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I’m not making the game this is for other writers to share there ideas about it and they can work together on I will have no part in the game all I will do is give feedback on some ideas.


Hello all, I have been a fan of these games for a while and decided to write my own. I’m brand new to coding period but so far I’ve haven’t had too many headaches. Anyways the game I’m working on is titled Spec Ops It is a modern day military game. Though I’ve played with the system of government a little bit to have a constitutional monarchy where the Monarch has much more power than say only being a figure head. Anyways the MC is a new officer put in command of a special operations unit focusing on Anti-terror missions. Along the way they can find love with one of 3 characters.


This is more of idle questioning than a game announcement right now but… if I was gonna create a game set in the world of Gulliver’s Travels, what kind of characters would you want to play as? Would you be happy playing as just a Lilliputian, Gullverian or Brobdingnagian, or would you want to choose between them? Or would you want other races from the book to appear? Would you like it set in the same historical early 18th Century setting as the book or be set at a different time? Given races have different sizes how might you want the concept of perspective to play out, whether in terms of location or interaction with characters of disproportionate sizes? It’s just a concept I have considered toying with since Gullivers Travels is in the public domain.


Any feed back, suggestions, or questions you have for me please let me know.


Does this game follow a specific storyline? Or is it about only completing missions that are given to us one after another? Also, is the story more focused on managing and leading our team, building trust and such? How big of a role does politics play in this story? Will there be a rebellion or something, and we need to choose to either support the Monarch or overthrow him?

I realise that it would be a pain to code and write three very distinct routes, but I would definitely want to be able to choose between races. It makes the story way more attractive since if done well, the replay value would be amazing.

I would like to see it set in a different time, preferably more modern times. That kind of re-imagining could be very interesting and also give you some more freedom as an author to incorporate different things into the story that would otherwise not be possible.


The majority of the game is going to be spent improving your skills and figuring how best to use your skill set to lead your team. It follows a specific story where a group of terrorists led by a man who calls himself “The Prince”. The princes main goal is to overthrow the government of your nation and become King as he thinks it is his birthright (he does have a claim but it is through a exiled ancestor.) If the Prince had their way the nation would be an absolute monarchy, instead of the constitutional monarchy it is today. Beyond that politics won’t play into the gameplay really. I don’t plan on any endings where the MC can elect to overthrow the government. The MC has a very personal reason to want to see the prince fail.


I think the problem is that it effectively means three games in one, though I can see the appeal in that too. Perhaps a game where you only know the full story once you’ve finished all three stories, or something like that. The trick is to not make you feel like you will be doomed if you play the Lilliputian or overpowered if you play the Brobdingnagian.

I definitely like the idea of going more modern, either now or either Victorian or early 20th Century and how initial contact with Gulliver has affected the countries he traveled to, and their possible relationships with the European nations…


Honestly, I’d probably start with one and see how you go. I’d rather have one in depth playable character than several that are shallower because you’ve had to split your attention between three. Either that or it’ll be a heap of work for you to do all in detail and that tends to = burnout. If you start with one and feel it’ll work, could always add in another one or two character types later.


Fair point. I think I would pick either a Lilliputian or a Gulliverian (ie us lot) if I was just going to pick one. Maybe I do a vote about it though. The one advantage of a Gulliverian player is that they have the most variety of interaction and other races like the Houyhnhnms and Yahoos can get involved more easily. But the Lilliputian would have more size related hijinks and I would have to decide how interaction with Brobdingnagians would work since to a Brobdingnagian they would struggle to be aware of a Lilliputian…


I love action games (especially when they’re military or spy themed) so I’m definitely excited for this!

Will you be using real countries as part of your setting? Because if so, then the only thing I’d be a bit concerned about is that given this is set in the modern era, the type of language used will be really important due to certain comments possibly being (mis)interpreted as stereotypical and racist, although you could probably help circumvent this by providing options for the MC to deflect or call out any controversial comments made by NPCs. If you’ll be using fictional countries though, then just ignore this point!

And another thing:

Will the gender of the three characters be determined by the MC’s romance/sexual orientation, by the player’s own decision, or will they be gender-locked?


