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Need some help with my soon WIP titled “Flora’s Floriography
Good day everyone!

Basically, this poll will help me develop stuff for my WIP titled “Flora’s Floriography” Not sure where to post this since the “Interest Check thread” said once I made a demo I could like make a WIP thread but sadly I don’t have a demo out yet. To be safe I’m posting it here at the “Interest Check thread” If this post is not for this thread I’ll move or delete this post.

Still coding it on (Choicescript) and revising, Link for game is not yet posted for Public testing, but will post soon. (Probably around the “Ber” Months. I’m still confused with some choicescript codes. Apologies’)

Which of the following flower/floral arrangements are you guys familiar with? (I just need to get a feel on what the players will understand and not understand about the whole flower/floral arrangements. I’ll adjust it depending on responses)

  • Cascade
  • Crescent
  • Elliptical
  • Fan shaped
  • Horizontal
  • Oval shaped
  • Triangular
  • Vertical
  • None of the above!
  • Wait…Flower arrangements have names?

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For a game that is aimed at flower arrangements. Does increasing or decreasing a said aptitude for flower/floral arrangement seem fair? (Example: You trained for Elliptical and Horizontal, but neglect Triangular arrangement. The stats will increase Elliptical and Horizontal, but will decrease Triangular arrangement.)

  • Author’s choice.
  • Increase and decrease stats
  • Make a permanent stat stating the Player character’s “Boon or a bane”
  • Meh, I don’t know what to choose. Whatever is fine.
  • Only increase stats

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Would you guys like to add a fun facts page on the stats screen? (This is for a more detailed explanation of flower/floral arrangements and flowers with accompanying meanings.)

  • Author’s choice.
  • Yes
  • Maybe
  • No

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Are you guys cool with the game being locked as a Female protagonist?

  • Author’s choice.
  • Yes
  • Maybe
  • No

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Thank you, guys!


I’d be very interested in a deaf hero. Blind fighters seem to be the go-to, but I’ve never seen a playable one. I think a deaf fighter would be absolutely plausible without making “blind monk magic” an intrinsic factor of the game. I’d love to see how it works out. Please write it. :grin:


Very excited to see that this thing is moving forward! I’m looking forward to it. If you have any difficulties with coding or testing, feel free to drop me a DM.


I am not okay with being locked as female due it sounds sexist. In my country there were a thing about florist boys weren’t manly or had to be gay by default. Same fame had tailors and hair stylists. So It sounds like hmmm bad to me.


I’d like to see a CS game based around the theme of endless cycles, aka multiple reincarnations, where the MC go through at least 2-5 lives before the end of the game. And every reincarnation has an effect on the MC’s stats. Thoughts about this? And when the MC passes away, there is a choice to continue your next life (reincarnate) or ‘replay the current chapter’… And as always, there’s a choice to customise your MC’s full name


Oh there was one in the makes around here. It was called 1000 lives I believe. You had to shuffle through various incarnations of you and your long lost lover to reconnect or some sort. (Whoops your long lost lover Ms.Young Pretty Baker is now a Mr.Rowdy Sailor in this incarnation, what do?)

Sounded very interesting but sadly may be harder to do without being scaled down.


Why are there four options in the genderlock question though, genuinely confused. Yes, no and maybe are all decent enough but Author’s choice is… off-ish.

The author obviously decides if it should be genderlocked or not, the poll and the community only influence it; in that case, maybe is the equivalent of author’s choice, as in neutral, so don’t see the point of its existence. Might be nitpicking but pretty weird imo.


@Hazel thanks, I sure hope I get the whole code correct. And I mostly get stuck on other codes say I was looking for other conditions say the *hide_reuse or *disable_reuse and it was not on the choice of games page. Wish a master list of codes were posted on the official page. I had to look for the wiki page for other codes to implement which was effy. I’ll send you a DM before making a public demo.

@poison_mara noted. Different strokes for different folks.

@N1GHTMAR3 The author’s choice is basically just plainly saying whatever the author wants and you don’t care. Maybe is in the middle ground while the author’s choice is letting the author have their way. True the author has the last say, but in this case, I’m gathering data. Whatever result I accumulate that will be my deciding point. And Nah, I should think I’m unusual to add that option. My brain thinks on different days. :slight_smile:


I think it is obvious that I do have a liking of paranormal games, ones juxtaposed with the modern day. I think it could be interesting to have some kind Paranormal Investigator, no government body, etc.

Potential Client: I’d like to hire you for a case.
P.I: What seems to be the problem?
Potential Client: My spouse is sleepwalking.
P.I: A doctor might be a better option.
Potential Client: Yeah, but they crawl on the ceiling in the middle of the night. And your ad did say “Discount Exorcist.”


Hi folks I’m currently working on a title right now and need a bit of help. Since I don’t have a demo up I am not making a page but I need a bit of help with a few things.

Currently I have almost all of the characters established except for the last 4. 2 High Elves and 2 Dark Elves.

