GirlxGirl romance game with demon girls, "Starlight Vega"

Heya, my name’s Razz and someone told me this forum section might be open to visual novels. I’m currently running a Kickstarter for my game with GirlxGirl pairings and demon girls, “Starlight Vega”. I have a website here:

Trailer video:

“Starlight Vega” is an interactive story-based fiction available on PC, Mac, and Linux. Six different endings are obtainable through your choices made throughout the game.

The Kickstarter is for a pro soundtrack and better coding mechanics. There’s a (DRM free) demo available to play as well. If you’d like to help out and become a backer, the KS has a pre-order of the full game in the tiers along with additional goodies like an artbook, illustrations, and even some cool limited edition items:
Kickstarter Link

If anyone has questions, I’d be happy to answer. Thanks for reading.
p.s. Unrelated but this is one of the most well coded forum I think I’ve ever been on. The format and preview system, i mean.


While the game sounds interesting, I’m not certain if you’re suppose to advertise your visual novel here…

Hmm, do visual novels count as interactive fiction?

Oh I see, I couldn’t find anything concrete on VN but I was wondering if they were allowed or not. My apologies to the mods for the inconvenience if they need to delete the post.

Anyway, I wouldn’t worry too much about the kickstarter if I were you.

28 days to go and it is at 78% already!

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The game does have choices and different endings based on them throughout the game, but hmm, honestly I think VN are tricky to define. I can see the argument going both ways of if they are IF or not. I lean towards saying “yes” myself.

NP and thanks for the well wishes!

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People please, if you suspect that a post isn’t allowed then flag it to bring it to the moderators attention. There’s no need to take it upon yourself to try and moderate the thread.

We do actually allow for some advertisements on the forum, as long as they’re posted in the appropriate categories, relevant to the forum, and not posted by a spam-bot. Preferably with an author that’s willing to engage in discussion.

Visual Novels are interactive fiction.

In this case I see absolutely nothing wrong with the advertisement.

@Razz That’s a really good looking game from the screen shots. Good luck with your kickstarter.

Incidentally, I see you’re on Steam Greenlight? Do you want to add a link to that on the first post? Even people who can’t support the Kickstarter might be able to help with the Greenlight.

And if you could do us a favour in return it’d be appreciated.


Shouldn’t it at least be marked with the 18+ label?

Why? Am I missing something? I admittedly haven’t played the demo. It doesn’t look like it’s got any 18+ content in it though, and Steam doesn’t allow for games with graphic sex.

nevermind then. No good can come for me by opening my mouth farther at this point.

Thanks for clearing up if the post would be allowed here. I definitely didn’t want to come across as a spammer. It’s hard to balance the need to put yourself out there and coming into a forum that’s not your home turf.

Though I will say I poked around in the WIP section and I will definitely be posting here. There’s some seriously talented people writing and I still can’t get over how sleek this forum interface is.

I gave you guys a follow! I’ll try to ask my friend to as well. Yes I’m having a Greenlight campaign,
Steam Greenlight

There’s no adult content in the game. It has a few innuendo laced jokes and situations (flirty demoness character, hah) But it’s not an 18+ game.


Wasn’t there another term that’s used when it still stays PG-13 ish? Shoujo AI or something? It’s hard to keep up with terminology of a completely different culture. The use of Yuri automatically set off a red flag in my head. I won’t be part of your player base but when it boils down to it, everyone working on a game has the same goal when it comes to success. That puts us in the same boat, so good luck.

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Oh I see. Actually the term “shoujoai” was phased out a few years ago, people took offense to the Japanese translation pretty much meaning “little girl love”. GirlxGirl anime fans use typically use yuri for everything now, porn or not-porn.
And thank you!

e: I edited it to clear confusion.


I don’t read it, so it’s easy to be out of the loop terminology wise. Anyways, you’re welcome.
Just to clear things up, by “it”, I meant Yuri, I still read Manga here and there and some anime.

They did.

@Razz Huh…while this is hardly something I’d normally be overly interested in, I generally prefer a wider range of romance options in things like this, I think this has serious potential as a VN. While I definitely think there need to be more characters (also a male that isn’t a bat unicorn would be nice) the characters you have are believable and likable. The story so far is well written and I really like the art style.

Starlight Vega has definitely landed on my list of things to watch.

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My apologies for causing any problems, that was not my intention. The Kickstarter seems to be going great, and I’m hoping you get Greenlight.

@Razz You definitely haven’t come across as a spammer. You speak to us, not just post your ad and run.

We do have some good WIP games going on and it would be great if you decide to stick around. The forum interface is discourse software.

@Durxa Hey, all you need to do to get a male to appear in the game is to pledge $700 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

In a game like this it’s smart to keep the cast size down, it keeps thinks manageable, especially with the additional resources that Visual Novels need over purely text games.


im having a hard time getting the demo to work, can someone help me please

Well to be fair the protagonist is meant to have her own personality. I wanted her to be relatable but she’s not really the “self-insert this is supposed to be you!” and more of the “this is a female cast member as well”. I would say maybe give the demo a try but I understand some players can’t identify with female chara.

Personally I like yuri because it tends to make me like all the girls, haha. I’ve seen some anime with poorly done male protags and find myself thinking “what does this guy even bring to the story? He could be cut out and nothing changes?”

What version gave you issues? Playing is un-zipping the file and clicking the application that says “Starlight Vega”. There is no install needed.
Maybe the download cut off?

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