Favorite supernatural creature you'd like to romance?


I’d love to date a ghoul like Kaneki :heart_eyes:


Traditionally I understand there’s a pottery wheel involved…


That would be a Romance based on spiritual interaction and without physical activity, in which the romance couples find comfort via truthful communication , pretty much what romance couples do such as go for vacation, hiking and even consuming of food … the taste of food will eventually be convert into impulses that send to our brain, hence the ghost who reside in our brain / mind will receive the similar impulses data experience by our senses
As long as we trust and love the ghostly entity, it will be just another romance, you can try to read visual fiction “connected heart” in order to get a better idea regarding it … it is a romance story with our childhood ghost lover :slight_smile:


Medusa.Interesting that almost all the “good” versions of Medusa are made by Japanese


Not quite all…

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My bad,I wasb’t thinking about games.Come to think of it,there are quite some


I’d love to date one like Tsukiyama :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Maybe something like Goethe’s Erlking? Or more like David Bowie as Goblin King?


There’s also…


David Bowie as Goblin King is my religion


I’d like to romance creatures of my own folklore like the boto cor de rosa who is a pink dolphin who becomes a man on a certain season and the mula sem cabeça who is a mule without head, instead there is fire where the head should be, the origins are not certain some say that when a woman desires a priest they became the mula sem cabeça other versions said she was a shitty person


Fairies are pretty cool


Yes :heart_eyes:

I like fair folk in general. Also werewolf, kitsune, werecat. Anything that turns into a cute animal.

(This is shameless advertising but my wip has a elf girl, wizard, a girl who turns into a sword and demon as ros if anyone is interested)


And a sword. Don’t forget the sword.


@Sija_Naji How could I forget about Eva? Thanks


I’d go with engkanto just for the lore behind it, though I’d skip the madness that follows.

So I guess fairy, though there are several types of those.

Also, the ever popular demon sounds nice. Always interesting to make one of the fiercest creatures binge watch a show and cuddle with you.


Golem? (e.g. Devil of Caroc)

An Archangel or fallen angel (Like the Solar from baldurs gate:Throne of Bhaal, or The dark planetar, The Winged).


Lamia? Actually, I’m making one right now


Am I the only one to have ever thougt “when you have sex with a ghost and has a man you cum in her/him does the sperm disaper with the ghost if he goes intangible or does it fall out to the ground ?”
But to come back on topic yeah i would like to romance a ghost, succubus, a god or half god, shapeshifter, or a high ranking demon(ess)


I would like to romance any creature who’s value system and phychology is different from ours, i.e. regular human beigns. I think that fae, angels and aliens probably good candidates for it. Just how interesting interactions between MC and such caracter can be built: trying understand each other, wonder of how other absolutely different from you being think and act and coming to understanding that you love each other. :smiley:
If supernatural creature is just an appearance, it’s not gonna work for me.
I hope I was able to phrase my thoughts right.