Ideas for Deities/Monsters

What I need:
If anyone has any ideas for deities or monsters for the followers to worship that you don’t mind me using in my story if it’s better than one I already have and fits the role.

I need a Name of the form, what it looks like and how it was involved in the creation and current running of the earth/humans.

Whats the game?
I’m currently working on my WIP The Followers but I procrasonate a lot when I get to the less interesting parts of my story (Currently writing 10 different branches of a single event based on choices made previously)

Due to this I need a topic to give me something to watch, hence I figured I would ask for some help from the other members of the community for the end of chapter 3.

When chapter 3 ends you finally take a form similar to being a Deity/Monster based on choices and stats throughout the chapters and the followers tell the story of the worlds creation. I wont disclose what those choices are but suffice to say that it results in 50 different forms you can take on with back stories.Each of these forms is unique but based on the broad factors previously in the game and has already been planned out by me, however I’m interested to see if people have better ideas.


  • Phoenix - The world is the egg of a flaming phoenix that watches over it as the sun.

  • Demon of Greed - Created the world and upon that world grows creatures for the demon to devour. All animals are the product of greed, working towards their own goals.

  • Frost Giant - A great frost giant rules over the world, its followers were once made of ice but as the sun grew in the sky they melted and shrunk until eventually they turned to humans

  • Entropy - The world came from nothing, an accident that over time is trying to turn back to nothing.

  • Evolution - The world was once barren but over time animals grew, changing with each generation in a struggle to survive against those around them.


Ooh! This is my jam!

I’m gonna invent the hell out of some fictional deities, here we go.

  • Wakani the Advocate:

As the first men walked the Young Earth their tribes were disparate and savage, and would commit profane and tragic acts so awful that their Gods would turn away from them in disgust.

One tribe would slaughter another, leaving nothing but the bleached sand and the smell of ash in their wake. One such tribe was slaughtered but for a single woman, who wandered out into the desert in search of safety. For many months she roamed alone, without a single soul to talk to.

In her grief she spoke to the wind, who was called Wakani the Untainted in those days.

He and she would speak to each other all day and night and delight in each other’s company, for Wakani was also lonely.

Eventually the poor woman was found by another tribe, and taken in.

Though poor and starving themselves, they shared their food and water with her, tended her wounds and made sure she always had someone to talk to.

Eventually she no longer needed to talk to Wakani, and the Wind drew away from her.

Wakani (like the other Gods) had branded Mankind a wicked people, a mistake in the Grand Design. However he saw the gentleness and kindness of the nomads and was desolate. He wept with such emotion and feeling that his tears nourished the land, turning the sands into grasslands.

He swore that from this day, all of Mankind would have an advocate among the Gods.

Whenever a flood or plague was contemplated, or a deity took umbrage with Man they would have to go through The Advocate if they wished to harm Mankind.

Wakani would tell the Gods of Virtue, and Forbearance, and Mercy, the gifts given to God by Man.

  • Chalice

The Patron Deity of Womankind, Chalice was there when the first men of clay struggled to eke out a hollow existence. In those days men were simply golems of living clay, and they suffered greatly. When a man would break, there was no remaking of him. His soul would fly away from the Earth and be snatched up by the Gods, leaving the humans diminished.

Chalice saw their suffering and decided that their design was flawed.

In secret she travelled down to the Earth and gathered the First Men to her, splitting them into two. To one half she gave the gift of Womanhood, the ability to carry and grow the spark of life, stoking it within her to make one soul into many.

Now the Humans would never truly be lost, as they could now reproduce themselves. Men would not die simply to be forgotten by the Cosmos, they would live on in the memories and ways of their children.

Chalice’s temples are a refuge for women of all kinds, many come to pray for fertility and good health in their children. Her Priestesses travel the land to officiate weddings and deliver midwifery services to the people, supposedly aided by the Goddess herself in rare cases.

I have more, but it occurs to me that I should probably play your game before wading too far in…


Wow they are beautifully written, I only gave brief a synopsis for my examples which just look awful compared to those stories. Also very creative, are they original ideas or inspiration from somewhere?

I wouldn’t worry too much about playing the game, it’s the first thing I’ve ever written and I’m mostly doing it just to see if I can make it to the end of such a big project. It’s more an education in COG writing than something to be played for entertainment :slight_smile:

If you’re bored and want to critique something though then feel free, I need more input about improvement.


I’m going through it now and I have to say: I’m really enjoying it.

