Til Death Do Us Part: Epic Fantasy Romance (Update 2018-08-05)



Updated 2018-08-05

  • New romantic option: C’looth-Thili, an eldritch cultist
  • Arcy Rackenwort’s sex scenes completed
  • Updated the “god fight” sequence a little
  • Transgender options
  • New skill: medicine
  • Minor tweaks here and there
  • Roughly 40,000 words added


Til Death Do Us Part

… is a story where you play as an immortal being in a world of epic fantasy, trying to find someone to love until the end of time – literally.

Welcome to the world of Circadia!

Every single one of the romantic options in the game is immortal through one method or another, sometimes benign, sometimes explicitly evil in nature. In the final version of the game you’ll choose from cultists paranoid about the looming specter of death, sad princesses watching as their kingdoms fall to ruin, and hedonistic demons aiming to extract every ounce of joy they can from everything life has to offer. Among many others.

The final version will have fifteen romantic options of all shapes and sizes.


Where We're At Now

Right now the story is sitting at about 90,000 words. This includes …

  • an introduction
  • a host of downtime activities
  • four creepy omens
  • two endgame missions
  • 2/15 romantic interests

Approximate percentage completed: 15%

What's Coming in the Next Update (ETA 1 month)
  • A fifty-foot tall demi-god who lives for battle
  • A spider demon who is also secretly an ooze
What's Still to be Done in Total
  • 13 romantic interests
  • a full “true” ending
  • smaller-scale romance sequences with mortals!

Game Details

Main Character

You get to choose your character’s gender and name, as well as influence their stats throughout the prologue.

Your character is immortal, and you can decide how exactly they obtained their immortality:

  • Arch-Druid (rejuvenates their body each time they shapeshift into forest animals)
  • Champion (after defeating Death Itself in single combat, can only be killed by someone who outmatches their skill in battle)
  • Cytomancer (studied forbidden magical arts to make their body impervious to damage and the effects of aging)

Regardless of which you choose, your goal is the same: find a soulmate that will stick by your side for eternity.

Romantic Options
  • an undead mage (f)
  • a worshipper of eldritch horrors (m)
  • a colossus (m)
  • a spider demon (f)
  • a succubus / incubus (m/f)
  • a djinn (m)
  • a cursed princess (f)
  • a naga (f)
  • a vampire (m)
  • a suit of animated armor (n/a)
  • a jellyfish (n/a)
  • a faerie queen (f)
  • a tiger devil (m)
  • a siren (m)
  • a dragon (f)

That seems like a lot of characters, yeah?

Don’t worry, the story is pretty segmented. Right from the outside you can choose which romantic options you want to pursue, and if you feel like you’ve really connected with that jellyfish, you can end the story right then and there.


The main themes, in contrast to the focus on romance, will be how you deal with death. Ironically, a story featuring immortal characters ends with each of those characters having to come to terms with the prospect of oblivion.

I’m also planning to include some fairly explicit content in the story. A lot of the relationships (e.g. the succubus/incubus, vampire, etc) will have a sexual element to them. I could divorce sex from the romance, but I feel it wouldn’t be doing the story justice without it. For example, one of the characters (the princess) has to deal with the fact that her curse has robbed her of the ability to reproduce and, therefore, if she dies, her kingdom dies with her. It’s a really interesting facet of the character (notably, why she hasn’t attempted to break the curse) and I feel it wouldn’t be the same without the connection to sex.

Sexual Content

If you’re not comfortable with explicit sex scenes (especially with characters that might blur the lines of whether or not they’re truly human), you can turn it off before you begin the game. There’s a toggle at the beginning.

  • high fantasy
  • mild horror elements
  • magical non-realism
  • vague medieval setting
  • PC can be male, female, or transgender
  • romance focus (asexual, bisexual, gay, straight, gender-fluid, non-binary)
  • sexual content

Dashingdon Demo: https://dashingdon.com/play/will/til-death-do-us-part/mygame/

Survey 1: https://goo.gl/forms/hv61MuCAmsnaAuDw1 Analytics: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfUBCx_Xk0Xs2rUh4XZ3jufku3fWWajzQ2hEAjSz-3CeKJXhQ/viewanalytics

Survey 2: https://goo.gl/forms/lJRcgthy8cR7YnBG2


This sounds really interesting and I wish you good luck. I should point out, though, that Til Death Do Us Part is already a subtitle of Choice of Romance, which also happens to be an epic fantasy romance. So it wouldn’t be available.


