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I like it sounds like a very cool concept, especially since you play as a non human


Thanks ParrotWatcher. Good stuff that I’ll take on board.


Thanks for the feedback, given me some great ideas to expand out that part of the story.


I just want to throw this out here since I can’t make up my mind. I’m torn between Two WIPs that I have been working. Both have substantial amount of lore and writing done, however I find myself jumping in between the two often.

  • A crime/horror story
  • Human civilization ending/ big doggos

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Soooo, nobody wants to make a cop or police consultor ? (i dont know the right term but is something like what sherlock does in the series and patrick jane with mentalist) Even a secret agent game would be awesome now


that could be neat, and the word you’re looking for I belive is liaison


Thanks, im not a native english speaker so its hard to me to know all the words


The crime/horror WIP I’m thinking about sort of has a liaison theme your talking about. There are a string of murders that have the same MO from an unsolved case 10years ago. You and a group of other detectives are sent to work in tangent with the police to find the killer. However, your reasons are more personal.


PLEASE DO THAT. i love the investigation and mistery/horror stuff.


Exactly, while it was allowed by the Constitution to have a woman in the throne, the political body of the time wouldnt be supportive of it, even less due to her husband being a French Prince, and since Dom Pedro was, somewhat unfortunately, too good to just ignore the oligarchs’ opinion (they were the opinion that mattered, if you look into the Oligarchic Republic later on you will see why) and too patriot to allow Brazilians fighting themselves again, he was like “go ahead”. One of the reasons I find the most interesting in this period is the relationship of Dom Pedro, the Emperor, and Pedro, the citizen, he was born for his role, lived for it, and developed such a special view of it, it amazes people like me, and its something I really want to have the MC experience, afterall, why not go full absolutist and remove opposition to your successor?

EDIT: still, D. Pedro wasnt against it, like denying her right of blood, so, if you just keep him there, I suspect he would just be sad because it could lead to troubled times. Btw, a future where the Empress’ faction fights an Oligarchic faction looks pretty cool to me.


Or just go alternate history and give the guy a son who is at least marginally competent and that would virtually ensure the Brazilian empire continues for at least another generation.


Hi people. I’m currently working on my first WIP titled Rogue Saga in which you play as a medieval thug in a fictional continent. It is still predominantly basic at this point as I’m just starting out. It will be centered on the backdrop of the looming war between the two major factions. MC will be faced to lead the outcome or escape from the war.

So, I’m wondering if it should lean on the non-fantasy elements or make it a low-fantasy I personally feel it should be as far from fantasy as possible.

Also, I’d finish the demo ASAP. Thanks.


So…After a year after my failure to try making a Choicescript game I’ve finally decided to muster up the courage to try again. So i’d like everyone’s opinion on what they’d think about playing as a vigilante Sort of like watchdogs, but with a lot more technologically advanced gameplay. Like devices that don’t exist but offer a lot of options for game play and choices. All opinions welcome, and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


I don’t follow.


Okay so, let me put it this way: Being the author allows a lot of possibilities, When you create items in the games they all usually have things you recognize in other games. But as the creator you can create new objects something only you could imagine yourself. Like for example, A possible item I may add into the game could be a Sonic Slicer Which is basically a Tunable sound gun with a power level of Bleeding ears (1) To 3 week Migraine (5) to Brain Mush (10) To (Grease spot) 34 (Black Market Upgrade!)
Edit 1: each tuneout lets you decide between temporarily incapitation, to Easy Torture, to deader than dead to easy body disposal.


Sounds very complex with a huge number of variables. Would the script allow you to cope with that much choice? It’s a novel idea, best of luck!


I created this for writers to come and talk about the idea of working together to make a game in this theme. There may be another topic covering this I don’t know but enjoy.


What exactly are you planning/thinking of? Cause it seems very vague at the moment


Isn’t the new Assasin’s Creed game also based on the Peloponnesian War?


Yes it is but the game would be without all the Assassin’s though it would be you are a soldier for Sparta Or Athens and work your way up to be the leader or something along those lines.