*if Error on Firefox (and WIP Topic Questions)

So. I am going to post a demo game I am working on soon, just want to insure the proper formatting for the post, in "wip. You need. Catagory, what the game is about, word count, though I hope there is a faster way to find that then counting it manually.
I think? That’s everything?
Also. I am currently play-testing said game, and I thought the *if command required indentation? Right now, Firefox is haveing a tantrom because I have the *if command indented 1 level as apposed to the rest of the text. Also, and on that note, it’s telling me:
startupline 674, invallid expression at char 13, expected operator was: var [true]
On that line, I have:
*if horrible true.
Tried to make it a temp, but that’s when that started showing up. When I try to re-indent it, it stops the playtest because it says there is an unlawfull indent. I am somewhat confused.

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Regarding your WIP Topic, I advise you to look at the fantastic (in my opinion) opening posts of the following games: Seven Heirs of Ophaesia by @Fawkes, Shepherds of Haven by @rinari, and Mind Blind by @wildelight. Because opening posts tend to grow in length, these authors have utilized the information in this topic to format their post, making the most pertinent information the clearest. It’s not at all necessary to go into as much detail as they have—they’ve done so out of necessity—especially this early into your game. You very simply might not have a need to go as in-depth, but they’re still good examples to look at because of how informative and clear all the information is.

To start off though, I advise you to include the following in your opening post:

  • the name of the game
  • a brief description of the game so that users know what they’re getting into
    • maybe include a genre if you can
    • if the game is gender-locked, definitely mention it here
  • the length of the game so far
    • this can be in terms of word length, chapters, percentage, etc.
  • any major characters and/or love interests (if applicable)
  • what kind of feedback you’re looking for
  • optional: a changelog so that users know what has been fixed or added
  • optional: a to-do list to show users what you’re working on for the next update

The template when creating a new WIP topic also includes an update rate but I advise against mentioning this. Life, especially of late, is much too unpredictable to adhere so closely to a schedule. You may end up just stressing yourself out, so just update when you can.


Not a CS expert, but as far as your technical question:

Indentation would really be determined by what precedes the *if in the code. The if statement itself isn’t always necessarily indented.

Assuming your variable is called “horrible” and you want to test for it being true try:

*if (horrible)
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I am just finishing up my stats_chart. Would I be able to get feedback on any arrors I have in it if I poste it here?

*label my_mind
		[B] mc_infermation, physical [/b]
		text ${MC_name} name
		text ${MC_surname} surname
		text ${MC_fullname} fullname
		text ${MC_haircolor} haircolor
		text ${MC_hairlength} hairlength
		text ${MC_eyecolor} eyecolor
		text ${MC_hight} hight
		*goto stat_navigation
*label my_personality
[B] personality [/b]
		opposed_pair mind
		aposed_pair team_player
		opposed_pair direct
			indirect monipulative
		opposed_pair shigh
		opposed_pair diplomatic 
		opposed_pair stoic
		aposed_pair friendly
		opposed_pair pragmatic
		*goto navigation_stats
*label tangibles
	[B] ${MC_name}, tangible statistics[/b]
	percentage willpower 
		percentage diplomatic
		percentage combat
		percentage awareness
		percentage tactical
		percentage technical
*label my_relationships
[B] personal_relationships[B/]
		percentage t_name
		percentage l_name
		percentage n_name
		percentage d_name
		percentige a
percentige i
Percentige g
		*goto navigation_stats
*label pack
[B] pac[B/]
		text t_fullname
		text t_hight
		text t_haircolor t_hairlength t_hairstyle
		text t_eyecolor
		text t_build
*comment l
		text l_fullname
		text l_eyecolor
		text l_hairlength text haircolor text hairstyle
		text l_build
*comment n
		text n_fullname
		text n_eyecolor
		text n_hairlength text n_haircolor text n_hairstyle
text n_hight
		text n_build
*comment D

*label navigation_menue
	*if stat_page !=0)
			# mane_stat_page
				*set stat_page0
				*goto mane_stats
	*if (stat_page) !=1
			# my personality
				*set statspage1
				*goto my personality
	*if stat_page !=3
			# my tangibles
				*set stats_page3
				*goto tangibles
*if stat_page != 4
				*set stat_page4
				*goto my_relationships
	*if stat_page !=4
			# pac
				*set stat_page4
				*goto pack

Ideally, this thread would be focused on your original question.

If you want help for questions in general or someone to check your coding, you can probably use Ultimate Noob Coding.

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Thank you for the link :slight_smile: