Reska - GxG Visual Novel (Kickstarter 91% funded, ends on December 29)

A long Yuri visual novel focusing on love, truth, and dealing with the hardships of life.

Adult scenes are only a stretch goal and will be optional should the goal be met. The game’s focus is on cute/fluffy romantic relationships rather than sex.

Currently at 91% with 10 days to go. The first stretch goal with additional route is at 133%. I really like the art and already pledged myself. Seeing as Mayuko is the girl which interests me the most, I’d be very happy if her stretch goal is met. Consider supporting the game if it’s something you’d like to play (or if you simply have cash to spare :stuck_out_tongue:).

Staring rin tosaka from the fate series
But in all seriousness man it’s yuri, I’m like 98% sure it’s not allowed to to advertise a hentai kickstarter on here

+18 scenes are only a stretch goal and if the goal is met, there’ll be option to disable them. It’s not a hentai game by nature.

Okay but you should change the title if so, it will give the wrong impression

Fair enough. Am I the only one who doesn’t immediately think of hentai when seeing yuri? t_t


There are a few but most do sadly, besides if someone doesn’t know what it is the look it up and they see that the definition is “a form of hentai between 2 or more females”