Favorite supernatural creature you'd like to romance?


As a disruptive presence, it would be fun to really piss off the other Olympian gods…


There’s actually a couple of versions of his death. One is with Apollo meddling like you said. The others are he raped on of her handmaidens so she killed him herself. The other is he bragged about killing some creature then never came back probably died.


That is because they are <33

That is very true, I had not thought of it like that, to be honest. Gods and Goddesses are generally so jealous…

Hah! That is indeed an impossible achievement.


What Norse and Egyptian gods are female? I don’t know those patherons as well as the Greek/Roman Goddesses…


Oh dang, only ever heard the first one…uh well anyway it is possible for a dude to get on her good side as long as he don’t screw it up. :anguished:

If any were less so it’d probably be them.


Shub-Niiggurath, the Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Youngs. I heard shes great at parties, real wild.


What is it’s the version of Persephone where she didn’t go willingly, maybe she won’t care.


I also don’t think we have mentioned Nagas and Spider Ladies (forget the term for them).


Hephaestus needs more love.slams fist into table
Just not from me cause…:couplekiss_woman_woman:

Naga’s are pretty awesome, as are…Drider’s?


There are many. All of the Gods I mentioned (except for Hades and Anubis) in my first comment on this thread are female. Wikipedia has convenient lists and information about their purposes in the realm of the Gods.


Dude has Aphrodite for a wife. Good Luck.


Yeah but she doesn’t like him. :confused: Could be an interesting dynamic though, trying to let him know you’re interested in him while he pines after her as she pines after Ares…woah what a mess.


The entire key of Solomon maybe?

Kind of a long weird list.


Hephaestus attempted to rape Athena :grimacing:


Found this website. Damn there’s a lot of celestial ladies. :sunglasses:


:disappointed: I feel like a lot of them would have to be…slightly altered so they were less awful people. The Greek gods were mostly trash.


Which Greek God HASN’T raped anyone?



If they were a modern family I fear they be from the Deep South… :unamused:


I’m sorry…

@derekmetaltron Ares(the fucking god of war), Dionysus, and the female gods haven’t as far as I’m aware.


For some reason I am slightly amused that Dionysus is a gentleman.