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this sounds really interesting!

My only concern would be the RO ages, you may need to explain different races developmental timelines, or be careful with ages depending on how old you’re imagining the MC to be.


In D&D, most races generally finish growing at around the same age as humans, and it’s the lifespan and/or age they are considered adults by society that’s different. Half-orcs reach adulthood at 14 (physically and socially) and live to about 75; elves reach physical adulthood at the same age as humans but are considered adults by society at about 100, and generally live for 500-750 years, for example. My story is based off D&D and it’s a pretty good system to begin with, so I’ll probably keep it with a few tweaks. :slight_smile:

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I have a potential plan for a WarriorCats Fan IF, but I am unable to put the work in that I want to do due to my limitations on electronics and technology. So this will be mainly more of a concept thing.
My idea is that maybe I’ll be able to make a place in the WarriorCat universe based in Northern Norway with more barbaric cats. It might become something else since the rules, traditions, terms, and culture will be different but just to be safe and since there still are clans and has similar base to the series, this will be considered as a fan-made game.
I have more information on my tumblr but the gist is that you are born into one of the three clans and around the time you become a “warrior” some cats will start to rebel against their leaders and clans. You can choose to become a part of that, protect the clan, or become your own leader/rouge/loner and betray everyone. The choice is up to you.
I suggest that this game will not be for children and more of the teens and adults who can handle violence, gore, and cruelty. But again, this is just a concept so this idea may never be brought to life.
Still, if you’re interested and want to know more about it, I do have a tumblr on the topic. Thank you for taking your time reading this and I hope you all have a wonderful day.

Link to Tumblr

Also I’m not sure where to put this topic exactly so it’ll stay here for now.


I was wondering if people would be interested in a futuristic mid evil style of game. I already have the main story written out on paper but need help making it to where people can actually make choices that will impact the story.


How would a “futuristic medieval style game” work? Like, Star Wars? Old style sword fighters but then there’s dudes with laser guns?

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I’ve decided, for my first game, to revive an old story. Obviously, there’s going to have to be quite a bit of revamping to fit with the interactive narratives.

This basic draft of a summary will most likely change as I go along with the project.

You’ve died—or you should have died—but you can still move. Everything seems to point to one fact; you’re alive. Only, you’re not you, are you? That person screaming in the mirror is evidence enough. And the others, the ones the original body lived with, they’re acting like they might just go through with their threat of burning your spirit if you don’t find a way to vacate … and fast.

AKA: You died in your world only to be brought back in another world and into the body of someone else, and their comrades aren’t happy about an interloper, especially because the person you’ve unwillingly possessed has vital information that might just help them turn the tide of war.


The Hunter’s tale speaks to me, please tell me we will be able to raise the boy with love :cry:


That’s part of the plan yes, whether the hunter treats him as a monster or a human being will be up to you.


So this has been a two-year project in the making and I just want to test the waters a little, though I can make no guarantees on the completion of this project. With that being said here is a brief entry prelude into the world of Frontier:

When Earth’s fuel resources were all but depleted, mega-corporations frantically began searching for alternatives. After drilling and mining further and further into the Earth, they struck what came to be known as Aether. A powerful yet unstable resource, Aether was put into mass production far too quickly and with a lack of research. Fuel processing plants and reactors around the globe began to simultaneously experience meltdowns, WMD-sized explosions, and an outflow of radioactive material.

This cataclysmic-level event would shift the tectonic plates and polarity of Earth, ultimately causing almost all civilization to go extinct. With the planet uninhabitable and with no resources remaining, a small portion of Earth’s population fled to The Moon for refuge. A few hundred years after establishing a colony on The Moon, the inhabitants would eventually return to Earth once their resources had been depleted. Upon first contact with the completely reconfigured and desolate land, individuals began to rebuild society in what is now known as FRONTIER.

The world takes place a few hundred years after “First Contact”, the game would feature a customizable character and feature romace as well as a “semi-open world” experience. Any thoughts and constructive feedback are very much appreciated.


Can I rain down on your parade? :joy:

This is highly unlikely to happen. We already have alternative energy sources, they just haven’t been developed enough to be economically viable. We have nuclear stations, hydroelectric power plants, wind farms, solar collectors, etc. For none of this to be available anymore it would mean we would not have rivers flowing, winds blowing and the sun shining. A pretty drastic scenario. Besides, we can literally burn things, anything, as fuel.

