Need Ideas: God Quests


Guess Who’s Back, Back Again.

I’m writing a game that randomly selects quests from a database and gives them to the player. These quests are given to the player by Gods and I need ideas! You can never have too many quests/options and the more there are the more replayability there will be. So if you can come up with something that may be fun or intriguing for the player to do I’d love to get some ideas!

Don’t be shy there are no bad ideas. They don’t even need to be entirely original or grandiose, one idea may lead someone else to another. The only requirement is that they must tie into the fact that they are requests from Gods. For example, maybe the god Aries has asked the player retrieve his slipper from the Temple of Zeus. No, the gods do not have to be from the same theology, you can use any god from any source or even make up your own.


Write a song that makes a dead person weep.


The-Coldest-God has recently lost its favourite prophet. You are tasked with escorting a specific sculptor to its holy place, so they may make a new one.

She, the Precise one, has sent you on a fairly standard quest: fetch her a “finely tuned heart”. Whatever that is.

His Radiance is building a mirror-hall, filled with prisms and splendour. Unfortunately, his followers are all blind, and His Radiance himself sees light spectres very differently. Go tune the mirrors properly, be a darling?

Dusk Whisperer has trusted you with his book of revelations. Deliver it. Don’t open. Be swift. It sees you, too.


Would be cool if your the son of the evils God and everyone afraid of you


Zeus//Loki wants to to bring him a mate.

Help Set stave off Apep/Aphosis from killing Ra in his sleep.

Help Isis revive Osris

Help Helios drive his chariot.

Help free Fenir and Loki for Ragnorok.


Aphrodite has requested that you unite a Princess with the woman she loves who is in a far off land :sparkling_heart:


you could definitely use some myths like Orpheu’s or Prometheu’s and throw in some “save someone” quests or something like that


Howabout…Typhos the dark cynical God thinks the other gods are too idealistic and nice, eliminate them.
Build an army for the God.
Mentor a person to become a ruler who’ll implement the god’s desires.
Kill all the followers of the other gods.
gather some special items(maybe a unicorn horn, a gryphin wing etc) to build a statue/monument to the god.
seek out the finest people in the world(top philosophers, religious leaders, warriors etc) to better worship typhos and lead others to worship him.
seek out items/people to learn a dark truth/the meaning of life(…which also turns out to be dark lol)
Hope those are ok :stuck_out_tongue: .


Dionysus is prepared to bestow upon you the great and powerful Macguffin, if you succeed in completing a simple task; making him a sandwich! However your task is not as simple as it seems because Dionysus either doesn’t like or is allergic to many common sandwich ingredients. Further complicating things is the fact that Dionysus is too drunk to remember exactly what he wants in his sandwich and instead gives you instructions through vague, and needlessly cryptic, riddles. Succeed and the MacGuffin is yours! Fail and well its best not think about failure.


Noooo! That’s the most awesome idea ever!


House sit for Hades?


Hades has lost Cerebus and Persephone is angry at him and you need to get Cerebus back


'What do mean, you’ve lost the dog! So what if he gnawed through the Stygian Steel leash, bit you with his serpent mane and somehow managed to claw his way out of the Underworld? I want my widdle darling Spot back!"


It would be interesting if the player had a choice to make at the end. Perhaps to benefit themselves more or someone else.


Maybe you could provide examples as to what style/format/length you require?


Demeter’s depressed because her daughter hasn’t visited in some time. You must find a way to cheer her up, or else the world will remain in perpetual winter. To make things worse, Demeter doesn’t have much of a sense of humour.

Three Goddesses show up, and ask you to pick which one is the most beautiful! How do you get out of judging this divine beauty pageant alive? And will you turn down the bribes they offer you?

The Gods decide to throw a talent show and you must judge which one is the best. Will it be Apollo, Pan, or some other contender? And how do you like your new asses ears?


" 'Sephone, I was a little busy trying to figure out what that hero wanted to be watching Cerebus! And another thing His name is not Spot, it’s Cerebus!"


Hi TheMaker,

I have a couple of suggestions and I hope that it helps:

  • Find 10 good souls and “send” them to heaven, reward: Innocence (Maybe material for something?)
  • Slay 5 Horned Dragons and retrieve their horns, reward: Dragon Fang
  • Quench the flames of Hephaestus new sword at the other side of the river Styx, reward: Random high class weapon?
  • Slay 10 Demigods for a mysterious being (The hero in the future as a God), reward: God-slayer core


Antoinne Sommeil


The Golden Fleece has been stolen, and the patron god of the town it protected wants you to retrieve it. It’s up to you to find a way to discover its new location–maybe interrogate a witness of the theft (if you can find one) to get you started on the trail of the thief, or perhaps you’ll seek the wisdom of seers who will only divulge to those who are worthy… or those who can figure out how to make them talk. If you can make it to the end of your journey, you have a choice to make. Will you take pity and let the townsfolk who took the Fleece keep it, help the god get back the Fleece to his own town like you promised, or take its healing powers for yourself?

A town is being plagued by harsh and erratic weather. Its patron god sends you on a quest to destroy the demon/whatever else it might be that is causing all this.

You find yourself caught between two quarrelling deities. One of them orders you to take a magic item from the other, which they claim actually belongs to them. You’ll need your wits, skills, and probably a lot of luck to get out of this one without getting blasted to bits by one of the two immortals. Tread carefully. Choose your actions wisely. Good luck.

A sky deity has dropped one of their possessions into the vast lake of a water deity that hates them, so they must ask you to fetch it for them. Retrieve it and get a prize of some sort. Maybe a wish. Or just lots of money. Or a nice, hearty bowl of mac and cheese.

A weakened deity asks you to protect and escort him/her to their temple in the next town, in order to help them recover from whatever has weakened them. Just so the deity can rest assured that you won’t take advantage of their vulnerable state, you are promised some sort of great reward in return for helping them. But will it be enough to keep you from turning against the deity?


The god helper doing things such as dog sitting cerberus or helping junow or whatever his name is watch time or whatever he does and helping zeus cover up his most recent affairs from his wife. Or help hercules get steroids