Orphans of Wonder (play test link updated March.7. 2015)

Title: Orphans of Wonder

Genre: Anime, Fantasy, Mystery, Thriller, Action, Adventure

Game Description:

During WWII in Japan, nuclear bombs were dropped in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The first generations went through great tribulation of death by radiation poisoning. The second generation survivors suffered through cellular mutations of cancer, birth defects and miscarriage. But a miracle happened in the third generation descendants, the cellular mutations took a positive change, a small percentage of children were born with radiation immunity and psionic abilities. Upon discovery, a powerful corporation setup a secret laboratory to hunt down and capture these gifted children, murder their parents and perform inhumane experiments on them.

The story begins with Aki, a third generation psionic orphan near the Hiroshima prefecture. Will she be able to solve the mysteries of her mother’s death? Can she survive and escape the corporate hunt? Will she possess the power to free the Orphans of Wonder? Or will she eradicate all who stands in her way? The choices are yours to discover.


https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/34822132/web/index.html (Last Updated: March 7,2015)

Additional draft story and pictures at post #37 below. There are grammar and spelling mistakes right now, please leave me a comment if you find them, I’d really appreciate it =)


Sounds cool (+20 characters )

So will Aki be a bit more of a defined character, since she has a set name and gender? I love the idea, it’s a relatively untapped part of history in gaming.

Sounds like a really cool idea

Looks interesting!


Seeing you as you don’t actually have a demo yet, I’d hesitate to say it’ll be a definite requirement, but it might be worth adding ‘Adult/18+’ to your title, as per the forum rules/guidelines: FAQ - Choice of Games Forum

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Certainly a darker idea for a game. Still, you have my attention.

Thanks CJW, I’ll change it now =)

@Zanite ya, the main character is more defined, I think for my style, I prefer to focus on the quality of the novel story more in my games, so a defined character works better here.

I will look forward to try this out, sounds really interesting!

I feel like I just read the synopsis at the beginning of an anime. Lol you have piqued my interest.

This sounds sooo good!! I like the idea of a darker (+18) game. I’m looking forward to this!

Edit: Also, the cover art is amazing!! :slight_smile:

Horror is not my usual fare, but this seems interesting. I will see what comes of it.

Thank you guys !

@CloudVinci I’m glad you like the cover photo, I had fun making it =)

@Razgriz There’s a reason why I went with the anime style on the cover art :wink:

Because a lot of people like anime?
Or is it because you secretly plan on creating the game, selling it to a Japanese company and creating the next Attack on Titan?
Also I will admit when I saw the 18+ after orphans of wonder I became very concerned. Lol good to know its mainly horror and gore.

@Razgriz I think you over estimate me dude lol, selling it as next attack on titan ? I wish hah… but I will try to produce the highest quality game novel as best I can.

The adult/18+ is really just a precaution, there won’t be any nudity or sex scenes. I have to clarify, It’s not a horror game, it’ll just have some horror elements, it’s mostly mystery, thriller, action and ofcourse… … anime haha.

@Zanity hey you may get your shot at this, another person on this sight had gotten a good deal from a Japanese company. Not sure what they’re plans for it are.

Ah I see, I’m interested. I usually like my games kinda dark. Recently alot have been more jokey (not that there’s anything wrong with that) so I’m looking forward to a nice gritty tale.

Should I be on the look out for the usual anime things? Small smart and shy kid, fat obnoxious kid and one that is the kaiba of this story? Also will the characters hair be considered a blade by how pointy they are?

On a side note, doesn’t Aki mean love in Japanese? Can’t quite remember. There’s so many subtle differences in the language.

Edit:never mind. Apparently I was way off. It means either bright, sparkle or Autumn

I think Aki means bright, shiny etc. I did try to pick meaningful names for all the characters to represent their fate xD

So the mc of this game is a little girl?

I can’t stop thinking of all the different anime tropes that there are. Lol
Will we have to watch out for ninjas hidden in the leaves?

@reaper95 ya, the mc is Aki. I don’t want to say too much to give out spoilers =)

@Razgriz Wrong anime my friend, there are no ninjas here. lol