It’s refreshingly different, and I really feel like the choices are meaningful. It’s a great WIP.

As to the inspiration, I just came up with those two off the cuff, so feel free to keep them if you want to, I always like seeing good characters put to use rather than stuck in my head…

Epithets: The Golden Eyed Lord, the Grim Fable, the Bloody Handed
Kaspar is an ancient deity that has lurked at the edges of civilization since time immemorial. He has no temple and acknowledges no clergy; he represents the swift, bloody justice of the old ways. Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth. When people abuse the law to oppress the just or subvert the course of the true law, Kaspar strides as the Golden Eyed Lord. An older man garbed as a Lawgiver King of old, he sends truly karmic death for the wicked. When the humblest of men and woman wail at tragedy perpetuated by their fellows, the Grim Fable hears them. The next day, they know of his terrible justice by the presence of the Red Room. Those who did wicked deeds are found dead in their beds with the walls painted in their blood. It is as the Bloody Handed that Kaspar is truly feared however. He stalks the lands as a brutish man covered in cured leathers and furs. Kinslayers, oathbreakers and those who break sacred hospitality find their hands smelling of blood; sure sign that Kaspar has marked them for death and will collect them by the next dawn.

Epithets: The Raven Winged, The All Seeing, The First and Last Friend
Nergal is the god of death and the dead. It is his ebony wings that bring souls to their mother’s wombs and it is his hand that leads them to their eternal repose when they pass from this world and into the next. His kingdom is that of the Restful Dead where souls find those that mattered most to them in their lives. Known to be a compassionate god, those who suffer often pray for his mercy when pain becomes too much. Soldiers make offerings to him so that their ends may be swift. He often appears as a large raven with three human eyes on each side of his head and a multitude of eyes set upon his wings.


They’re great, I love the darkness of both of them. I need stories that are both dark and happy depending on the tale that the players are working towards.

Is the spirit of a child whose mother died before giving birth they can shape shift between a demon baby to a normal baby(immitate a baby) to lure people they dislike the sun so they mostly hunt in nights crying like a real child luring people out of their house or forest once they are pick up by their victim they change form and begin their attack they like leading attacking travelers and abducting childrens.

You might wanna change the name to something else. Well this from the philippine mythology hope it helps

Oh, oh! I’m running on 0 hours of sleep, but I’m at work and this topic made this one deity pop into my head so mind the briefness and potential lunacy of it!

Kor’Vhek, the Glass Spider, the Weaver of Fate, the Eight-Eyed Beast.

A deity in the shape of a large arachnid, seemingly made out glass, fragile, yet sharp. They help(ed) spin the webs of creation, manipulating and paying careful attention to the intricacies of it all. They stand for craftsmanship, collaboration, and balance. Kor’Vhek watches from a distance but listens to the pleas of its devout worshipers and adds or removes strings from the grand web of creation to aid as they can. Generally, they are a merciful God, but Kor’Vhek does not stand for the impunity of having its name defiled. Glass can be as deadly as it is beautiful.


Ok, I think I’ve got another one:

  • Norom the Abstract

This deity is one of the most commonly accepted and infrequently worshipped of all the Gods. People of many cultures believe in him as much as they believe in anything else, but few actually wish to go to the trouble of worshipping him.

That is because out of all the Gods, Norom is the most likely to want to impart divine knowledge to Mankind.

That may seem counter-intuitive, but Norom does not filter, water down or quantify any knowledge he imparts on his acolytes, and an unfiltered stream of pure truth is something no human mind is built to withstand.

Those who do undertake the arcane rituals necessary to open a line of communication with this strange deity spend the rest of their lives as dribbling invalids, unable to look after themselves without constant care.

Still, with every generation a few questing souls will seek out Norom’s favour and interpret the strange visions they receive. When they finally receive their ‘reward’ they are often placed into the care of the Order of the Abstraction, a charitable and religious group who take it upon themselves to care for these lost minds.

The Order does not do this entirely out of the kindness of their hearts, as their charges are often exceptionally accurate (if difficult to read) Diviners of Truth. Often an acolyte will blurt out a couple of strange sentences that may warn of an earthquake, or solve an age-old riddle, or single words that are the catalysts for entire renaissances. The Order therefore watches and records everything said and done by their charges, in the hopes of gleaning divine knowledge while keeping their minds intact.

