Favorite supernatural creature you'd like to romance?


do orcs count? because i’ve really been feeling orcs lately for some reason. and of course the typical vampire or werewolf RO. that’s just because i find fangs attractive though. honestly though, i’ll play any game as long as they say i could date a monster/something supernatural. i love monsters


Pre or post Tolkien? I prefer the piggish ones myself.


doesn’t matter to me tbh :] you give me an orc, i’ll take ‘em.


I would like to romance a werewolf… Yes I know it means that I’d have to cope with moonlight walks, flea-baths and be greeted with a wolf’s face at least once a month, but it’s worth it right? Plus, a wolf is like half-dog, right? So it’s like having your very own dog… In addition to having a humanoid boyfriend for most of the month! Plus, bonus is that you got a furry best-friend for life!

Also, I like to imagine having the incubus as a boyfriend. Imagine if the Incubus is overprotective or something… :sweat_smile:


Hmm I like any but my fave would be… An incubus (because I’m frikken obsessed with them) OR a were-creature (like were wolf oooo or a werelion) coming in third would be vampire and lastly an orc or something because why tf not lol


Erm, that’s Mystique from X-Men, a very well known shapeshifter in fiction. She just happens to have blue skin in her default form.


whispers under breath

I’ve heard Elves are pretty fun to romance :wink:


…Read that Elvis. I was moderately confused.


65%, huh?




Hey, psst! Ever heard of Monster Girl Encyclopedia?


Have now…just from the cover I can understand the appeal. Any good though?


What do you mean by if it’s ‘any good’? It’s amazing! It broaden your horizon beyond the conventional understanding! For example, have you ever look at a beholder (a gazer to be more precise) and think to yourself, “Hey, I want to date that!”, No? After this book, you will! Okay, I admit that there might be some bias there since it’s my favorite entry, but you get the point. Be warned though, let’s just say the content may be inappropriate for public viewing.


I like to romance Vampire ! TADAM! lol…seriously , wayhaven book is giving me that and I love it :stuck_out_tongue:

When it come to Goddess , I say Athena cose she always been my favorite or Nemesis! cose she is awesome too !

Maybe a Silver dragon…but only if it follow the whole 'can change to human whenever ’ lol


I wasn’t expecting to see so many people say my first thought.

Being the active party in pursuing a deity is an awesome idea to me. Most ancient stories are about an unwitting and often unwilling human target. Let’s flip that. Someone saw a diety once and was smitten… now to get their attention. Then… keep them.

Apollo is a fun option in my mind, because he’s so utterly uncharming. I see a scenario of giving him romance advice a al ‘As You Like It’.

Also scenarios like, I’m going to build something so big, someone will notice. I’m going to conquer the world, and someone will notice. I’m gonna kill a monster, and maybe someone will notice. I’m gonna work just look really good while doing my mundane job, and maybe someone will notice.

Also, being courted by a predatory monster has been done so many times. There isn’t a lot of pursuing that monster. There should be some potential for humanity in them like a half-orc.


Shapeshifter, vampire, werewolf, were-coyote, and dragon shifters for me.

Also, how does a ghost romance even work?


Also how does a ghost romance even work?

Romance doesn’t always have to have a physical aspect to it


I agree with this. But at the same time the ghost might be able to make themselves semi solid for a short time or something, and if you wanted something more physical down the line (without them possesing somebody because…shady…) they could always take temporary possesion of you. The two of you could probably have some fun there, so long as you trust eachother.


What? We can’t get them a body to be intimate with? Like plastic or rubber or… maybe plush? Nothing along those lines?


Marshmallow, clearly.


Cat boy
9tailed kitsune(or maybe Hagoromo Gitsune)
Dark angel
Fallen angel
Winged person
Half elf
Half dragon
Shapeshifting dragon.
Mermaid and Merman
Demon king/Queen
Dark elf