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Oh good, finally some variety in the ages of main characters –

Oh, okay.


HAHAHAHA i have a job but no adulting experience - you know how it is x


Hate to break it to you but there’s not really a big difference.


Thanks for the answers! Always happy with some positive aro/ace representation. :slight_smile:

I’ll be looking forward to following your progress!


I have an idea for a game. It has a lot of potential, I don’t want to release any details publicly yet because I don’t want any stolen ideas. You never know, but you can message me privately for details. It’s gonna have a GoT vibe to it but not so to where it’s too similar. Help of any and all kind would be accepted.


I’ve been working a little on this game for a while, and just discovered this forum. I don’t have a demo yet, so I’m going to post here for now! For the most part, I’m just making it up as I go, but this will likely change in the future.

My story is called The Academy of Aspiring Heroes (working title, but I definitely like it right now) and is heavily inspired by D&D, because I’m a nerd. :nerd_face:

I realized halfway through writing this that there was a TON of info, so I’ve divided it up into sections.

World/Setting Info

It takes place in a fantasy world that… well. It’s hard to describe. It’s a mish-mash of modern and medieval times. I kinda just use whatever is convenient to me from either world. For example, you might see someone wearing jeans and a hoodie, but the gun hasn’t been invented, so swords and bows are the most common weapons. For the most part, it’s the modern world in terms of culture, and medieval in terms of important technology (e.g. guns or the internet). Humans are the most common species by far, but other, rarer species like dwarves, elves, and halflings do exist.

The main setting is, you guessed it, the Academy for Aspiring Heroes. A boarding school that isn’t quite elite, but only lets in maybe 400-500 students a year (this is a rough estimate which I wrote on the spot). The application forms are released each summer. Anyone can apply, free of charge, and the forms are generally available at the local post office, readily available. You can choose to study Combat, Magic, or Magical Combat (think Bard, Ranger, or Paladin from D&D), and can specialize from there. Students learn “normal” subjects such as math and literature along with practicing their chosen Area of Study.

You can apply to the AAH once you have finished high school. There are 4-6 years of school (unsure yet), and then you will graduate. Thus, assuming you aren’t held back, you will be there from the ages of 18-22 or 18-24.


So far I’ve only got a very, very, very loose plot in mind. You’re a new student at the AAH, you take classes, make friends, then something happens and you do a fancy adventure. Very Harry Potter-esque outline.


There will be a wide variety of characters in the story. For now, they will all be gender-locked (excluding your roommate, who is the same gender as the PC), but I’m considering adding an option to choose each character’s gender as you meet them.

You should be able to romance the majority of characters in the story (who are around your age, of course). There is no determining of sexuality, and romance is simply an extra. I plan to allow for polyamory as well. You can go through the story as a gay, ace, straight, anything character. The romancable characters will hopefully be a diverse cast of genders and species.

So far, I only have 2 NPC characters:

Brisan Verdeschi, 18, human, same gender as the PC: The PC’s roommate. Studying Magical Combat. A hotheaded, brash, sociable person.

Ror’vann Nakamora, 21, female dwarf: A junior at the AAH, studying Combat. The assigned “welcomer” for the year, who checks people in and hands out room keys. Very outgoing, loud, and bold. As an example of just how bold she is, when you happen to come in right after Brisan and she realizes you are roommates, she immediately turns to Brisan and yells across the room.

I probably missed a lot of info that slipped my mind, but that’s it for now! Let me know if you’d be interested in this story!


Any form of time travel is tricky depending on the mechanics you’ve decided to use but this sounds exciting. I’d like to know how this story progresses.


I agree, time travel can be a steaming hot mess. Not to mention the fact that (at least scientifically) no one has any idea how time travel would actually affect our timeline/other timelines/ timelines we don’t even know exist. :joy:


I’d just say it’s fantasy high school! The details of which parts are taken from high school tropes and which parts are taken from fantasy tropes can be revealed as the reader moves through the story.


this sounds really interesting!

My only concern would be the RO ages, you may need to explain different races developmental timelines, or be careful with ages depending on how old you’re imagining the MC to be.