For this alone we should feel pity for the Order, it’s not easy recording lines of prophecy from a Mystic who fills her nappy every twenty minutes…

Norom’s motivations are simple when stripped of outside interpretation. He is simply very keen to share knowledge of the universe with anyone, and has evolved his own perceptions to such a degree that he cannot understand that he is doing anything unusual to his acolytes.


Ohoho, this is gonna be fun … And weird XD

Larkain The God Of Chaos (or any name you want)
The very first demon that god made
A hermaphrodite humanoid being with black scale covered body that is a cross between a human, a bat and a dragon , they had beauty, charisma and power beyond imagination
They was designed to be an anti version of that god (basically a god of chaos)
But, the god made them to be very powerful
Even more powerful than them
And Larkain used their power to create an army of demons to serve them
Then, the creator challenged Larkain into a duel
Larkain was too arrogant and didn’t fight hard at all
The creator used their arrogance to their advantage and used their power to lock Larkain’s body and soul into another entity
And that entity is the moon
And at a certain time in every year
A bridge of light that leads to the moon is created
And any being that knows of the legend tries to get Larkain’s power by crossing that bridge and dueling them, none of those challengers returned
But on one of those fated nights
A little girl who escaped from demons attacking her village finds the bridge that leads to the moon
Larkain feels her presences and felt sympathy towards the little girl and offered to aid her by fusing their body and soul together and acting like a guardian of the little girl
Did they do that out of the feeling of sympathy towards the girl? wanting a new body to control and be a vessel? Or the lust for vengeance for what the creator did?
No one knows that but Larkain


Another one! XD

The Mother Of Nature

A deer who was chosen to carry the seeds of a spirit of nature was hunted by beasts
She was badly injured but still alive and determined to complete her mission and give birth to the children of the spirit
But the children sensed their mother’s near death and prayed to their father to save th mother and give her power, the price was the twin spirits’ lives which they gave up happily for the sake of saving their mother’s life
The father accepts their prayers and turn the mother into a spirit of nature
A big deer with huge horns that wherever she passes, she creates a field of roses, even deserts, and from her experience, she chose to be a protector of children
Appearing to any endangered children of any race, battling beasts, demons and other spirits to prevent any mother of feeling the pain of losing her children

  • Opuire, The Many Faced, The Faceless.

The Patron Deity of Charisma, Lies, and Trickery; Opuire is said to appear as the person you trust most in the world with an eternal smile plastered onto their face, and a rainbow cloak covering most of their body. The majority of Opuire’s worshipers are politicians/courtiers, actors, and assassins.

Actors’ guildhouses often have a shrine to Opuire where those wishing for their boon, or asking for forgiveness for a poor performance, leave flowers and gifts they received from fans. Actors who have displeased Opuire either with repeated poor performances or by desecrating their shrine will tragically lose their voice in the middle of a play. If they do not repent for what they did with flowers or the gifts from fans Opuire, depending on the mood they are in, will take their eyes and nose from their face. The only way to get them back would be to please Opuire is with a grand play, where the faceless actor is the lead.

Politicians/Courtiers, and Assassins often pray to Opuire for the same thing: That their plot goes unnoticed until it is too late. Politicians/Courtiers often offer up a small sum of gold, while assassins attempt to gain favor by offering a small amount of their own blood. The politicians/courtiers, and assassins that displease Opuire are often punished in comical ways, as taking someone’s face after a failed plot usually leads to their death. There are many tales ending with the plotters attempting to escape utterly naked from the scene of the crime because of Opuire.

To those who receive Opuire’s boon unparalleled honeyed words, and silent feet shall be gifted to them. A young princess once received Opuire’s boon, she convinced her father that her brothers were plotting against him. A few minutes later her father had her brothers executed, and a few weeks later the King was killed by his daughter’s maid. The princess was quickly crowned Queen, the whole scheme greatly pleased Opuire.

The greatest gift Opuire can give to a mortal is a new face, rarely given and rarely seen. It’s rumored that those who wear one of Opuire’s faces are the deity’s lovers, and head priests. They often wear long scarfs the color of the rainbow, and live unnaturally long lives.


Wow, these are well written/developed. Here’s some bare-bones suggestions based on other works:

Sheogorath(Elder Scrolls)- Deity of Madness or Insanity. The world is a cheese wheel, and humans are merely it’s clowns…or was that clouds.

Id(Freud)- Deity that empowers its followers most savage, selfish desires. The world is MINE.

Succubus/Incubus- Basically, A demon that trades sex for souls/followers.