Feck, I’m already struggling with the title! I’ll leave it for now.


Choosing to work on myself led to a case of eternal loading.


as does seeking rumours.

Am a mage in the half-collapsed fortress if it helps narrow debugging down.


It will load eternally no matter the choices since the code never changes scenes.


Whoa, yeah, that should not be happening. Must be something with dashingdon (works fine running index from Firefox on my computer).

… neither skills.txt nor rumours.txt got uploaded with the rest of the files.

One sec.


Now the save system is messed up. Oh well. Acceptable casualty for now. I’ll fix it tomorrow.


Maybe it’s just me, but if I am already a spider demon I will not feel like I need to hide being an ooze. Unless there’s some big war between the two groups or something. Also, interesting parentage.

An animated suit of armor as a romance option? Better load up on tetanus shots.


Clankers is asexual. Its only pleasure in life is mundane daily maintenance tasks. Dusting tables and polishing marble floors is how it gets its rocks off. Also murdering trespassers. Gets a real kick out of that.

Spider demon: actually she spends most of her time disguised as an elf. Not to mention the fact that the form a demon takes on the material plane is not even its true form at all! AND when you first meet her she is literally wearing a mundane disguise. So that’s five layers: costume, elf, spider, ooze, true form. And don’t get me started about the kerfuffle of what a “soul” actually is in this world. Anyway, the ridiculous layers upon layers of shapes and disguises is one of the most interesting facets of the character!


Now the save plugin is showing error.


You should make the true form identical to how they looked when you first saw them in the mundane disguise. They’ll never see it coming.

Clankers, already sounds like a winner to me.


Found a bug just now while hunting for other weird issues:

There’s a subroutine after triggering an omen where the person you’re romancing can react to what’s happened. Unfortunately, some poorly mapped *gotos are now sending you to Arcy’s scene instead of returning you to where you were. Not sure how I didn’t catch that one earlier. Blegghhh. Will fix tomorrow as well as the save system.


I hadn’t shown any interest in anyone yet, but suddenly I had to go on a date with Arcy, with no obvious way to not do so.
Is that on purpose, that same error or something else?


You had me at epic fantasy romance, oh my god (I’ve been looking for more romance based games here)

And those romance options :heart_eyes:, a question, will they each have their own individual gender or will it be what the mc is attracted to?


This is a very interesting concept and the demo is really good, I adore mythology and fantasy. So practically any kind of game that features those subjects has my attention.

Arcy is adorable. I love how she is as a person. Also, it is truly interesting how you can make the idea of walking next to a ‘living’ skeleton sound exciting.
Another thing I want to comment on: I am very fond of the invisible servants as well. I think it would be all the more special if we could interact more with them when we choose to learn how to communicate with them.

These are some minor grammatical errors I stumbled upon:

Here you miss a " at the beginning of the third choice.

I believe that “waring little armor” is suppossed to be “wearing little armor”.

And I believe that “You now that many people” is supposed to be “You know that many people”.

I want to say again how Arcy was incredibly cute for such a dark magic wielder, I loved the contradictions.

Though I was a little sad at how the game ended… It felt also a bit rushed, but mayhap that was just me…?


The concept is quite interesting, though it’s a bit disappointing that if you have a problem with Arcy wantonly murdering people your only options are to kill her or leave. I mean, what’s the world coming to when two immortals can’t have a respectful ethical debate?


Yes! Romance + fantasy + immortality
I am all for it :heart::heart::heart::heart:


Arcy didn’t want to spend eternity with meand we broke up. Apparently I make her tired so how do I stay together with her?


So I got to the part where Brunhildt has a zombie and asked him if it’s possible to bring someone back for real… and his response doesn’t actually answer the question or really make sense. I don’t know if that was intentional or not but I thought I should point it out in case it’s not. It just feels self contradictory that he apparently takes the existence of the soul for granted, but also believes there’s no afterlife. Like, what even is a soul if not something that persists even after the death of the body?


Great game but I keep getting circled back to the witches story randomly, even though I killed her.