Interest Check Thread


That means a lot coming from you @Blank. You are one of the most dilligent and consistent people here on the forum, I’m glad it caught your interest.


After posting on the thread What kind of story would you love to read?

I think I’m in the mood to make just what I suggested there. A game sorta like the xfiles. Aliens gallor… still thinking of a general plot, characters, etc.

What do you guys think? Would anyone even like to read about a game were in your an agent who’s hunting for aliens? :alien::space_invader:


Whoops, sorry for not replying earlier. I never check my notifications often as I should have haha but yeah I already started working on the deaf swordsman story about a month ago. I was planning on releasing what I had so far after I update the chapter two for my other WIP. The working title for the deaf swordsman story probably will be “A Deaf Journey” or something similar to it.


This sounds really awesome!

Have you ever read the manga Gangsta? There’s a main character that’s deaf and wild with a sword.

Will we be a silent badass like him?


I’ll be honest. I never even heard of that manga before but I’ll definitely read it if it’s available online. I was considering a choice to be a mute and deaf or learn how to speak through touching the throat of a speaker to sense the vibrations of the throat when you’re speaking. (It’s actually how I learned how to speak English when I was like 4 or 5. Sign language was my first.)


Wow, I didn’t know that was possible!

I’m looking forward to the demo. Do u have a setting in mind?


I would say that my writing style is pretty heavily influenced by certain mangas such as Dragon Ball Z, Naruto (even wrote a full story based on an alternative universe where both Naurto and Sasuke never existed) and One Piece. There’s a few more that did play a part in it.

So with that, the setting is most likely to going to be in a fictional world where piracy and samurais would be a big thing. And the MC for this story does have a desire to be known as the greatest swordsman that ever lived so the story would be taking the MC all over the world in a journey to accomplish this dream. I got a feeling that it’s going to end having some heavy One Piece vibes lol


$1 Million question: Can you bang said aliens?
No: Meh, not my cup of tea.
Yes: Shut up and take my money

I would just keep in mind that the story should have a 3-part structure to it, even if loosely established. While certain games work with the aimless route, those games are pretty massive in size.


Cool idea, anything on the plot so far?


Bang? As in romance? Meh why not, I’ve read creepy stuff from time to time :see_no_evil: Could be fun to make the player die because of alien goo lols


Alien aids
Aidens? Aliaids?


Maybe… :business_suit_levitating:


Just consider having some Asari / Twilecks


I was actually leaning towards Xfiles style alien science fiction mystery horror. Like them Scully and Mulder agents. Bah, who knows, its still on the maybe game.


What type of aliens are on X-Files


These sexy beasts




that escalated quickly :thinking:


What can I say? I like what I like :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


lol, it always makes me laugh when people assume aliens are going to be the sexy star trek kind. How about a cross over with the ones from Alien.