Tom Bombadil(Tolkien)- An unusual forest Deity of immense power. Despite his power, seems quite uninterested in mortal concerns. Almost always speaks in a strange nursery rhyme metre.

I’d also recommend the Shin Megami Tensei games as a good starting point for ideas on demons/deities

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If you want a somewhat friendlier deity of chaos, I’m sure the Discordians wouldn’t mind if you borrowed Eris. You can have more than one chaos deity, after all.

Followers of Eris keep five commandments (except when they don’t). They don’t like rules, but they have to have some rules. Otherwise “no rules allowed” becomes a rule, and now you’re a hypocrite.

Rules are meant to keep order. What kind of order would be imposed by a goddess of chaos?


  1. There is no Goddess but Goddess and She is Your Goddess. […]
  1. A Discordian Shall Always use the Official Discordian Document Numbering System.
  1. A Discordian is Required during his early Illumination to Go Off Alone & Partake Joyously of a Hot Dog on a Friday; this Devotive Ceremony to Remonstrate against the popular Paganisms of the Day: of Catholic Christendom (no meat on Friday), of Judaism (no meat of Pork), of Hindic Peoples (no meat of Beef), of Buddhists (no meat of animal), and of Discordians (no Hot Dog Buns).
  1. A Discordian shall Partake of No Hot Dog Buns. […]
  2. A Discordian is Prohibited of Believing what he reads.
  • Hiadore, The World Dragon, Bringer of Disasters, The Dreaming Beast

In the beginning there was nothing except silence, then Hiadore the World Dragon arrived breaking that silence with an earth shattering roar that shook the nothingness apart and created stars we see today. As Hiadore looked at it’s work the great beast grew tired, and so it curled into a ball to rest.

As Hiadore slept, it dreamt, and in going so created the world around it. A first the world was a barren cold place, where nothing ever changed, but as the dream continued Hiadore’s first children were born from it’s mind, dragons. The world quickly changed as the dragons fought amongst themselves, soaking the cold earth with their warm blood. Few dragons survived as the fighting only stopped when the world was flooded with their blood. These dragons became the Elder Dragons, the first children of Hiadore.

The dragon blood seeped into the ground and beget new life, plants. At first plants were sparse and impossible to find, but as Hiadore dreamt of them they flourished quickly covering the entire world. As time went on the dragon blood cooled, and became the water we drink today.

Hiadore seeing it’s first children fight each other, and it strove to create something gentler to stride on it’s surface. So the Dreaming Beast dreamt, and from it’s dream sprung forth animals, and lesser beasts. To some of the lesser beasts Hiadore gave the gift of knowledge to, thus man and woman were created. Humans, and the other lesser beasts became the second children of Hiadore.

Like the dragons before them humans were blessed with the intelligence to reason, and to remember their own dreams. In this way we commune with Hiadore the Dreaming Beast, and ask advice in their daily lives. Hiadore appears in our dreams as a four headed dragon, each head representing one of it’s dreams: The world, the dragons, the plants, humans and other lesser beasts.

We know that Hiadore punishes us with disasters if we dig to deeply into the ground, looking for it’s discarded scales of metals and gems, or if we hunt for more meat then we need. We must help balance Hiadore’s dreams, for there can not be another dragon war.

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Four more for the slush pile, and why not? Not all of these Gods can be the most-important-and-all-powerful-world-eater now, can they? So how about we fill in some of the roles that might not necessarily be the most important members of the pantheons, eh?

  • Godalmo the Hideous

Godalmo is the patron deity of all that is ugly. He delights in new abnormalities and disfigurements and is said to bestow great boons on those who purposely disfigure themselves in interesting or irreversible ways. Shrines and temples to him usually crop up in secret among cultures who place great value on personal appearance, and his followers will often throw very public parties and cause a lot of minor strife.

While his followers are mostly a minor rabble-rousing nuisance to their governments, their deity delights in petty displays of physical ugliness, so a follower’s curry-farts can be construed as a literal act of worship.

Godalmo will occasionally accept curse requests from young acolytes, where he will agree to bestow a horrible disfigurement upon an enemy if the supplicant is willing to carry it too.

  • Reader the Irritatingly Literal

Some Gods demand ornate tapestries, or epic poems, or great temples raised to add to their glory. Reader is not one of them.

His aspect is the acquisition and cataloguing of knowledge, so Universities and centres of learning often have an informal relationship with him, but there are few actual rituals to summon or interact with Reader, and those few who have spoken with him have described the experience as enlightening but tedious anyway.

