Nakama: You'll never be alone-Wip-


Most of the items are for the other characters to advance in your relationship. The other are like, tickets for the side quests


@sandstorm how do you up your relationship with jasmine and how do you find the items that you posted? :-?


@sandstorm what is the password to the conferance room i keep on getting it wrong? :-?


In the next update will we unlock our ability?


You can actually unlock your ability at the end of chapter two, that is, if your got a perfect score with Jasmine’s training, and if you finished the side quest. And also if you picked up the mana crystal.

It’s a secret. Hint, take all the first letters of each of the items in the other rooms.

-I’ve put a very little update on the story.(The first act of chapter three).
Please enjoy!!
The link should still work, I think.

If you find any errors, or grammar issues, please tell me and I’ll correct it as soon as possible.


Just talk to jasmine. In the stats screen, you can see Jasmine’s profile and her likes are listed there. Give her the chocolate (If you have it) and it will open Jasmine’s first romantic event.


@Sandstorm what happens if I give Jasmine the fudge pieces I found in my cat’s liter box?


She’ll definitely kill you. Lol


Wait what side quest where is it


The part where Priscilla ask if you have a flashlight.




How many abilities are there?


I love this game Sandy, you keep going at it.


@sandstorm i dont know what you mean with the side quest when that girl asks you for a flashlight and when you get to the 5 rooms i still cant figure out the password to the conference room >:p


also could you give me a more indepth hint? @-)


@werewolf123101911 You need to have found the flashlight to do the side quest.


no i have the flaslight i just need the password to the conference room


@Sandstorm I was just looking through your code and, whew, it’s quite intense. Just the amount of coding necessary for the avatar’s is quite impressive. Keep up the good work!


@wolfwriter20 will you help me with the password to the conference room


I sent you a pm @werewolf123101911 so as to avoid spoilers here on the thread.