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Just so I’m clear, what exactly would be the “point” of the story? I am understanding the setting to a degree but I don’t quite get what the mc would be doing.

From what I can tell of HKBO, it is a mix of revenge as well as a type of self discovery(?) Would this focus on the self discovery stuff?

Thank you. I have ambitious goals for it but we’ll see how it pans out.


I’ve been pitching up on this idea for a while.

You live under the banner of one big hegemonic empire. Their way of ruling isn’t necessarily that bad, but rebellions happened regardless; albeit unorganized and sporadic.

You might choose to partake in this rebellion or not, and you might just find the chance to overthrow the empire.

The twist is: Another hegemonic empire is expanding their border, and your empire is their next target.

I wonder what would’ve people think about it.


I’ve been kicking around a couple of ideas for a while now. I hope other people find at least one of them interesting!

  1. You play as a human from player choosable origins that dies and gets sent to a snow covered realm between life and death. Over time, the bodies of the people there wither and rot away, leaving only their souls and auras. Soon afterward even the memories fade away, leaving only a trace of a person. For example, a person who died there that loved nature would have their skin slowly slough away until nothing but a green wisp that is obsessive about nature remains. The only way to avoid this is to keep your wits about you and not forget who you are. Throughout the course of the game and an odd series of events the main character can end up with either a pure white or black soul and either saves the realm or corrupts it. All the ROs will involve helping them recover their past selves, and probably won’t have a gender.
  2. A comedy game in which you’re a charlatan who pretends to be a psychic ghost hunter. Money is gained through successfully bamboozling people. At some point a real ghost is encountered, and the struggle to keep the act that you know what you’re doing and really banish the ghost begins.
  3. You play as a Mordred- style character that was raised from birth to be the ultimate weapon and the death of your father, of which you are the bastard of. You are sent on a mission to expose your father (the king of the realm) and his infidelity. Once you arrive in the kingdom, however, you see all the trouble that would be caused and people that would be harmed if you reveal yourself to be his child, and are forced to make a decision. Either fulfill your mission by orders of your mother, or gain a new purpose in life. ROs are likely going to be members of the court, furthering the difficulty of the decision for people that choose to go that route.
    Note that these are just the bare bones of these ideas and I have much more planned out. if interest is shown they will be expanded upon.


The Option N° 3 sounds very nice,mate! I would love to play a game like this, being a bastard that can choose between a mission and the peeps you’ve met during your time in court seems like a great way to make some good ol’ angst,so you obviously got me hooked! I wish you all the luck no matter what you choose. :heart:


i am definitely interested in reading number 3


I think number 2 is quite interesting, I like a good comedy game


So I want to make a little Test Game. Don’t know if someone would like to read it, it will be a survival game Robinson Crusoe Style. I would like to know, If someone would like it, which kind of island you would like to strand on.

  • Tropical Island
  • Mediteranean Island
  • Borreal Island

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You cant kill demon but you can kill fallen angel and they are also powerful? Why not just kill a demon and absorb its power? A demon is an angel right?


You can absorb their power, just not by killing them. You also can kill demons, though it is very difficult.

Demons are not Angels. They are two separate entities


Oh. Sorry about that, reading multiple story like this make my mind crazy. Considiring i just read fallen divine. Though looking forward to read it. Goodluck.


Definitely make it so that they can’t get every power. It would be, well, overpowered, and besides, replay-ability would be better so that way people can go back through and explore the different choices and powers.

It would be cool if every power and choice had a drawback, making you think instead of being some over powered freak of nature.


You could always make it so that there is one branch where you are defending, and another where you read as the invading force. This way it’s a two in one, and gives the reader a whole other story to dive into when they finish one of the branches.

There is a lot of interesting ways you could go with this and a bunch of choices you could put in. It would be more work but might just make it a little better at least.


These are really just titles instead of concepts or premises. Care to shed some light on your ideas for each of these?


Oh, I remember this. I was to release the demo months ago…

Then school started.

Your suggestion has indeed been noted.


Greetings. I’ve been drafting up a story where you, the MC, a monster, has to hide, thrive and contend in a world dominated by humans.

The monsters you can play as (so far):


Generally mindless, solitary, mute scavangers, your MC is an exception. Able to contort, morph and ooze yourself in many shapes and forms, you also possess the ability to secrete caustic acid. Looked down upon as literal bottomfeeders, maybe you will prove to all doubters your biological perfection?


Fierce beastfolk, prideful warrior-slaves and the scourge of humanity, Gnolls are physically adept, cunning opportunists with strong senses and amoral dispostions. Despite their overtly transgressive acts on other sentient races, gnolls have powerful, healthy familial bonds. You would sacrifice yourself for the greater good of kin, wouldn’t you?


Beautiful, sensual, etheral and sinister. Life is easy when you’re a very attractive jack/jill-of-all-trades. These demonic entities live an almost carefree existence, intermingling seamlessly with humans and monsters a like. However being a popular triple agent brings the risk of being impaled from all sides.


Hedonistic elitists, Mind-flayers have an unsavoury reputation, even amongst other monsters. While formidable, colonies are usually obessive and paranoid. A species consumed with mass extinction and universal domination, is ultimately self-defeating. Perhaps a certain, exiled individual will change that fate?

Lich (Skeleton)

With talent and skill, a human can achieve physical immortality. No more need for food, water or sleep. No more threats from bacterial, viral or parasitic infections. What would you do for an eternity, aside from avoiding/defeating powerful foes. Relaxing on a tropical paradise or more likely, trapped in a catacomb, fighting for self-preservation.

What are your thoughts, please let me know?


Good idea


2 and 3, especially 3 appeal to me. I’m getting a ‘Psych’ vibe from 2, and I didn’t like how goofy that was, but otherwise, the concept is definitely something I’d be interested in.

I love huge epic political struggles, and I love Arthurian legend, so I hope you write 3.


In regards to “increasing or decreasing a said aptitude for flower/floral arrangement”, I would say that it would make sense to start out with having a weakness in one arrangement compared to another. However, you should be able to work on that weakness while still retaining your original strengths so you aren’t losing skill, but rather gaining, even if it takes longer to work on it.

For example, in my experience in design, I definitely had weaknesses starting out and as well as a couple strengths. For years I’ve tackled my weaknesses but never lost “skill” in the strengths I had to begin with. You can only grow with experience. Unless the MC hasn’t arranged flowers for a VERY long time, I don’t feel like losing skill points would make much sense just because they are focusing on bettering their experience with another arrangement they’re weaker with.

Regarding the protagonist being gender-locked, I firmly believe that it’s your story and you can do what you want with it. For me personally, however, I wouldn’t be able to relate to the MC very much being that I identify as non-binary and do like seeing characters in fiction who are relatable to me. It immerses me more in your world and just overall feels good to be validated in a story I’m wrapped up in. However, if there’s a plot-related reason you want to gender-lock the protagonist as a female, then that’s understandable.

I’ll be honest and say I know little to nothing about floral arrangements, but your story sounds interesting! And it’s clear by the questions you’re asking that you are very passionate about it, which I love to see! I hope my feedback was helpful!


Throw in being a skeleton and you officially win me over, haha!

But honestly, I love your idea. I’m big on that kind of stuff and would love to generally see more protagonists being monsters/creatures/cryptids in any genre or story. And with what you’re describing, I’d eat up the concept and demo immediately! I’m 110% for it!


This seems too cool to be true