Descendants Of Heaven


Hey guys i made a account awhile ago but i usually don’t post much comments so most of you must not know me.

So i got this game going and i got a good idea about and but i ain’t that far and i am thinking of posting a 30000ish words demo up by sept 15ish but i need a name for the game (it rhymes) here i’ll post some thing that will give you an idea of how the game is so just please give me a cool name i suck with them well mostly:

(its still not revised so don’t bother fixing the mistakes)
The giant statue of the prophet brightly glooms above you casting a light shade upon half of this country. It is encrypted with amazing golden features that make it seem so real. Plus the golden fabric that is placed on his back as a cape floats in front of the sun making him seem godly. Legends say that the angels of god came down themselves and made a floating island to place his statue on and then placed the island next to the sun. Each year his cape purifies the rays of the sun and cast holiness upon this land, the crops grow faster and a festival is hosted in the prophets name.
The legends are placed in his shrines in the language of god. But before the prophet went back to the sky he left a little present for our kind. He translated the legends into a language understandable by us. His legends say that he had the purest heart but through just the shine of his blade died four elements of impurity and destruction: hatred, greed, bloodlust, and betrayal. But with each element that was destroyed the blade split and weakened until it was gone. The prophet fell sick as his job was done on our world and god had called him back.
Another legend states that the pieces of the blade were taken back to the world where each element was the strongest. The worlds were sealed off and no one could enter them except the angels because they had casted the seal. Even though god forbid the angels to enter, one named Curajos dared entered to revive the blade; he was their strongest, their captain. He was found after millennium as a golden skeleton in our world at the exact stop that the prophet fought the elements.
There is one more frame left which is exactly like where the legends are placed except this one is empty. Your ancestors had explained that the prophet asked them to build an extra frame. The people asked him why he wanted an extra frame several times and his reply was the same “lama va straluci, the blade will shine”. The people that were listening twisted a confused expression on their face. The prophet saw that and started laughing. “Your kind will understand, they will when the time is right” he said.
Yes the prophet had rid the world of the chaos, the evil but still Satan was not powerless. The fallen angel still created creatures and that’s why we created knights. But the prophet limited Satan’s powers. The prophet once stated that a long ago people fought one another and destroyed themselves with their own comforts, he said that they were foolish and had no control over themselves. They were just puppets of chaos. They strived to be more powerful than the others while they all were just mere humans.


Why not just go with “The Blade Will Shine”? Or something related to the Prophet?


The Ariseing Phropet
The Prophet
The Honour of The Blade

I don’t know just a few suggestions
Hope it helps


this might be unique but cliche stuff works for me better


What is the game about in one sentence? Can you describe the main character in one sentence? The plot in one sentence. What are the most important things about the game? Keep it short.

Or start looking into Prophet/Profit puns.


ahh its about reviving the blade, the main charecter is a guy everyone in this world has some kind of power the main guy has speed, the plot is bassically describing the game so yeah


The Power of The Prophet?


The power of The blade?


i think a two word title will sound cooler like shattered sword or something wait that’d be perfect thanks guys


Broken Blade
Cracked Cutlass
Crumbled Claymore
Damaged Dirk
Fractured Falchion
Fragmented Foil
Smashed Scimitar


Shattered Sword sounds good.


shattered blade…?? dat sounds good too


It’s not an alliteration though. It doesn’t have the same zing as The Shattered Sword


so shattered blade sound cool to you?


Shattered blade sounds cool. but i think need a subtitle. But i tend to like long titles.


Sure. Shattered Blade.


Shattered Balde-
Subtitle- Rise of The Prophet


i personally hate long titles but sure


Okay bud


Puppets of chaos!!! :smiley:


nice grimreaper thats perfect!!!