A more likely scenario would be: in the throes of the race for long-term and cheap sustainable energy, a company develops a synthetic element…

But none of it is really relevant, becase…

So, anything prior to the actual story would sound awfully like an unnecessary info-dump.:sweat_smile:

Btw, you didn’t give any information about the actual story, just the setting. You can literally write, using the same setting, a romance, a detective murder mystery, a survival thriller, a coming-of-age, etc.


While true with earth @TropicRayder story could take place in an alternate reality/alternate earth


As I had said before, this was a prelude into the world so if it seems like an “info dump” that is why. I won’t go into why Aether is a huge for example because to you the player you have no idea what it truly is regardless, by the time the story takes place this information is unknown to MC and most of the world. This is not based on our current timeline I feel like that was clear, the Earth had already been at its breaking point when Aether was discovered, leading to the acceleration of the inevitable due to corporate desperation. That being said I left the actual content of the story as it has to be reformatted to fit IF, I gave you what I could to test responsiveness to at least the setting.

Just to be clear I do appreciate the feedback in your response and I understand if I had been unclear in certain pats. Just to give a little more info the world takes place in a semi-science fiction setting with several city states. After a job goes wrong the MC is thrust into a conspiracy and it is up to you the player on how to respond.


So what you’re saying is that none of that background story is immediately relevant to the story of the game?

It’s what I said. :man_shrugging:t2:

It wasn’t.

I understand this is what you planned. I still don’t see how that’s plausible. So they can go to the moon and set up a colony, and yet they don’t have the technology for an alternative energy source as simple as a wind turbine?

Besides, why give that much information if, like you said yourself, even the MC doesn’t know? Which makes me believe this background story is utterly irrelevant to the actual story, since it takes place hundreds of years after the event, or it will become relevant at one point and the MC will find out about what happened in the past, except that in this case you just gave away major spoilers to your own game.

Either way, it’s unnecessary information to the reader (at this stage).

This is a lot better in terms of interest check and seems interesting.

Good luck in your writing.


I am sooooo curious about how the earth and society would look in this setting! There’s so so many directions this could go and that’s exciting aahhhh. Definitely would love to hear a bit about the story if/when it’s ready and you’re comfortable! :smiley: Also would be super curious down the line to know more about different sorts of customisations are planned to be available for the character (appearance? personality? background? gender? sexual/romantic orientation?) and obviously I want to know aaaallll about the RO but that’s spoilery so I can be patient. :stuck_out_tongue:
Also, honestly even if this weren’t on a different timeline from our current earth I could see this sorta bs happening irl. We’d have next to no resources left and instead of seriously looking into renewable stuff capitalists would absolutely just go “let’s find something else to sell, ooooh look an energy source we don’t understand, let’s use it!”


To be perfectly honest the original protagonist was a straight white Male, however full customization for all aspects you listed are definitely something me and my co-partner are committed to. We want as many people as possible to be able to enjoy the world we created!

As far as the second part you pretty much hit it on the head. Desperation led to people scrambling to try and use something that they didn’t understand and had no business in using.

Adding on to this the background is the only thing that we may keep because it is such a big piece of the story, however if it can fit we will definitely try adding it in.


In a land far, far, away. Just kidding!!! You are a normal kid that goes to a normal school in a normal town. But after a late night trip to the town’s mountains, something’s different. You’re stronger, faster, smarter. The supreme human. But you’re not the only one. Half the school is now “better humans”. Now shipped off to a elite boarding school, how will you deal with your new life and new loves…


Thirty-Two is a gladiator game set in space. As a prisoner of the futuristic Empire, you have to win a 32-person tournament - or die trying. You can win your matches by being strong or fast, of course, but you can also give yourself more of a fighting change through foul play - learning your opponents’ weaknesses, sabotaging their equipment, etc. Will you earn your freedom as a citizen of the Empire, or will you try to steal a spaceship and live off the grid with one of five possible love interests?

The game will also feature:

  • Three unique, playable alien races (plus humans of course)
  • Genetic modification as a sort of progression system
  • A lot of variety: you can meddle with other people’s fights, effectively controlling which of the 32 tournament participants live or die.

You will be able to choose your gender and race - all romanceable characters will be player-sexual, so you won’t be locked out of any interactions. Let me know what you all think!


still working out the basics, but i’ve had a sudden idea for an argonauts based story. in here, you play as a crew member of the argo, joining them in many of their adventures. this is going to have a few liberties every now and then.

key features:
  • sail on many adventures with your crew.
  • retrieve the golden fleece, save cities, and slay monsters… or completely tame them!
  • become a champion of an olympian, and receive a blessing from them.
  • choose an olympian to represent.
  • romance one of your crewmates… or simply befriend them!
  • fight on for glory, for money, or for reasons completely your own!