A very brief history of their ancestral origin to help clarity of what I need:

Story points - Slight spoilers technically


After the planet was created by the Gods, they created the first Angels. The Angels were their most beautiful creations and were given the land as their home. Eventually the Angels developed emotions due to having a “true soul” (a bit of the Gods as animation). These emotions varied throughout all the Angels and caused them to have a sort sentience outside of their blind obedience to the Gods. When the Gods learned of this, rather than be upset, they were both happy and curious about their children’s newly formed emotions. They hadn’t programmed them to feel anything other than love and so the fact that they had developed new separate emotions was interesting to them. They, born entirely from that curiosity and free of any malice or ill intent, ripped the emotions from the Angels and cast them back to the earth. At this point, the Angels were now considered and newly dubbed as “Fallen Angels”, each only maintaining the emotion they held most strongly to.

The Gods, taking these new and varied emotions and sought to create new Angels. Stripping the positive emotions from the negative, they created the new and current Angels while their brief contact with the negative and discarded emotions accidentally created Demons. Discarding the demons to the depths of the Pitts of their realm, they focused squarely on their new Angels, charging them to go to the earth and help form dominion over it.

The Angels, fueled by their varied forms of love as well as the fragments of true soul, wished to create life of their own. They, in their infantile state, created a large tree filled with “mana” (the innate essence of all creatures grown and stimulated by true soul). The tree immediately began to bear fruit and that fruit was dense with mana.

Seeing that there was no one to enjoy their fruit, the Angels chose to create their own child similar to how the Gods created them. Forming them out of the woods surrounding their “Tree of Life”, the Angels created the first sentient mortals: Elves.

The Elves were innocent and childlike creatures that frollicked in the woods happy. When told to eat from the tree, those that did were turned into beautiful Elven creatures. They stood several feet taller than before and were conscious of themselves and the world around them. While they lost their childlike innocence, they grew even more devoted to their own, the Gods and Angels, and the earth itself.

Seeing this and brimming with anger, Envy, one of the fallen angels, wished to take the happiness away from the Elves, and by extension the Angels and the Gods as a whole. As such, he made his way into the woods areas under the dead of night and whispered many things into the young Elves’ ear. He told one elf that he must bring an offering to the tree from his closest friend without their knowing. He told another group of Elves that they must make love with one another in front of the tree to receive it’s blessing, while another was told that his brother would steal his blessing and that he had to stop him.

As can be imagined, when they all followed the Fallen Angel’s advice, they did not achieve the same pure state when they ate from the tree. No, their hearts, so darkened and corrupted by sin, caused them to become separate creatures entirely. Their skin turned a dark shade of the night and their hair became stark white. While they maintained their immense beauty, it was an entrancing dangerous beauty. They had become Dark Elves, the antithesis to their High brethren.

When the Angels had learned of this, they, with the same love yet slight mix of disappointment, they cast the Dark Elves into the “Abyss” (the bottom of the earth), stating that that would be their home. They then, once learning of Envy’s machinations, sought to kill the Fallen Angel and remove him from their forest. And while they couldn’t, his power matching their own, they were able to force him down into the Abyss as well.

The High and the Dark Elves are virtually the same in every way except a few. While the High Elves are generally good and loyal to the tree and each other, the Dark Elves are generally evil and seek to own the tree for themselves, being willing to murder one another to do it. In terms of magical powers and abilities, they are equal with the High Elves focusing on healing and protection, while the Dark Elves focus on poisons and killing.

TL;DR :: Elves were given a magic tree. Good Elves that ate it would become High Elves. Bad Elves that ate it would become Dark Elves.

What I need help with is coming up with suitable names for all four of them.

Here’s a bit of info on each character:

High Elf (M) - Bi : Bold and brash. Sees Elves as the greatest race and is resentful of the Humans. He is a an expert archer as well as mage user.

High Elf (F) - Bi : Reserved and easily frightened. Is afraid of hurting others and chooses to enjoy her woods and home. She is an expert as a mage.

Dark Elf (F) - Bi : Arrogant and condescending. Sees all others as her lesser and seeks to rule the Abyss before attacking the Elves and taking the Tree of Life. She is an expert “Corrupter” (user in dark magic that burns at the essence of the user and their victim)

Dark Elf (M) - Het : Cunning and Patient. He seeks to find a way to acquire the powers of the Tree of Life for himself to rule over the world and to (spoilers) become a God himself. He is an expert in corruption magic and assassinations

Please let me know:
A. What are some good names for either group or each character
B. What your thoughts of that part of the story so far.

I kept it specific to the Elves since that is what I need help with but if people are interested in any other part I’d be happy to share :grinning:


i would love to know the other parts


Undrasi Meryvel

Fenys Fedovilo


Personally, I believe their names would be dependable of the language they speak. Is it different from English? Do they have Elvish words mingled with English (or other ‘Earth-known’ languages)? Or do they speak only English?
And what are their cultures? Is it usual for people/elves to be called Flower/Fleur/etc? Or other names like Wolf, or maybe when one is good at hunting they are called: Eyes of the Hawk, with as nickname Hawk?
And do they have surnames? Is the surname the name of their clan? Or the place/village/forest/country where they were born? Is it culture bound? Mayhap the way the moon stands is important? Or is it simply their job which also becomes their surname? Par example: John Bakker, or Sarah Fisher, or Demi Hunter, etc.