In D&D, most races generally finish growing at around the same age as humans, and it’s the lifespan and/or age they are considered adults by society that’s different. Half-orcs reach adulthood at 14 (physically and socially) and live to about 75; elves reach physical adulthood at the same age as humans but are considered adults by society at about 100, and generally live for 500-750 years, for example. My story is based off D&D and it’s a pretty good system to begin with, so I’ll probably keep it with a few tweaks. :slight_smile:

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I have a potential plan for a WarriorCats Fan IF, but I am unable to put the work in that I want to do due to my limitations on electronics and technology. So this will be mainly more of a concept thing.
My idea is that maybe I’ll be able to make a place in the WarriorCat universe based in Northern Norway with more barbaric cats. It might become something else since the rules, traditions, terms, and culture will be different but just to be safe and since there still are clans and has similar base to the series, this will be considered as a fan-made game.
I have more information on my tumblr but the gist is that you are born into one of the three clans and around the time you become a “warrior” some cats will start to rebel against their leaders and clans. You can choose to become a part of that, protect the clan, or become your own leader/rouge/loner and betray everyone. The choice is up to you.
I suggest that this game will not be for children and more of the teens and adults who can handle violence, gore, and cruelty. But again, this is just a concept so this idea may never be brought to life.
Still, if you’re interested and want to know more about it, I do have a tumblr on the topic. Thank you for taking your time reading this and I hope you all have a wonderful day.

Link to Tumblr

Also I’m not sure where to put this topic exactly so it’ll stay here for now.


I was wondering if people would be interested in a futuristic mid evil style of game. I already have the main story written out on paper but need help making it to where people can actually make choices that will impact the story.


How would a “futuristic medieval style game” work? Like, Star Wars? Old style sword fighters but then there’s dudes with laser guns?

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I’ve decided, for my first game, to revive an old story. Obviously, there’s going to have to be quite a bit of revamping to fit with the interactive narratives.

This basic draft of a summary will most likely change as I go along with the project.

You’ve died—or you should have died—but you can still move. Everything seems to point to one fact; you’re alive. Only, you’re not you, are you? That person screaming in the mirror is evidence enough. And the others, the ones the original body lived with, they’re acting like they might just go through with their threat of burning your spirit if you don’t find a way to vacate … and fast.

AKA: You died in your world only to be brought back in another world and into the body of someone else, and their comrades aren’t happy about an interloper, especially because the person you’ve unwillingly possessed has vital information that might just help them turn the tide of war.


The Hunter’s tale speaks to me, please tell me we will be able to raise the boy with love :cry:


That’s part of the plan yes, whether the hunter treats him as a monster or a human being will be up to you.


So this has been a two-year project in the making and I just want to test the waters a little, though I can make no guarantees on the completion of this project. With that being said here is a brief entry prelude into the world of Frontier:

When Earth’s fuel resources were all but depleted, mega-corporations frantically began searching for alternatives. After drilling and mining further and further into the Earth, they struck what came to be known as Aether. A powerful yet unstable resource, Aether was put into mass production far too quickly and with a lack of research. Fuel processing plants and reactors around the globe began to simultaneously experience meltdowns, WMD-sized explosions, and an outflow of radioactive material.

This cataclysmic-level event would shift the tectonic plates and polarity of Earth, ultimately causing almost all civilization to go extinct. With the planet uninhabitable and with no resources remaining, a small portion of Earth’s population fled to The Moon for refuge. A few hundred years after establishing a colony on The Moon, the inhabitants would eventually return to Earth once their resources had been depleted. Upon first contact with the completely reconfigured and desolate land, individuals began to rebuild society in what is now known as FRONTIER.

The world takes place a few hundred years after “First Contact”, the game would feature a customizable character and feature romace as well as a “semi-open world” experience. Any thoughts and constructive feedback are very much appreciated.


Can I rain down on your parade? :joy:

This is highly unlikely to happen. We already have alternative energy sources, they just haven’t been developed enough to be economically viable. We have nuclear stations, hydroelectric power plants, wind farms, solar collectors, etc. For none of this to be available anymore it would mean we would not have rivers flowing, winds blowing and the sun shining. A pretty drastic scenario. Besides, we can literally burn things, anything, as fuel.

A more likely scenario would be: in the throes of the race for long-term and cheap sustainable energy, a company develops a synthetic element…

But none of it is really relevant, becase…

So, anything prior to the actual story would sound awfully like an unnecessary info-dump.:sweat_smile:

Btw, you didn’t give any information about the actual story, just the setting. You can literally write, using the same setting, a romance, a detective murder mystery, a survival thriller, a coming-of-age, etc.


While true with earth @TropicRayder story could take place in an alternate reality/alternate earth