Furufufu Magical Pets

Hello Everyone! My name is Alexandra and I was introduced to CoG about a year ago but I recently decided to create an account in this forum. I love to write and so I got this idea to create an anime type of game and I need some opinions. I’m new to coding and I’ve been searching about it on the internet so if anyone could help me with that I’d be so grateful.

The game takes setting at modern times where the main characters struggles to manage his/her life. I placed the mc working at the mcDonalds at the beginning of the story to pay their college fees. So the mc has a very normal life until he/she receives a mysterious box (that’s where the pet comes in).
Right now I’m having some problems deciding what kinds of animals I’m going to use for the story, since I want them to be “somewhat” the mc’s spirit animal. Any ideas?


Sorry to break this to you but
these types of posts aren’t allowed.
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Thanks… and I’m sorry for disrespecting the rules… I wonder what I did wrong tho…

It depends on the post. We don’t allow introductory posts, otherwise the forum would be filled with piles of “I’m new” and then “Welcome to the forum” posts.

We do, however, allow posts that are about “I’m thinking of making a game about GAME IDEA.”

So, from your first post. (Please feel free to restore it). We know you’re interested in making an anime style game, and that it’s called Furufufu Magical Pets? If you could give some more details that would be great, and be a little more specific about what sort of opinions you’re looking for?

Also, search the forums for advice on coding. There’s a pile of posts where we offer suggestions on how to get started. You’re not allowed to ask someone to help you code, but you can ask for help learning to code yourself.

Edit in some more details to that first post about specifics of the game you’re thinking of creating, and the sort of advice you’re looking for.

Thanks for letting me know… and sorry for taking so long to reply. I really suck at summaries. :sweat_smile:

Oh no! That’s okay.

Reading your summary I’m immediately thinking of Gremlins! Or Lilo and Stitch.

Is it going to be a normal animal, or will it be something fantastical?

Will you be doing a personality test to determine what their spirit animal is?

I’d say start from the personality traits and then work back. So if you want Loyalty vs Independence to be one of your stats, then maybe you’d have a dog and a cat.

Oh my gosh that’s a great idea! It’ll keep my brain working that’s for sure… The animals are going to be sort of like the ones in the anime jewel pets, but unlike them they won’t have any power (beyond transforming themselves into humans when they like). They are just a companion for the mc (and maybe a romancing option).

going with more traditional spirit animals, you could go with something that stays within a reasonable size like a wolf, or you could have ones that will grow stronger as the MC continues his life, to the point of becoming massive, like a bear. Eagle, Deer are both some more traditional examples I can think of. How will feeding be handled? If the mc gets a carnivorous pet will (s)he have to feed it normal meat from the grocery store, or will they only be able to feed off the magical pets of others (perhaps increasing power?)

I want a dragon or lion to be options :sunglasses::yum:

Their “powers” will be linked directly with the mc but you’ll only get to use them at later chapters. They can eat anything you give them, but of course they’ll be happier if you give them what their animal counterparts usually eat. I forgot to mention that the relation you’ll have with your pet will also affect your powers.

I’m not going to use mythical animals because your pets will be based on your personality so it may be easier for me to search such animals traits. Be sure to expect a lion though.

Just some suggestions








Just some ideas. Sorry if I come off as pushy.

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I second the fox! Would the size of the pet matter since it’s going to be inside a box?

You won’t get in trouble for using McDonalds in a game.

This sounds cute! Agreeing a magical turtle pet would be amazing.

Is there a theme you’d like for the pets you pick?

(Unrelated, but I’d totally go to a store called McPets.)

Sounds like an interesting game! I’ll be keeping tabs on this for sure. And as for pets if you have a wolf, snake and or cheetah (or big cat) I’ll be even more excited :grin:

So we have magic spirit animals… I would love a wolf… or some genetic freak!

Momo pic?

How would the dolphin move outside of water? Would the dolphin be in a little personal sphere of water? Things you gotta think about!

Why not make the dolphin fly? They are magical pets anyway…