Catgirl Maid Cafe Dating Sim


Wow, I feel so strange posting this here, haha. I’ve been a fan of interactive fiction for a very long time and, for the past five months, me and three others have been working on a visual novel. It definitely takes a lot of inspiration from typical interactive fiction in the style of Choice of Games, especially since you’re able to enter your own name and pick custom pronouns if you wish.

We revealed it today! So I really wanted to make a post about it here.
Check out the trailer:
Our tumblr:
Our twitter:


Oh wow, peaches is my favorite! It may or may not also be down to the fact that she has the same birthday as I do :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol Pepper has the same b-day as me…And catgirls?! I am sold already! XD


The art is cute. Are you going to try and get it on Steam?


Eventually, yeah, but we’re going to launch with


Catgirls? VN? Dating sim? This sounds perfect, too perfect… There must be something wrong.

Watched the trailer etc. looks amazing, already in love with Peaches. Problem would probably be that I don’t really like the artstyle.


Catgirls VN; Nekopara. Nekopara > Else


To be fair, Nekopara is a kinetic novel, so it isn’t interactive fiction. We’re just a small, broke, team of four friends hoping to have fun with a small project filled with humor and charm. :slight_smile:

We’ve been introducing a character a day on our tumblr, showing off a handful of the expressions and giving a paragraph of in-character introductory text if anybody would like to check them out! We’ve done 3/5 characters so far.


Been looking at those, liking the hype train, keep up the good work ^_^.


Nekopara is more than your average visual novel :smirk:

Anyhow, I will definitively play this, perhaps even do a playthrough if I ever get around to doing something useful with my youtube channel.
Can’t wait for it to be finished :smiley: