Favorite supernatural creature you'd like to romance?


Well, apart from the common Vampire and Werewolf I think it would be incredibly interesting to romance:

  • a Gorgon
  • a Selkie
  • Death (the Grim Reaper)

I personally see Gods as supernatural creatures, but I do not know if it counts…

  • Norse Gods and Goddesses (Freyja and Bil in particular)
  • Greek Gods and Goddesses (Artemis, Athena and Hades in particular)
  • Egyptian Gods and Goddesses (Anubis and Bastet in particular)


So what you’re telling me is someone needs to make a God/Goddess dating game…I agree so hard.


I adore the way you think, darling.


Great idea! Though I would be worried that I would end up like Paris and have Hera, Athena and Aphrodite all fighting and Zeus getting ticked off, even though the guy is crazily unfaithful, kinky and incest heavy… :unamused:


These would probably be the ones I don’t wanna have as romance options or if they were they would both have to be asexual and Artemis a lesbian as well.


As for Death, might opt for the Sandman/DC version. Regular fellow not so much. Though I would happily have a drink with Discworld Death (as long as he’s not here for me, cause that would be awkward).


I’d like to see something genuinely interesting that isn’t like say…elves which are just humans with pointed ears.

Like fairies for instance are cute, and unique enough that are definitely their own thing. Not all of them being necessarily as cute as they look(Or cute at all), if you know anything about the old stories about Fae Folk, but if we are assuming the most standard versions of fairies, then they are cute creatures with dragonfly like wings and serious magic power.

I’d also be interested in something like a dijiin. A seriously powerful fire demon/genie with next to no limits to what it’s capable of and has a true form that it rarely uses in contact with mortals.

Even though they look similar to humans, they aren’t in any capacity. Yet, it seems like most people want to just make ROs that are basically humans with a dye job or slightly varying in height and call it a new and unique creature.

But really. Other than an overblown sense of self worth, all elves really manage is boasting about powers that don’t seem to ever accomplish anything and having generic styles. A blonde elven archer? Never seen that before. :unamused:

That is not to say, you couldn’t take a base fantasy race and make them interesting. But I feel like for me to get personally invested, it has to be with them having more characterization than, the aggressive dwarven warrior, or human noble who is somehow the leader despite their distinct lack of talent, and the elven mage/archer who has the power to be more generic at three times the speed of human characters.


In case there came a game like that it would be likely that there would be a lot of other Gods and Goddesses to court instead, so I doubt you would have to worry about that. I merely added my own preferences c:


Poly relationship with Hades and Persephone could be rather cute if done well.


I know I’m just saying that they and Hestia have a pledge of virginity and Artemis doesn’t like men. It’d just feel wrong to me if someone wrote them and they just gave it up.


whistles, puts hands behind her back

I always thought that Eris/Discord should get a little more love.


Well. There’s a ton of sea dwelling creatures. And tbh I just adore the diversity when it comes to merfolk. There’s the mermaid kind, but also the siren, naiad, merrow- to name a few. So, I’d be up for that.

And I mean, fairies are pretty cool too, so why not? Also spirits are intriguing in their own way.


I certainly agree.

Though once Persephone would go away for her six months to the upper world it would become a complicated relationship, since Hades would likely not want the mc to go away as well. Yet Persephone could become jealous if she would not see the mc for six whole months… Dear lord… all the possible drama…

I agree wholeheartedly! It would not seem right to me as well.
But since I am a woman who generally prefers women and always plays as a woman in CoA games Artemis being lesbian would not be an issue. As for Artemis and Athena being asexual: there is more to a relationship than sex.
Perhaps during their (and other celibate Goddesses) romance paths, there could be a certain intellectual/emotional depth which the others have not? I am merely sprouting ideas.

Why, if I may ask?


With a lot of Fantasy creatures you would probably be concerned whether they were more interested in loving you or eating you, or something akin to them killing you for reasons.


gotta put either siren, mermaid, or selkie


…alternates each month. Could go either way really though, they could both want the MC to stay with the other one so they aren’t lonely. I mean they are almost always portrayed as a pretty damn good couple.

As for Artemis…while I can’t see her getting with a dude in any sense, there could be a strong friendship path for a male MC, maybe. She has been shown on the rare occasion to enjoy the companionship. (Can’t remember the myth but she was close hunting partners with a dude until Apollo meddled and killed him. Or something anyway.)


I…that’s true…but for the sake of romance shhh…


Trouble with most of the Greek Gods is that they’re spoken for… not that it tends to stop them from trying…


Good luck trying to lock down something exclusive with Zeus.

That is very true, but it’s rather rare where the other party isn’t messing around as well. Them gods be playin’.


Mention Goat Sex and you’re golden. :laughing: