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You talking about my game or the post right after it?


One word: yes. I honestly can’t get enough of good isekai. It has a lot of wiggle room, too, which just opens a whole world of possibilities. However, personally, I’m not a fan of comedy isekai or comedy in general. I like my characters suffering, please and thank you.


I’d say I’ve dealt with enough IRL bee-ess-ery and would like my dose of wholesome, lighthearted content. You can have your another world be as dark or as grim as the pre-renaissance medieval, but a bit of joke keeps insanity away.


Oh, certainly. I think I should have phrased it better, but I meant things that are completely comedies with no serious moments in sight. I actually have a dry sense of humor myself (runs in the family it seems) so I tend to inject that in my stories to help ease tension.

I mean, sure, it’s fine if you want it. I just don’t enjoy them because they lack substance. Again, just my opinion here. Maybe I’ve just had bad luck with pure comedies?

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I probably should have given more info, sorry about that. Keep in mind that this idea was spawned from my friend and I rambling.

What world is the MC sent to? A fantasy world in the simplest terms, but it wont be set in a medieval/renaissance type of era. I want magic guns to exist because magic guns are cool. Magic and technology.

How did they get there in the first place? I was thinking by our good friend Truck-kun. An accidental summoning could work but I like the randomness of it all.

As for the MC’s role? Well they would be the only human character to exist in this world. They also wouldn’t be able to use magic, however that doesn’t mean they are completely useless.

I also love the language-barrier trope. Love that shit to death.


You’re in luck since comedy isn’t my strength. Even if I were to write it as a comedy, my type of comedy is rather dark for the average joe.

But I do love to make my characters suffer however, it wouldn’t be completely serious. There still would be a light-hearted side to things. The MC did in fact turn up in a fantasy world filled with magic. They’re gonna want to have fun and explore, even if outside forces make it hard for them to enjoy it.

So @Szaal , you won’t have to worry about this story being strictly dark and depressing.

I’m glad that people are already interested. Ask more questions please. I need more questions to get my brain going.


Awwwww but I wanted to be a useless burden on everone



The MC will be important for all the wrong reasons lol

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Damn can we at least be a pain in the ass about it? Lol

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You can, but you’ll have other things to worry about.


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Hello, everyone! This is your friendly (or not) Snake Snow. (again). I’ve begun work on my new and second game Show Us the Sun That’s Hidden Now. This is my superpowers game.

This is the main game for me now. This game is based on real life in Russia in my opinion and the situation in general in our world.

This game about or summary: We are fighting with a government that hates us. Now we are the most wanted in the whole country. Some call us terrorists who undermine the system, others call us saviors who will save our country. We are the only ones who fight the lawlessness.


MCs gender will be male/female/nonbinary. The approximate age of the MCs is between 25 to 35 years


Background: When their partner was locked up in prison on a false charge they became the head of the Black Crows. Looking for a way to clear their partner’s name. They’ve never been involved in a Raven business before.
Powers: Chain manipulation, Knife manipulation


twenty years old.
Background: Chief technician of the Black Crows and hacker. Ran away from the old district in search of his father, who is one of the main rulers of the country because of their mom’s death. When they escaped they was only fourteen years old.
Power: Technology manipulation

3.Zaika (female/nonbinary)

(zaika means my beloved one, (little) bunny in Russian)Background: No one knows who she/they is or how she/they appeared in Black Crows. No one knows her real name, not even her. She/they’s a killer of the Black Crow and a secret informant of Red(ONE OF ROs).
Power: Dark manipulation

4. Blaze/Brianna/Bay

Background: Escaped from the superpower research center where did their father send them. The child of one of the rulers of the state. Wants to overthrow the government because of the evil that is happening. They is being hunted because of the compromises they has.
Power: Death sense plus another one hidden power

If you find any errors please PM.


Hi guys! I’ve recently started writing a story that takes place in the Harry Potter universe.

