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Sign me up! Also an alien RO will be cool :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I remember accidentally stumbling across some really bad fanart about that on deviantart once years ago. My eyes will never recover :anguished:.




Yes, either way, I’d be interested.

Alien Type:
Humanoid with sexy-colored skin: How you doin’?
Tentacle monster: Hmmm… lemme get a good look at those tentacles… -readies both my gun and snifter of brandy, to be prepared for anything-

Without knowing your general plot idea… you could do different kinds for a sequence of missions. Maybe randomize the order. Maybe randomize the alien type if it’s a single-mission story as to add replay value. Throw in an element of danger with diseases and getting abducted by aliens one might find -cough- agreeable to the eyes.

Maybe have stats for xenophobia/openmindedness so when the voluptuous alien princess refugee arrives, you can’t be nice, or you really have to be sure that the face-hugger is up to no good before you put a hole in it.


I don’t know why I did this, but I just played the Xfiles opening theme song and I tried to imagine creating possible ROs for the game. The result of my attempt is a laugh out trip.

Anyway, @obieblu I’ll take note of your suggestion.

I think I’ll be able to make a summary plot. Just need to type it all out then arrange it coherently.


You can’t not have a tentacle monster romance now


I’ve been telling myself to do something, and this is what I got, it’s a historical -ish game set in Imperial Brazil during the 1800’s, ranging from the MC’s birth until a little bit after the historical fall of the empire in 1889.
I’m a brazillian myself, so not only is this something I would really love, but also something I need to have as a critique to today’s Brazil, so expect politics, and a somewhat biased view of the country (but dont worry too much, I got sources).

  • Fight in the Paraguayan War, or avoid it;
  • Side with the Church, Military and the Coffe Barons or remain loyal to the emperor;
  • Buy a farm, help build the Brazilian industry, explore the Amazon;
  • Meet the greatest minds and people of Brazil, such as Dom Pedro II, his daughter Dona Isabel, Machado de Assis, Duke of Caxias and Viscount of Maua;
  • Fight the republicans or join them: will the empire survive? Or will you be exiled and see it fall?


Options number 2 and 3 are really good, it’s nice to have a game about a not so honest mc


I have two different ideas floating around in my head and I really want to turn one into a story but I just don’t know which one, that’s where you all come in :slight_smile:

  • Option One: “Your dream ever since you were young was to become a singer but as you came from a poor home with too many mouths to feed you couldn’t attend any lessons to improve. Everything you have accomplished has been DIY so you know you’re lacking when it comes to the other trainees and yet by a stroke of luck you’re told that you will debut in a group of four others, five total including yourself. Everyone’s personalities seem to clash right from the beginning and to make matters worse you were picked by the CEO to become the leader because you have the responsibility that the others don’t.” For this one there will be a lot of little ‘quests’, per say, where you will be given the chance to get to know the members better. You will have to deal with criticism from online as well as stalkers and such. I’m aiming to show a different perspective of show business that we don’t often see. You can sabotage the group to make a solo debut or work things out and debut together.

  • Option Two: You live in a world where demons, angels, dragons, fairies, ogres, and much more are not just storybook tales. Though neither like to admit it, both humans and demons have one common enemy: Angels. That’s why the humans created a secret task force known as the Special Hunting Division, SHD, who have been specially trained to fight against Angels. With newer and stronger threats coming into battle the government is ready to release their secret weapon into the war grounds but not without a little insurance.
    That’s where You comes in: A twenty-seven year old with ten years of experience assigned as the handler of a human-demon half breed after your last partner was killed in action. You two individuals have to find middle ground or risk death in the process.
    As you will be older in this one it will have adult like themes like smoking, alcohol, talks about killing(Obviously) and maaaybe sex. I’m still not sure but romance will be available as I’m a sucker for it. Half-breeds aren’t seen in the best light so you will be given the option to view it negatively, positively, or see things differently throughout.[/spoiler]

  • One: Become an Idol
  • Two: Hunt Angels

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Hey, i liked your idea! Btw, i’m brazilian too! – E por isso eu vou continuar este comentário em português mesmo, haha.
Olha, eu tenho tido uma grande vontade de escrever ou pelo menos contribuir em alguma produção nesse meio tempo que entrei no fórum. E, sinceramente, vendo que há outro brasileiro por aqui que quer criar um um jogo com base na história brasileira só me deixa mais animado! Eu realmente gostei da sua ideia e eu AMARIA ajudar nela! Por favor, se for possível, eu poderia ser algo como um co-autor de sua história? Eu posso até mesmo ser menos que isso, se quiser. Mas contanto que eu ajude a escrever, ficaria muuuuito feliz. Obrigado pela atenção!
~ Vai Brasil ~


You got a buyer in me. This game sounds both amazing to play and highly original as I can only ever remember one COG that was in Brazil and I sadly believe it is no longer being worked on. Living in the United States I have very little exposure to Brazilian history and would relish to play a game that is both entertaining and will teach me about a time and place that I am woefully uninformed. Keep up the work and I can’t wait for this to be released.


