The hero wars help needed


Hi guys I’m new to choice of games but I love thehes games by the way I’m blind so that’s why some words I spell might be wrong. Anyway I plan to make this a siers after an aline ship crashed on earth, a place was made as a place of resarch and sincence descovery you the mc will be taken from this place as a baby you will escape with your brother who is a werwolf and your sister an angel so far the gender in mind is male for the mc but you can change your form into a female a werwolf an angel an a demon I’m also thinking a god or goddess as well. If anyone would be willing to help me out pm me and I would love help on coding and am not sure but maybe story progresstion I can give idea’s but I’m not a good writer if you can help me with anything then please come jump on the team. Our team will be known as cowdog games where we make all types of games text based not text based come and join me. Okay now I’m just rambling anyways please help me if you can. Adamthecowdog. P.S. I’m trying to keep my email private so people don’t spam me so unless you want to help me I won’t give you my email.


Hi . I am also new to choice of games but if you are willing I can try help you in finding writing errors in the story. Im new to choice script so I will be no good for coding but for story errors I can help you.


Spam for the blind? Now how would that work? :kissing: I’m sincerely curious.


What do you mean by that?


I mean how does a blind person see spam? Is the title of the emails read up for them? Do they have to open the email and get subjected to a how to enlarge X spiel? shrug In fact I’m probably completely clueless about how browsing the net would work at all when you’re blind… But eh, don’t want to derail the thread, just curious is all.


Yes the emails are read. Special softwares are avaible for free or need to be bought for blind people which enable them to listen to the message. I believe iphone has an inbuilt feature which enables blind people to read. Lets just forget we talked about this and return to the topic of the game which is to be developed.


Hey guys I will be trying to write the story I don’t know what I would do for stats does anyone have any ideas? But yah I use my braile note witch is connected to my Iphone and yes I use my phone to write on these threads.


I can help out with coding errors and stuff :slight_smile:


I suggest that you first decide what kind of story you are writing. You haven’t told us what kind of story it is apart from the title which shows its a hero game and you haveÿ werewolves and angels and demons. From what I can deduce it will be a fighting game , so I can safely say that you need a power meter, a relationship meter, a health. These are the basic stats for the game. I can tell more as you will give us a little more detail like can you go evil, is there fame/work sliding. I recommend reading the hero rise games to get an good idea what kind of stats you need. Also I can help you write the game if you want. Lastly when will you decide who will be in the team. I hope that this game becomes a good game and isnt forgotten like many other games.


beastyExc. Thanks I would like your help Hey if someone is willing to help make the Cowdog Games site then I’ll tell you what I want to put up there?


Hey guys good news first sceen is copplete thows who want to help show the trailer email me with your email and I’ll send it to you so you can help put it up as a post for me.


You mean a screen shot?


Hey guys I haven’t writen anything new because I’m trying to get the sceen up for you guys to read if someone would like to help put it up for me I would aprecate it.


Upload the game to dropbox and post the link here.