Favorite supernatural creature you'd like to romance?


Generic answer: a vampire assuming evevtually the vampire would offer to turn their romantic partner into a vampire themselves.

More interesting answer: a ghost or possessing spirit, something incorporeal where there could be no physical aspect to the relationship. A demon/possessing spirit could be interesting with working out trust issues with letting them control your body. They could ask you to let them in the driver seat for a day but because there is no way to truly know if they’ll give control back, in a way it’d be a test of faith in your relationship.


I think you have to remember that old gods and goddesses tended to be dicks to most humans and other gods because they were gods, they did what they wanted. Kinder gods seems to more a modern thing.

Also given how things started for the Greek gods with their old man, not surprised they’re a bit problematic.


Honestly, I only know the versions wherein Persephone is slightly tricked by Hades, though all the while she is not clear in liking nor disliking him. And he is just very… Adamant about courting her and keeping her in the Underworld.

Perhaps you are right… But still, I think that when one wants to romance the Greek Gods one has to accept their… ‘indecent past’. Does not mean that I approve of what they have done. But Hera was no angel either, she made sure the lives of all the women Zeus got his hands on became miserable, one way or another.


Not to mention making Hercules’ life hell.


Uh, getting back to the task at hand. I’m making a pole for a few of the suggested options, but please keep them coming.

  • Selkie
  • Gorgon
  • Fairy
  • Djinn
  • Vampire or Ghoul (let me know)
  • Werewolf or Were-something else (let me know)
  • Undead (Zombie, reanimated something, Frankenstein’s monster type)
  • Ghost/Spirit
  • Mermaid/Merman
  • Alien
  • Minotaur/Fawn/Satyr
  • Shapeshifter
  • Were-something other than wolf (please specify)
  • Giant/Giantess
  • Ghoul
  • Kitsune
  • Naga
  • Spider Person (Drider? Dunno if thats an actual thing or just a D&D monster.)

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…Can you imagine the quality of hug you could get from a Naga?


Pretty sure I be more concerned she be planning to squeeze me to death… and probably eat me.


Heyooooooo :kissing_heart: :wink:


Also Alien is really vague. We could be talking a sexy humanoid like the Twileks in Star Wars or the Asari in Mass Effect, or something like Jabba the Hutt or a Xenomorph. :fearful:


I uh…I dunno, but Alien was suggested. :sweat_smile:


So is this all part of a possible fantasy romance game you might have planned?


Cthulhu would be nice


More curiosity than anything. :neutral_face: But I’m not exactly opposed to the idea.

…There’s a thought…


Perhaps I might have voted for vampire and werewolf, but there are interactive novels that already cater to those predilections. Kitsune is the only option there that might be interesting to explore.

I am a bit surprised that dragon-people or angels are not on the poll. I would go with those as well. Demon, or even the devil, is another option of possible interest, but only if said creature is as charming as they are evil. I find characters with uncongenial personalities incredibly offputting.


Hmm. I can go add dragon people, angel people, and demons to the poll I suppose. EDIT: Actually it says I can’t because I have too many poll options. :disappointed_relieved:


Angels would be a good addition. I could also suggest Lizard People like the Silurians in Doctor Who.


Something dark and tortured. That might like torture me a little in return. :wink:

I guess a demon. Oooh I’ve read stories about succubi/inccubi that change their gender. That. I choose that. Little of column A. Little of column B.


Something tragic and sad that I could feel like a hero to. I actually had a dream i was in love with an Onryo once.


So an athletic human woman with body paint?

On topic:

This is actually the premise of TDUP!

It’s pretty early on right now and the only romance options are a skeleton lady and a man with four tentacles and a beak for a face.

Some of the future ROs from what people are saying in this thread:

  • spider lady
  • shapeshifter
  • merman
  • fairy
  • djinn
  • vampire
  • giant
  • naga

And even more:

  • immortal human
  • animated armor
  • jellyfish
  • rakshasa
  • dragon


Were-Tiger or Were-Bat…or Tiger or Bat(preferable a fruit bat)god/spirit

Living shadow/personification of fear who is actually shy and lonely because everyone scared of him…