So voting time! If you could pick just one of these setups for a Gulliver’s Travels inspired game, which would it be?

  • Play as a Lilliputian only
  • Play as a Gulliverian only
  • Play as a Brobdingnagian only
  • Play as any race (Reduced Stories)
  • Play as any race (Game Series)

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And what kind of time period would you prefer from the following options?

  • Soon after Gulliver’s Travels/1700’s/Colonial Europe and America
  • Victorian Era/Steampunk/1840’s to 1880’s
  • WW1 Era/Dieselpunk/1910’s
  • Modern Day Era

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They are made up countries though there are some parallels between real countries as well as some events that happen that have real world roots. Each one has been altered though.

As for Romance options they are determined based on the MCs sexual orientation.


Maaaan, shut up and take my money, i loved the premise.


Thank you, I’ve already completed my first Chapter I’m hoping to have the second ready to go by the end of next week. Though that may be a little ambitious since I currently work just about 7 days a week. If not by the end of next week, i will be sure to have it ready by the end of the month.


Ok I’ll keep the voting up for longer but so far I am getting the impression that most think there’s enough scope for a series of games, either where you play as one specific race per game, or all three as options over said games (the latter likely meaning less content per race).

Time period wise people seem to be pretty much divided on all four options - I guess if it was a series I could start with Colonial and then advance time with new characters with Victorian/Steampunk, WW1/Dieselpunk and Modernish as options. Feel free to throw out some suggestions otherwise though! I think if I do get my act together and start on a game I would do a straightforward standalone one first (likely my long gestating WW2 Paris Resistance idea) so this might end up being a more ambitious future project. :slight_smile:


Hey, I never knew how to make Games before, so I decided to make two ideas: Childminder:Upbringing and Gakko No Kaidan: Okuzawa-Cho.
Childminder Upbringing::child: You are a retired hero in the Dorian Empire. You had just recently fought a war known as the War Of The Trolls and you thought that this war was finally enough for you. You settle into a regular Life for a while. Then one day while getting yourself ready for work, you were told by a fellow worker that there was a young orphan who survived the Troll War. So you head to the orphanage where there were many war orphans. You soon find a young orphan, adopt him/her and raise him or her as your own. With the help of your servant Max, you will make your son or daughter grows up to be just like you: A hero.

Gakko No Kaidan: Okuzawa-Cho: The Game takes place in Okuzawa, a small town in the Gifu Prefecture. You and your family moved to Okuzawa after your father got a new job and your grandfather got so old, he could no longer take care of himself anymore. When you and your family arrived in Okuzawa, You transferred to Okuzawa Municipal Junior High School in the eighth grade. At first, life went well. You made new friends, joined an athletic and cultural club(optional) and tried your best to adjust her life at Okuzawa. But strange things begin happening to the town lately, like the moon turning red, strange happenings at the school, students dying in mysterious ways and a ghost wearing a school uniform walking in a strange way at nigh. When you and your friends realize the town and the school or haunted, you must find a way to handle the supernatural happenings at school and the town while trying to deal with school life and your family’s secrets. Will you find out about the secrets of the town or will the town’s curse and the ghost catch you first?
Now making a game in Choice of Games Fourm isn’t going to be easy, but it wouldn’t be a big deal.

Interest Checks (A Discussion Thread)
Gakko No Kaidan:Okuzawa-Cho

Both sound pretty interesting but I would absolutely love Gakko No Kaidan: Okuzawa-Cho!

In truth, I’ve actually been thinking of creating my own horror-themed game but alas it’s hard being both an overachiever and a procrastinator at the same time :sleepy: No better time to get started on something supernatural-ish than October right?

Have you started planning or creating a demo for your ideas yet?


I’m not sure, but I plan to post a demo soon enough.:wink:


Childminder Upbringing :yum:


Hmmm has potential to be less young adult and more actual adut horror. But either way sounds fascinating. Will be running into Onryo? Will someone be offering us blue or red paper in the toilets? Will a masked woman ask us if we think she’s pretty?

Gakko No Kaidan:Okuzawa-Cho