Help, I need a third goddess


I need a bit of help. I’m writing a story that focuses on revenge and one of the paths of the story that can be use to exact your revenge is the path of religion. The religion that I’m using is set in the style of the old roman gods. In which there is a deity for almost everything. Before you can begin your path of religious destruction, you need to form a contract with one of 3 goddesses to be able to use the magic of the gods which is called divinity magic.

The first two goddesses I chose, was the goddess

**Discordia:**The goddess of chaos, strife, the one who calls forth war and discord. At first small and insignificant, she later discovered what her power could really do, that made the other gods fear her and that’s why they gave her a throne as one of the big 7. She is the friend and sister of Ares, and with him she delights in the tumult of war, increasing the moaning of people. She is insatiable in her desire for bloodshed, and after all the other gods have withdrawn from the battle-field, she will still remain to rejoice over the havoc that has been made.

Something that she hates more then anything is not being invited to things.

Aphrodite: The goddess of love, desire, beauty, pleasure and procreation. Everybody is always looking at the good face of love, but no one really pays attention to the evils that it can bring. Her powers can entice both gods and men into illicit affairs with her good looks and whispered sweet nothings. That alone earned her a throne between the big 7. She was partly responsible for the Wolfs three way kingdom thousand year old war, that later resulted in the unification into an empire. At the celebration of the peace treaty between the three werewolf kingdoms, Discordia (goddess of strife,chaos, discord) after not being invited to the peace celebration because of the things that she stood for, sent one of her divine children to deliver a golden apple to the most beautiful goddess present at the affair.

Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite vied for the honor, and Zeus appointed a werewolf prince named Paris as judge. To influence his decision, Athena promised him strength and invincibility, Hera offered the regions of Asia, and Aphrodite offered the most beautiful omega in the world. Paris chose Aphrodite and so won fair (H)Elen of Sapporo. However, as s(he) was already the “wife” of a werewolf king, Aphrodite’s abduction of (H)Elen provoked the northern Sapporo king to enlist the assistance of his brother to help him send an expedition to the southern kingdom of Hiroshima to take back (H)elen.

Now I need a third goddess and I just can’t think of one. Can you guys recommend one?

Ps: I know I said old roman style but that doesn’t limit the choosing to just roman gods. You can also pick ones from other nationalities like from Egypt or Peru etc… It can’t be a totally good goddess for example… Isis she is the goddess of life and rebirth, her powers wouldn’t help you when you are trying to commit national genocide. I’m looking for another dark evil goddess or a good neutral goddess like Aphrodite that can be good but has no qualms about flipping the coin on someone.


I’m going to try and avoid some deities that happen to share a lot of traits with Aphrodite or Discordia. For example, Sekhmet is an interesting Egyptian Goddess of war, fire, and destruction, but she might border Discordia to much.

One good candidate might be Hecate, goddess of dogs, magic, crossroads, ghosts and necromancy. I know if I get a chance, I’d love to have her in a game I write for some day.

If you are open to Aztec myths, maybe take a glance at Itzpapalotl. Her name is translated as Obsidian Butterfly, and a skeletal goddess of war. Some stories had her as one of the cihuateteo…spirits who haunted the night, stealing children, causing sickness and madness.

There is Rán from Norse mythology. She is a Goddess of the Sea…and theft and robbery. One of her favorite pastimes was ‘stealing’ men from passing ships, and drowning them.


I think its Greek but what about Artemis the goddess of the hunt ? (She is also goddess of chastity, virginity, and the moon)
Edit: I think Artemis is more neutral than good (but not 100% sure)


Yeah, Apollo is usually considered to have more warmth toward humanity.

If anything, Artemis is usually considered more indifferent, though she can have a mean streak as well. Look at Artemis did to Actaeon. He happened to see Artemis bathing naked, got transformed into a deer, and then torn to shreds by his own dogs.


Hecate people!!! She’s literally the goddess of magic and a couple other things!!! Why not her!! I freaking love Hecate and i would love it if she was in this game!


If you’re open to other pantheons, there’s Izanami, the Japanese goddess of creation and death; and Ishtar, the Mesopotamian goddess of love and war (similar to Aphrodite, but with an extremely vicious and vindictive streak).


@Lys and @Waywalkerlover Thanks for the suggestions. I looked into hecate and I’m already falling in love after reading this: A beautiful and powerful goddess in her own right, the Greek goddess Hecate was the only one of the ancient Titans who Zeus allowed to retain their authority once the Olympians seized control. Zeus shared with Hecate, and only her, the awesome power of giving humanity anything she wished (or withholding it if she pleased). I’m thinking about all the hurt and blackmail the M.C could do with just that. :slight_smile:

@Lys The other one that caught my attention was Ran with this kind of description who wouldn’t love her: Sea goddess with an unpredictable and dangerous personality. Rán is married to Ægir, a sea-giant, and together they have nine daughters who are waves. However, that marriage doesn’t stop Ran from having all sorts of affairs. lol I think I could work with her but I don’t see her as one of the big 7 deities. I’ll have to do a bit more research on her.

As for Itzpapalotl she sounds nice but she doesn’t have enough umpf for me.

@Jeffrey_Foster Artemis the goddess of the hunt, chastity, virginity, and the moon, she is nice but the M.C is sexually abuse which causes the M.C to not be a virgin making Him/Her unavailable for Artemis’s protection.

@Asura Ishtar, the Mesopotamian goddess of love and war: She was the deity of fertility and love, but also a jealous goddess who could bring vengeance against individuals, go to war, destroy fields, and make the earth’s creatures infertile. Ever young, energetic, and passionate, Ishtar was moody, changing rapidly from love to enmity. She protected her favorites, but brought doom upon those who dishonored her, sometimes with terrible consequences for whole nations. I might replace Aphrodite with her. She sounds more up my alley.


Sounds like the exact girl you want is Žvorūne. Depicted as both divine and demonic? Check. Defends all in her forests? Check. Rules over the discipline and fighting instinct of warriors? Check. Artemis-like, runs with an escort of wolves in the guise of a huge she-wolf? Yup. Depending on who you’re hearing it from she’s either single, doesn’t want to get married, too busy thwarting hunters, racing hares and generally being sad about people cutting trees around the Winter Solstice, or she’s consorting with everyone in her free time. Werewolves and bears and things live in her forests.

I mean, she’s not well-known, but if you want an Artemis with no problems about virgins… there you go.


I’m going to list a few goddesses - each I list has done something in revenge’s name - sometimes multiple well known things.

First the Greco-Roman Traditional entries:

1: Athena - From turning a man into a woman, a woman into a spider and even being a cause (arguably) of the Trojan war’s slaughter (Greek fleets being totally destroyed, etc)

2: Eris - the original provider of the Golden Apple awarded to Helen over Aphrodite, Schemed to get back at Aphrodite for not being invited as a paricipant in the beauty contest Priam was judging. Eris is the official goddess of chaos. Also, she has a history with Aphrodite already - the plot devises you can use are many here.

*note on Eris: Since the 1950’s modern pop culture has equated Eris as Discordia but if you look at actual Greek source materials (ie Homer) you will see she is associated with Enyo and not Discordia.

Hera - If your going to follow pop-culture and associate Discordia with Eris, then I’d use Hera as my third. Hera (Juno) is known for her vengeful and jealous behavior towards any goddess or mortal to catch Zeus’ eye as well as any mortal to cross her. As Eris was involved in the Helen affair, so was Hera who was very jealous of Aphrodite being chosen as “most beautiful”

Hera was very inventive in her plots - she forced Athena to be born directly from Zeus’ head and she led Apollo to do her bidding against mortals quite a few times by showing him they were trying to lay with his sister …

I’ll put other religions if you want but depending what you want to do with your story and the characters I’ll need more details to recommend less obvious or traditional alternatives.


How about Nike? Her Roman form is Victoria.

Nike is the goddess of strength, speed, and victory. From the Percy Jackson series (which I really love), Nike will never accept anything that will result to a draw because it conflicts with her very nature of Victory itself.


Demeter or Hestia are my suggestions;

Demeter, goddess of corn, grain, and harvest, definitely a more earthly presence, but has quite a temper when trifled with.

or Hestia, goddess of the hearth, home, and family. Commonly associated with a flame which can be both destructive, or calm.



forcing MC to be sexually abused ? that wont fly in either Official or EVEN HOSTED COG.
its honestly quiete disconcerning that you want to make it unavoidable.


Didn’t see that- 1000% agree, if you can change that, please do. There could merely be an option that your character was already ‘active’, or perhaps, Artemis just didn’t choose them. No one really knows the ways of the gods.


Personally, I’ve always been a fan of Nyx, Goddess of darkness and shadows, from Greek mythology. So bad that Zeus is afraid of her.


You can imply it, however! Don’t forget that! Wording!


It’s not Choice of Games you need to worry about, it’s the app store.

I think depending on how it’s portrayed it would be possible to write a game in which the protagonist is sexually abused, and to get that published as a Hosted Game.

You are going to have to ask yourself if it’s necessary though. Is it handled well? Is it integral to the story? Is it going to cause a large number of players to either refuse to play the game because of that content, or stop playing it when they reach it?


Think it’s too late for suggestions for a God but I would say Anubis or Jupiter, Anubis being Egyptian and Jupiter being Roman if you don’t really know where they’re from. I would put up information on them but I am typing on my phone and it doesn’t really like copy and pasting so…


Should have used this one


@CaesarCzech @Uniqueth Thanks for voicing out you concerns. I’m aware that a lot of younger people do read wips on here and because of that it won’t be graphic or anything. All this happens in a flash back which is implied and then the M.C just confirms it in the conversation he/she is having.

The final thing I have to say is that this W,i.p won’t be for everybody and that the appropriate tags will be in place and if after reading the tags and the reader is still feeling disconcern or uncomfortable they have the option to skip/ not read it


Wait, what? I was under the impression that Artemis hated men - which I think would make her the more dangerous of the two for anyone trying to “lay with” her. The only man I recall her even coming close to being attracted to was Orion, unless that’s who you’re referring to.