Atalanta (f): She’s a champion of Artemis, and is skilled with hunting, as well as with her bow and arrow. She is reserved and stand-offish, feeling out of place in a crew mostly inhibited by men.
Jason (m): Leader of the Argonauts, son of Aeson, and champion of Hera. He seeks to reclaim his lost kingdom, and has sought you for assistance. He is steadfast and driven, and yet something tells you that he’s harboring guilt from something in his past.
Castor (m): He’s the twin brother of Pollux, and is a son of Tyndareus. He’s fun and free-spirited, preferring to take things on as they come rather than preparing for them. And yet beneath his smiles and his jokes, something bothers him.
Pollux (m): He’s the twin brother of Castor, and is a son of Zeus. Unlike his brother, he’s serious, never seems to know how to have fun, and always preferring to prepare for things before they even happen. But like his brother, he is hiding a secret.

a lot of the details are still being worked on but for now, these are all that i got.


For the veterans aware of my track record, the first thing they’ll have to think is how poor it tends to be, due to my lack of focus. But what I’m having now is the rare thing of actually feeling ideas properly flow. So what I’m having now, is the first bit of feeling actual inspiration.

While massive spoiler warning, all these ideas for text games would take place in the same fictional universe, it would be nice to know what people would want to focus on as a thing for them to do. If a game is ever made and if it goes right, the rest can be looked at as tie-ins perhaps(Same world, completely different characters)

Ideas I currently have:

Exorcists hunting ghosts. I’ve already partially started on this(Debating how to progress it is another thing.) In this conflict, the conflict is between other exorcists of how to deal with dangerous spirits. Is it better to condemn them to hell or purge them from existence entirely? Is it really up to mortals to decide that? The sides aren’t about being right, but rather, just different points of views. That being said, someone can follow said school and still be a horrible person just as easily as a good one. But is there a right path, and what is it, if any? That’s the question the Schools war at each other with. They don’t want to just fight the opponent and beat them out. The Schools mean to do good in their own way, but all believe in their own ideology and want to convince the other of they’re path being the right one.

Immortals trying to hold onto immortality without upholding their end of the bargain(There’s more I’d love to expand on about this, but I’d hate to spoil the whole adventure.)

Angels trying to save humanity by making paradise. Basically, the angels completely wipe out all demonic corruption and save the earth by destroying demons. But now the angels and light beings are trying to make a perfect world for people but all of them have different ideas of what making a paradise for humans is. This isn’t simply Light=Law and Order. There are those angels, but they conflict into entirely different paradigms. Justice vs Mercy, Order vs Freedom, and the real risk of while few demons remain the potential of demon corruption to always taint and have someone fall. They all aspire to make the best possible life for humans, but have very different ideas of what exactly that means.

Elemental guardians spawned to save earth, which would be kind of like the light world but these are guardians who can be much more like jerkass gods, only worshipped so they don’t kill everyone, depending on which one. Once, the God of Life was lonely. Wanting to make some friends for herself, she created the minor gods out of elements of the earth. For the better part of a few thousand years, it was fun. But the minor gods while still powerful, have the key difference of being able to age and grow up over time, leaving a lot of now matured gods in the service of a child. When human life started to definitively evolve into a proper species, the elemental gods never understood why it was supposed to be so special compared to all other species. As beings that predate it, they have trouble understanding the Life God’s orders to act as actual guardians. Even as far as the nicest of them can tell, hurting humans is bad because it’s basically animal abuse. But being told that not only do they need to make room for this trivial race, but they’re being told that they need to be docile and helpful to them as they’re the Creator’s favored creations despite coming centuries later, with the guardians themselves apparently only coming in second to these mortals. How much they might resent their appointed roles, be supportive or just altogether indifferent, varies on the player.

  • Exorcists
  • Immortal Deal With The Devils
  • Angelic Paradise
  • World Defenders

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Hmm. So the split, while leans just a bit more to the one, it’s not that far spread from the others. Just as well, the one I knew most likely to win out, was the one I was stressing having to focus on. While it seems like I could chose to focus on whatever, ultimately, I’m inclined to go with the direction people point me in. Still presents a problem in the sense, going with any decision will annoy people who wanted something else to be focused on, especially when it’s a relatively balanced split. I think as long as I’m able to do whatever well though, most will be inclined to forgive me for not going with exactly what they wanted as long as the end result is something that’s entertaining and fun to play. At least, that’s what I hope.