Reader is completely incapable of understanding metaphor or fiction, and only deals with factual, uninterpreted truths. Were it not for his marked disinterest in being disturbed by Mankind he would likely be very similar to Norom the Abstract, but he is mostly absent from the world of men but for one thing.

Every library above a certain size is Reader’s property by default. Career Librarians often say they can ‘feel’ when Reader is perusing their shelves, and there are many reports of an ‘unusually quiet’ cloaked man reading from one or more dusty tomes. People who see this apparition find themselves inexplicably unable to disturb the hidden figure, and feel no compulsion to inform anyone else until the figure leaves.

Some Librarians claim that Reader has linked every library in the world together into a single place, and that with practice a Librarian can stroll down a corridor in Dlamish University, only to appear in far-flung Huit-Ti City. This however has never been conclusively proven or documented, beyond the notes of various Librarians throughout the ages.

  • Romari the Restless and Chitar the Unsated

Two deities that represent the repressed sexual urges of Humanity, these deities were initially worshipped separately by two different civilizations, and incorporated into each other’s pantheon when the two cultures merged.

While originally the two deities were both generally representative of sexuality, they have become specialized.

Chitar the Unsated now represents the ravenous, unending power of desire. He is often the favoured God of Teenagers and the unwed, and bestows his favour on those who follow their desire without worrying about the consequences. As such he is also the Patron Saint of Bastards.

Romari the Restless on the other hand represents the need for invention and novelty in one’s sexual life, and favours those who are constantly looking for new ways to express their sexuality. In paintings and sculptures she is often depicted with multiple partners in a variety of lewd scenarios. That often means her temples are a target of choice for regressive movements looking for an easy target.

Romari’s temples are also one of the few religious organizations willing to perform ‘joining’ ceremonies between any number and combination of peoples, often marrying groups of people together or people who would otherwise be turned away because of their gender or preferences.

Most ‘miracles’ attributed to Romari concern the alteration of one’s gender, either to the opposing gender or to a mixture of both. It is said those who have the sexual characteristics of both genders are her Chosen People, Carriers of her Word.

As their duality implies, Chitur manifests as a powerfully built but entirely masculine character, whereas while most depict Romari as a voluptuous female, her acolytes teach that she may appear as an androgyne.


Opuire is awesome, a cool take on what is usually the naughty end of the pantheon (Your Lokis, your Aphrodites etc) and making it a little more interesting and nuanced.

I especially like the notion of the favoured peoples (Former Lovers, Heroes, High Priests) getting a permanent reward instead of simply bumped off like in most myths.

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Thanks, with Opuire I wanted to balance the mischief with a strange kindness to their worshipers. Opuire wants to see interesting things happen in the world whether it be a good play, or the upheaval of a kingdom because one of their followers.
I like the idea of scheming courtiers, and the assassins they hire worshiping the same deity.

Godalmo sounds like a great niche deity, that could cause a lot trouble depending who is cursed. Both Godalmo, and Opuire seem interested in faces for completely different reasons.

Norom is a refreshing take on the god that drives people mad. Instead of being some unquestionable deity that drives others insane, he simply wants to share his knowledge with others.

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I was mostly trying to get the phrase “curry-farts” into a theological discussion, but it worked out pretty well!

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Wow there are so many awesome ideas coming out here.

@BabbleYaggle The Followers of Eris are beautifully funny, I wish I could use them in my game but I don’t have the other religions in my game world so the joke would’nt work.

@Zilla I like Opuire but Hiadore would fit so much better into my game world. When I come to fleshing out the full stories for each of the options I might use some of Hiadores story for my Dragon creature.

@Lithophene Kor’Vhek may have to replace one of my other Gods, I love the idea of a giant glass spider that weaves fate (I would have to be changed to an Ice or Crystal spider though, glass doesn’t exist yet)

@Portugas_D_Ace Do you have any other interesting creatures and deities from Philippine mythology? Im trying to make sure I represent as many cultures as possible in my game without westernising it too much. Do you have any tales of creation as it would be great to use some parts.

@WhiteLynx I like the idea of Larkain and Mother of Nature, unfortunatly in my game the sex of the deity is never examined and I can’t think how I would change those two to remove the sex without ruining them

@mrnidhogg Using Id from Freud is an amazing idea, it works so perfectly for the religions that lack a substantial deity and instead believe in things like themselves, entropy or evolution.

@Moreau Wow, you have way too much creativity! You need to get on and create a game, it would be so beautifully written!