I want to know you better!


Hi, long time lurker, kinda new member… and I was wondering about… who are you in real life?

I know people might feel uncomfortable with sharing information and I think it’s completely understandable that those people do not participate so it’s okay but for myself I prefer to meet people and broaden my horizons that’s why I want to know about you people and to no start a controversy about why I’m asking information and not giving any of myself I’ll start:

I’m a 14 years old guy, I’m a latinoamerican, I live in Dominican Republic, I’m in my freshman year at high school, I’m a pretty nerdy guy who calls himself an “Otamer” (Combination between gamer and otaku), I have been thinking about writing a game but don’t think I have the imagination for it… I like thinking more of cold facts and learning about history (War History is my favorite) I hate Math which is pretty weird since I’m very good at it. Found out about CoG via Zombie Exodus and have been here since. I’m thinking about studying medicine at the long run especially pediatry.

So how about you? You can give as much (Or as little) info as you want.

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well I won’t be giving certain info out, but I am Tyler M. (hopefully I’ll be able to change that to Tyler B. once my family gets the cash for a name change.) my ancestors were Irish, and Italian, and I believe a bit of Native American, but I am born and raised in the good ol’ USA. I enjoy rural areas, gaming, anime, and any animal that will let me be friends with them. first CoG game was Choice of The Dragon, but I rediscovered it when I looked more into coding. (I wanted to code a choose your own adventure style game and wanted to see CoGs requirements for writers) I have gone through what some individuals would call an emotional torture that was necessary and while it has lightened thanks to my docs, family, friends, girlfriend, and hobbies, it still hits me hard some days. Physical pain wise I have repressed memories according to the docs, but apparently I’ve went through some nasty stuff. um…ah, I know. I have several WIPs with varied degrees of completion (some admittedly are just notes I scribbled down, but there are some with code being worked on.) I excel at most games if you give me time to adapt to it. (I have considered MLG, I have skill ranked as low-mid level MLG, but put me in front of a pro and I’m destroyed.) well, honestly that may have been a bit too much but it’s me.


Cool idea; I have been trying to get into the habit of being more open on the internet. I am Danielle, and I mostly lurk about reading stuff, but by the time I want to post, someone else has already said the same thing better. I live in the Bay Area and work as a biologist. If I had a heraldic crest it would have an Erlenmeyer flask, a loaf of bread, and an open book.


I have been a lurker here since 2012.

I’m a 24 years old white guy, born and raised in Brazil, living alone in a small house. My past was pretty messed up, so I’m going to skip that.

Currently working as a coder for a local company mainly focused on virtual reality. I used to like games a lot, spending hundreds of cash on my computer and videogames, but then they started getting boring, developers started releasing more of the same (Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed, even Resident Evil), so I gave up. Now I usually spend most of my free time reading, writing or coding.

About 1 month ago, I created a CoG account and started my first WIP (Hopefully it will become something big in the future :grin:)


Well, lets see…
I first found CoG when I found a review for Choice of Zombie, and I liked it so I decided to more or less stick around. (I lurked around for a long time, though) I live in New York State, and I go to a technically specialized school. The people here are fairly decent (I don’t live near NYC), though the local edu. department is pretty wacky, to say the least.

What else… I have an interest in games of all sort (particularly in video games and soccer/association football), and I have been wanting to watch anime more frequently but I haven’t been comfy in watching them on CrunchyRoll, for some reason. I have a few ideas for games made with ChoiceScript, but I’ve never used or experimented with it before, so yeah. I guess that’s all I have to say, really.


Rocky Bellini, age 19, started and never finished about 5 WIPs, live in Murica, play video games and watch anime when I’m not working or going to school. I’ve played through most choice of/hosted games at least once, the good ones get about 5 replays. Right now I’m addicted to mortal Kombat X. Currently waiting for Choice of Rebels and Community College Hero to come out, as well as the next Heroes Rise game, whenever that is. I love football and hockey. That’s pretty much all there is to know about me.