Is it okay to use this in my story? It’s not a real work and I’m using this just to get better on my writing skills, like a hobbie. I don’t intend to make money out of it, so it will be free. All the rights go to J.K. Rowling.


Hey everyone,
Wanted to post this here to gauge interest without using a poll. First off I wanted to congratulate @poison_mara on hosting her Halloween Jam which was popular on these forums and others.

Recently though I’ve been wondering if it might be worth it to organise a group for all the people out there who have absolutely no experience with coding or writing and are finding it difficult to learn. I thought maybe it would be a fun idea to have a group where we could all write a short story and could have daily goals and talks about CS in case we aren’t feeling great and to help us try and get some stuff down anyways. It would be a completely friendly atmosphere, no stress to do with votes or eventual publishing, just people who want to write for fun and maybe need extra help to do it. This isn’t something I usually do, obviously, the thought terrifies me writing it. But I thought It might be fun, or at least constructive for some people and then maybe by extension myself, I’m probably not the best person to host something like this, but it’s an idea at least.

Not exactly a story idea but fits the topic of the thread I suppose.


You should be okay, since you’re not publishing it officially. If you still have any lingering doubts, check out the ASOIAF fanfics in this forum. You would be surprised.

It’s a great idea! At least to me, it is.


It is indeed a great idea! I second this.


This would be great! Go for it! (And I’ll probably join because my writing is a hot mess :sweat_smile:)

@CC_Hill Haha the code is fine, it’s the writing part. The code will run! (But the writing is all over the place)


Contact CC_Hill they helped me get started and answered all my questions.


Lol, @Jackpot1776 seems to know how to handle the codes from what I saw on the noobing thread :slight_smile:


Heya! I’m thinking about making a game based on the Phantom of the Opera (got the idea after playing @fidere 's wonderful WIP, Wilhelmina). Would people be interested? Here are my ideas:

You would play as Daaé of any gender, non-binary option included. You’ll be able to choose your pronouns but also your vocal range - AKA, you can choose whether your Daaé will replace La Carlotta (a soprano) or another, new male character (a tenor) as the lead singer in the Opera (I originally planned for this male character to be Piangi, but unfortunately he is a musical-exclusive character and therefore not under public domain). This won’t be stated outright in the game, but I intended this as an option for your Daaé to be transgender (since sopranos are usually AFAB and tenors are usually AMAB).
NOTE: You’d be able to choose the gender of the role Daaé plays whenever there is an opera performance in the game, since I understand that players may not want e.g. a male Daaé to have to play a female role when replacing La Carlotta, especially if that Daaé is a trans man. I’m non-binary and AFAB, and while I personally don’t experience dysphoria if I’m referred to as a woman, I know this may not be the case for everyone whose gender identity doesn’t match their assigned sex.

The alternative would be for Daaé to be genderlocked as female and always replace La Carlotta like every other POTO adaptation, but I would prefer for people to be able to play however they wish.

The game would be very, very heavily character-driven. For example, what would the musical have turned out like if Christine hadn’t betrayed the Phantom’s trust by stealing his mask? Would the Phatom have kept her there? Would Christine eventually have found a way to escape on her own? Or would she have stayed out of her own free will, building his trust to the point where he let her wander however she wished, confident that she would always return to him? This is just an example of what I would like to explore.

There would also be a strong focus on relationships, romantic or otherwise (this is POTO lmao), and both male and female love interests. The ones I had in mind were the Phantom (…obviously), Raoul (also obviously), Meg Giry, La Carlotta, and the Persian.

I only have a very vague idea of the plot as of now, but it’ll probably be a mixture of mystery, romance and maybe horror (depending on how you play and who you antagonise lol).

Would anyone be interested?


I’d be interested in a non-genderlocked* version of this game. I like the sound of a character and relationship focused game, and I think you could do interesting things with a Phantom of the Opera adaptation.

*While I could tell you my personal reasons for disliking gender-locked MCs, it’s generally frowned upon to have debates about genderlocking in threads unrelated to it, and I think this thread gives you a better overview of the pros and cons of genderlocking anyway: