HUBS and everything


I like how you can name the
Girl too


Is it possible to activate your latent ability in the demo?, I got to 85% lol


Can you actually win the raffle guy thing?



Yeah first time I played I got sweet corn, second time I got a Pecan, and third I got nothing.


I agree with FairyGodfeather; it was a bit annoying to constantly keep clicking the “next” button. You might want to consider having more text on each page.


Jasmine reminds me of takagi from high school of the dead. :open_mouth:


I’m still working on chapter three, Have some new accessories added there, so yeah, the coding is driving me crazy!

I’m not really familiar with Evangelion or Persona, I actually got the title from Yggdra Union, you’ll never fight alone.

Takagi is actually my inspiration for Jasmine’s character.

I stopped using Page_break that much, because testing the game with so many clicks to do is really hard!

And, I wanna ask. Did you find any of these??
-Canned Coffee


Oh nice. Yggdra Union. I never got to finish that game.

The Evangelion thing was just a coincidence I guess. Haha.

I think I got the Knight once, and one other item; forgot how I got them though. If it won’t spoil anything substantial, can I ask what their purpose is?