I am merely sprouting questions and ideas.

These are the names which I came up with anyway:

High Elf (M) - Bi : Bold and brash.

Breo, said: Bree - oo

High Elf (F) - Bi : Reserved and easily frightened.

Rinn, said: Reen

Dark Elf (F) - Bi : Arrogant and condescending.

Merriana, said: Mer - ria - ana

Dark Elf (M) - Het : Cunning and Patient.

Lioquen, said: Leo - qwu - èn


Excellent points.

The High Elves/Elves speak Elven which sounds like French with a slight injection of Chinese in that the words flow like a singular sentence. The difference between High Elves and “Regular” Elves is the accent. Standard Elves speak as I’ve just described with a slightly higher pitch than a human. High Elves, because of their nature, sound, to humans, like they have a slight echo to their words.

Dark Elves are very similar to High Elves with their language being seen as a “Perverted/Elevated” version of Elvish depending on who you ask. They have the same language with certain exclusions such as “love” or “good” or “kind” (all these words translating to “naive”). As such it’s the same accent and tone of speaking with a subtle inclusion of Russian-esque sensuality.

Great question.

For Elves, they are loosely named after trees.

Example: Poe’tsenel: Full name (Male)
Poe (pronounced: Po-wah): First name
'Tsenel (pronounced: Tss-ah-nela): Last Name

Chene’tsenel: Full name (Female)
Chene (pronounced: ShEEn): First Name
'Tsenel (pronounced: Tssah-nel): Last Name

High Elves are based from flowers similarly loosely.

Ex. Vio’tsapel: Full name (Male)
Vio (pronounced: Vee-Yo): First Name
'Tsapel (pronounced: Tssah-pel): Last Name

Via’tsapel: Full name (Female)
Via (pronounced: Vee-Ya): First Name
'Tsapel (pronounced: Tssah-pel): Last Name

Dark Elves are named loosely from poisons.

Ex. Nor’fonce: Full name (Male)
Nor (pronounced: Nore): First Name
'Fonce (prounounced: Fon-zzs): Last Name

Mora’nuit: Full name (Female)
Mora (pronounced: Mor-Rah): First Name
'Nuit (pronounced: New-Weet): Last Name

In terms of their surname, it is intrinsically connected in some way to the “Tsa’poutel” (the name used towards the Tree of Life. Dark Elves are more closely named around the darkness or what it represents. Their surnames can vary much more than Elves or High Elves.

As for the ideas, I like them. They give way to inspiration and will be played with.

Excellent questions that were not originally considered by me prior to your asking. Really helped distinguish them from standard Elven names. Much appreciated.

Thank you for the ideas. I will futz around with them as inspiration. Much appreciated.

Sure. What would you have questions about? The races? The story outline? The characters in particular? I don’t want to go on and on about things that you may not want to hear about to anything as specific as possible let’s me flesh it out more if it needs fleshing and help you better understand the world more :blush:


Can we learn magic


Yes. There will be a mage class with several different sub classes

(Keep in mind that these are subject to change)

  • Mage (Mage that has mastered the fundamentals and principles of magic greater than other classes)
  • Sword Mage (Mage trained in the sword and fights using melee and magic)
  • Elementalist (Mage capable of manipulating the elements to fight on their behalf)
  • Corrupter (Mage capable of corrupting the soul of a person through dark magic)
  • Hexblade (Mage capable of creating magical weapons)

There is a bit more but these are the basic classes.


the story outline and the races.


Story Outline


The main story takes place with your character already in the role of power, given the coveted rank of “Champion”. You are called to meet the Queen of your Kingdom with a task.

It has been learned to her that the veil between the mortal and the celestial plane is weakening, and more and more demons are entering your lands. Demons, as are all Celestial creatures, nigh impossible to be killed by a mortal, with even the lowest of demons requiring powerful magic to send them back to their plane. If the veil is lifted, the Demons, which are numberd in the millions, will easily overwhelm the world, feasting and corrupting all life to exist.

Your job is NOT to find and repair the tears in the veil. No mortal magic is strong enough to alter something of Celestial might. Your job is to find and gain the assistance of the Fallen Angels. These beings, despite falling from grace, are immensely powerful and are heralded as gods in their own right by many civilizations.

You are to take two companions with you to face these Fallen Angels, and either get their aid by joining you, or their power by killing them.

As far as races are concerned, since there are a bit, I’ll bring up the ones you’ll actually meet in Book 1:

  • Human
  • Elves
  • Forrest Elves
  • High Elves
  • Dark Elves
  • Dragons
  • Illithids
  • Orcs
  • Goblins


I would definitely be interested in reading this


Im hooked