Both idea are great actually! :+1:


Hi folks. Whilst I’ve been reading CYOA books for years, and love the work done on this site, this is the first time I thought I’d write one and checking for interest. I’ve got a few ideas I’m working with, but this one is my favourite at the minute.

Essentially, you are a character similar to the Red Baron fighting in WW1. You choose you progress from being an Observer in a plane to eventually commanding your own squadron. Main story line will be your career progression, but their will be side story lines on fame/glory, secret missions and romance. There will be a couple of different and large story arcs for longevity.

Key questions I have:-

A - I’ve read through most books and can’t remember seeing anything like this. I’ve also read through the forums and not seen someone working on something similar. Is anyone else aware?

B - Is there any appetite out there for a book like this? Would people prefer the angst of All Quiet On The Western Front or the tally-ho of Biggles?

C - Would people prefer artistic licence (such as in gender choices and relationships) or keeping it more historically accurate (like Guns of Infinity) with fixed gender and romance options?

D - Anything anyone would like to see in it?

Appreciate any thoughts and feedback.



Somme Trench has a route that allows you to transfer from GI to gunner in a bi-plane, it’s not a very long section of the story, but I greatly enjoy it, that’s about the closest I think.

I love angsty stories, but I also love Biggles and more light hearted romps, so whatever really.

I hugely prefer historical accuracy, however you could maybe still take some artistic licence, there were (civilian) female pilots in ww1, perhaps if you were a daughter of a particularly influential person, and an exceptional pilot, you might be able to sell being an exception to the rule. Or you could cross-dress perhaps, and try to imitate a man to make it in, that could be interesting. I think both of those would work as nice middle grounds, and would offer a different experience to playing a male


Hi Ozymandias.

Thanks for the feedback, some really solid pieces in there. I especially like the gender stuff as there is historical precedence. Appreciated.


I like the Idol idea, but someone was talking about writing a KPop story that sounded very similar, a while back. I wouldn’t mind 2 games. :slight_smile: But maybe poke around and find that thread to see what’s up from that author.


I never knew how much I needed this until now. :flushed: The only question is: who to romance? The hot-headed sidekick or the dashing enemy agent? :confused:

I’d recommend against a more grim and gritty “historically accurate” story, as this can be hard to do right without people giving up from darkness-induced apathy.

I would certainly recommend artistic licence if you were going for the more “silly and fun” story (which, again, would be my preference). It’s not really going to be the real First World War, so if half the cast are openly female and no-one bats an eye at two men kissing, it wouldn’t really make a difference.

For a more realistic WWI story, you could certainly fit in female characters in disguise (or even not, as @Ozymandias suggests), and more clandestine gay romance, too.


I don’t really care if your story is something similar, all you have to do is make a better one. If you prove your story is better than the other, readers will surely jump wagons! :laughing:


I like this concept.

I like the incubus part of your story already.

I agree, never underestimate the potential of good tentacle porn. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The real question for me would be: “does she have a sexy single brother?”.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t the empire actually have the popular support? I think it mostly fell because the emperor essentially gave up on it because the Brazilian people wouldn’t have accepted a reigning empress and he didn’t have a son.

I do like intrepid and sexy explorers.

Like this one as well…we don’t have too many showbizz focused games either way, particularly not modern ones. I don’t know much about Asian idol groups, except that the guys in them tend to be super cute, but that just makes it more interesting to explore. Particularly if you have some insider insights to work into it that most people lack.
Option two sounds like standard fantasy fare. We already have a lot of that so I’d be more partial to option 1.

A bit of artistic license, please. Otherwise being a gay ace would be crap. I would love some stories about air and naval warfare where the mc serves in the air forces or the navy, as I find those branches far more interesting than being a “boots on the ground” grunt.
Compared to WW2 in I think I would like being a WW1 ace better, more of that dashing, pioneering, daredevil spirit.


Well if it’s WW1 flying ace there’s only one real answer for me, pining for my mc’s opposite on the other side. So, yes, falling in love or at least lust with the enemy please.

If it doesn’t have gay romance that would pretty much not make it interesting at all for me. If you want clandestine though you’d pretty much need to make the mc and their crush both upper class as those were the people who tended to get away with it. For starters a private estate gives a lot more privacy then a crumbling tenement and much of the anti-gay brutality has always tended to be reserved for the lower class men who dared to be gay. :unamused:


You had me at Incubus

hehe… impaled from all sides…:eyes: