Miracle Hearts [Work In Progress]


I want to present you the project that I will be working on! (ノ≧ヮ≦ )ノ
Miracle Hearts! A Magical Girl Adventure & Romance Game with Anime stylistic graphics.

I’m a big fan of Visual Novels, specially those directed towards a female audience.
When I found Choice of Games,I was utterly happy! I wanted to make games of my own games too (*ơ ₃ ơ)~! Which is why I came up with this project that I will be working on!
With out further due, here is the presentation! Enjoy!

Miracle Hearts ☆
http://miracle.desiderium.co.cc/ ( under construction! )

Genre: Magical Girl, Fantasy, Romance, Drama.
Routes: GxB ( Girl x Boy ) & GxG ( Girl x Girl )

You’ll be able to choose between 6 available characters, each one with a different route, personality and multiple unique endings each! As one of the characters, you’ll be able to become a Magical Girl who fights evil!
Friendship and Love will be important parts of the game too, each relationship you make will give advantages ( or disadvantages ) leading your way to a unique story line!
Depending on your choices, you can follow happy, comedic and classic plot-line or more obscure, mature and deconstructive one. It will all depend on you!

The game is primary targeted to a female audience; however, there will be enough choices to have an “action/adventure” plot line for interested male players too! ( And the Option to Skip Romance if they want to. )
While for now there won’t be male playable characters, some of the available characters will be relatable enough for an easy play aside the player’s gender!

Each Route will have Special and Unique event CG’s which you will be able to collect through out all of the game, once the collection of a route is complete it will form a password that will allow you to gain access to special content on the web like route guides, special bonus chapters and content of that particular route!

Stay Tuned for future Updates!

Next Week I hope to bring you the first poster showing the playable characters in their civilian & magical attire! (ㆁᴗㆁ✿)


This seems like it could be interesting, though not my style. I’ll still definitely give it a try, and I’m sure there’s plenty of people who have been waiting for a story like this to be made on choicescript. It’s nice to see people of different interests and backgrounds getting involved!

@Shoelip I think the best translation of “wait and see” would be nariyuki ni mimamoru, which means literally something like “keep an eye on the course.”


Etou… Omoshiroi…

Watashi wa matte, mimasu.

Hm, I wonder if that saying works in Japanese.


Her name is Small Princess? Just trying to translate names.


@Shoelip: I’m glad you find it interesting! ( ✿ ゝω・)! Hopefully your wait worth it!

@Elkuhn: Yes. The plot may be a little too much directed towards a certain Audience, but hopefully those who play it enjoy it! However, I’m happy to hear you are interested in trying it! Thanks! ヽ(≧ヮ≦)ノ

@SengokuKronos: Child Princess (・∀・* )


The page finally loaded for me… I think I’m going blind! :stuck_out_tongue:

Are those things in parenthesis like, Japanese that for some reason isn’t showing up for me or something? One of them looks like a Greek letter, and another looks like katakana Wa but for the most part they just look like weird symbols.

My Japanese is pretty bad but I can at least recognize the language.


Haha sorry! I use Emoji, usually I try to use Uni-Code! But, it ends up going wrong…! I’ll try to use less! Though, sometimes I feel I sound angry or serious in plain text.

I think the server was also having problems, sorry for that too! It’s rare my server doesn’t fall often, hopefully it won’t happen often from now on! Wouldn’t be good for my project at all.


I will never like this, EVER!!!
Though I do applaud you for making a game that’s obviously inspired by Shojo manga and bringing it to this site, I wish you luck in your endeavor


I look forward to trying this.


I would like to see this even though I am male. Also will there be a Nanoha/Fate thing, where we have a rival Mahou-Shojou that we maybe able to add onto our side? Also if I’m not clear the Mahou-Shonen path will only be an update? I’m okay with that.


@Zed: Thank You!! You are very kind!

@CJW: Yay!

@SengokuKronos: Yes! There will be both game Play as Rival/Oposite Side Maho Shoujo and also Bring her to the good side! It’s a classic plot device I cannot pass by!
Nanoha is one of my favorite series also~!

Unfortunately there won’t be a Maho Shonen route, per se, all playable characters, for now, will be female. In the future I may add bonus ‘Villain’ routes where some male NPC, or love interest, are playable too!


@Himeko Is that so? I wasn’t able to make it through StrikerS though. And also remember to have a mascot/talking animal character or else its not Mahou-Shojou :wink: . One more thing in the dark storyline will a Kyuubey like character show up or something?


I’ll give it a try,I would like to see what it’s like. :slight_smile: (male)


As a person who grew up with Card Cator Sakura, I cannot lie; I’m very excited about this, and I absolutely adore that we will be able to play a homosexual romance walkthrough.


You had me at Anime. You lost me at Female Audience. You lost me even more at romance. But, blast it, I like Anime! I’m hoping this is going to be worth the risk!


Saying you like anime is akin to saying you like carbonated beverages. It’s a very broad category.


Alright. Let me say what I DON’T like. Sailor Moon. …This is going to hurt me, isn’t it?


That would be a spoiler isn’t it~? Hopefully, you’ll know by playing! Then again I also love Madoka to bits, and there will be mascots! They are too a classical element :slight_smile:

@ChrisD: Thanks you! Hopefully you’ll like it!

@VoodooDolly: When I was a child, SCC was my favorite series in the world! I still feel a lot of nostalgia for it.
Magical Girl’s series have always had that girl x girl feeling to them! It’s special and I have always loved the subliminal relationships (?) they build up, but sometimes I wish they were official! Which is why this game will have that option! yay!

@Shintaro: It’s not bad not liking sailor moon~ I like it a lot, but I think is good to agree on disagreeing! The world would not be fun if we liked the same things. Nevertheless, it makes me happy that even if girl’s genre or magical girl’s genre is not of your taste; you will still willing try it! That’s great! Hopefully you’ll get a nice moment or two from it! One of the good things about Anime is that there is. Just like @Shoelip said, there is enough variety for everyone~!


I will lose my street credibility on this forum, ha-ha, but I love Sailor Moon. However, I am not a huge fan of anime or manga, or at least I do not consider myself one since I can count the anime/manga that I’ve read/watched with my two hands; well, the ones that I liked, ha.

Sailor Moon handles genre roles and queer issues in such way, that I still recommend people to give it a shot and see pass the “girly” aspect of it; which it’s only visual. One great manga, the anime… Passable, compared to the manga it is a heavily edited version of the message.

And speaking of Sailor Moon, the main character will be a lone wolf or she will be part of a team of magical girls? Also, how will you incorporate pets into the mix? What kind of stats will it (game) have?


@VoodooDolly: I love both SM’s manga and the anime, but I do have a special love for the Anime, specially the seasons directed by Kunihiro Ikuhara ( Revolutionary Girl Utena!, which is my favorite anime of all time! ) and Junichi Sato ( Princess Tutu, Pretear, which are also Magical Girl shows! ) I specially love the music, I feel a child again~!

Right? It was the first time for me seeing a same sex couple, and in a bright light! Not something made fun of, as others TV series of the time did.
I really loved that the way they, Haruka, Michiru and the Sailor Stars, were portrayed.
Haruka and Michiru is one of my favorite pairings till this day!

Depends on the route you take! There will be a team, but depending on which Girl you choose, you’ll be able to work on group, couples or solo. Each character will have a tendency, based on her personality, to work better in a certain social situation.

Each pets/mascots will be unique to the girl one picks/gets, and their function either in gameplay or plot will be according to the character’s personality. Ex. If the character you choose/get is happy and cheerful, the pet you attain will be likely be more involved to the plotline. If your character is serious on the other side, it will work more as a guide. The Mascot’s personality will vary to go according to the characters unique personality and plotline! Also, only one mascot will exists in each universe/dimension (for each girl).
If GirlA has PetA, PetA won’t exist in GirlB’s dimension. The only mascot in Bverse will be GirlB’s mascot aka PetB. Perhaps a route or two may share a mascot or two, but only if the routes are similar enough and in the same mood/context. This will give the illusion, each girl is the protagonist of their own story.
Like if you were Playing a Game of Sailor Moon, but instead playing as Sailor Mars, you decided to play being Mars who would have then her own…calico cat!
Luna and Artemis would not exists.
On the other hand, if You were Playing as Sailor Venus, both Artemis and Luna would exist, but you would be the protagonist of Sailor V and have Artemis.
I’m not sure if I can make my self clear like this, if not I’ll try and make a diagram!

Each girl will have her own unique power, love, water, wind, etc, their unique attacks, weaknesses and strengths ( Like Pokemon? ) So if You are a Type Wind, it’s likely you won’t make much damage on Water type enemies. When you choose a party, or make friends with other magical girls, it will help to have a strategy of power like a combination of Wind & Fire. The repercussions will vary depending on which Plot-line you have.
Some characters might rely more on their physical, strength and abilities or tools rather than their actual powers or they might rely more in their powers rather than physical abilities.
Also basic stats like HP, SP, and Love Point System!