I don’t feel comfortable sharing my real name, but I like to write under a handle, Zane Hiam. I’m a 25 year old marine biologist who lives in Newport, Oregon and occasionally makes trips farther North to study whales. I’ve been playing CoG’s since Choice of the Dragon, but just got my account recently. I am dirt poor and it often feels like my life is going nowhere, so I like to play CoG’s where I’m a powerful wizard or take over the world or something. I’ve been meaning to write my own for a while, but I’m not good at choice script and I feel like my WiP pages don’t get enough attention.


Cool!! A lot of knowledge about our internet friends!! This is what I wanted at asking people to open themselves up so we can have a mental image of each other

P.S Nobody is gonna mention that I’m probably one of the youngest people on the forum?


I’m pretty sure you will find 12 year old users here :smile: 14 is not that young.


I’m a college student who’s studying accounting and law. I’m looking into professional illustration in the future but for now I’m settling with a few commissions here and there. American art schools and even Sheridan (Canada’s Harvard of animation schools) are way out of my budget, which is why I study accounting and law.

I was introduced to the CYOA genre by my older sister (who’s twelve years older than I am). My first CYOA book was an Animorphs spin-off. I’m also a big fan of Valve games. I just really like their humour.

I like: Guenevere, Monster High, Zombie Exodus (including Safe Haven), Team Zero, The Spiral Kingdom, Cassandra of Troy, The Burden, The Lost Heir, Community College Hero, Choice of Robots, Tin Star - in no particular order.

I have an assignment to complete in Javascript for one of my classes, so I might be writing up a game someday. That or I might just make a short webcomic instead. I have a few ideas floating around.

Age doesn’t really matter that much, does it? Maturity weighs up to heaps more.


Age is nothing on the internet. Act as you want to be seen, and you can display yourself as a senile old man, down to a 12 year old.


Yeah… you’re right, I simply though of it because I told my age on a reddit forum about gore and everyone was freaking surprised!

Oh I know that, a lot of people say I am an adult in a child’s body because of how I act in some situations, in my opinion maturity is the way people behave in different situations.


while we’re on the topic, do you think there should be a mental boundary that should be needed before a person gets the rights of an adult? basically a psychological evaluation to see if you’re ready for responsibility, I honestly think a system like that should be implemented.


Yes! Totally! I don’t like putting limitations on other people’s lives since I’m a wanna-be anarchist (in other words, a libertarian). But some things–havings kids, voting, driving, etc.-- influence other people so much that we seriously can’t let irresponsible people do those things. It annoys me so much when people have kids and then go, “Oh, I didn’t realize it would be so much work! I want to go back to my carefree life of partying and stuff!”


usually the kids are an accident due to the carefree partying.


Seriously, turn off your autocorrector. :smiley:


@Techdragon610 That’s getting slightly off topic, but feel free to spin it off into its own thread in the off topic folder.


A chinese guy raised as catholic? That is kinda weird

Are you actually chinese or is that your autocorrector messing up again? :laughing:

Edit: oh, nevermind, you removed it from the post :sweat_smile:


I’ll answer the thread’s question now…

I’m 18 years old and a freshman in college. I live in Florida. I’m in the pre-med program, and I want to go into neurology or neurosurgery (I really like brains). I have a poster of Blondie (the band) in my room. I use parenthesis too much.

I discovered CoG through Choice of the Dragon; I had just gotten an ipod and was looking for games to download. I remember there only being 4 official games at the time: Dragon, Broadsides, Romance, and Vampire.

Outside of brains, Blondie, and CoG, I love travelling, baby animals, reading, classic rock, jazz, video games, Asian food, Cuban food, vintage clothes, art, steampunk, and history.

Oh yeah and I have serious depression. I had to be hospitalized a few weeks ago so I wouldn’t hurt myself. Not a fun place. But I feel better telling the entire forum about it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


the discussion’s over. just a splurge of thought.