Favorite supernatural creature you'd like to romance?


How this one?: Manananggal

It’s a type of ghoul or vampire (?)
Splits in half at night
Eats baby fetus/targets pregnant people
Has a long tongue


… I’m interested. Go on.


Uhh…I just said the basics how about reading this:


I’m curious about one thing. Just how do we pronounce the name?


The way it was written (Ma na nang gal), just read it the way you’ll pronounce letters in English.

Edit: One way to kill it is to find the other half of the body.


Ah thank you. This is the first time I heard about this creature, very interesting!


Kitsune, fairy and baba yaga


Ok I have a list of the more exotic ones

  • windigo
  • blixes
  • brownies
  • cyclops

  • Big foot (or thair counter parts)
  • Din Bidor (huge wolf demon)
  • olloch
  • Drumants


Correction Dullion

  • goblin + hobgoblin
  • Hydra
  • imp
  • kobolds
  • lich
  • luvians (a horse smart enough to speak and read )
  • moss people
  • necromancer
  • nymphs
  • revenant
  • shade
  • skinwalker
  • sprites
  • stingbulb
  • trolls


And of course all others mentioned before.
Now that I have added to the list my personal interest are the shape shifter, windigo, and dragon.


A succubus that hates what she is. It’ll be quite the experience.


I get enough self hate out of the werewolves when they aren’t being annoyingly “manly”. I hear the vampires do it a lot too.

… Actually with a cubi it might be refreshing.


Also a warning on Monster Girl Encyclopedia: There’s some gratuitous underage stuff in there, so be careful what parts you browse.


It would be pretty hot and heavy

(okay i’ll see myself out)


Well, my girlfriend says ectoplasm can make for a good lubricant…

More seriously, there are a number of ways to do a ghost romance. First is the whole platonic thing, mutual feelings without going further.

Certain stories/legends do have ghosts able to manifest. If this is a case, then intimacy can be done that way.

If one allows for mutual possession, then there is no reason a ghost can’t inhabit their lover at the same time, and meet in a dreamscape situation.

I know I’ve got notes for a story, maybe I could convert it to a Heart’s choice title or a visual novel where someone might be a lady of the night as well as a ghost medium. In that case…you could almost get a threesome going on then…


Yes agree, the manifestion should be based on what the lover imagine? I personally think manifestion based on an enchanted facial display is similar to real people doing plastic/cosmetic surgery to their face, only different is that manifestion is more effective to observer’s eyes and no surgical pain at all…

The dreamscape scenario is similar theory to the visual novel i read, where the spirits of the lovers travel through time and space, creating world of living based on power of their own mind :slight_smile:


Actually, if you go with a self-aware ghost, then I could see the spirit actually being either an idealized version of themselves (looking without blemish, if ethereal), or else looking monstrous (exaggerated from when they died, etc.)


It should depend on the mentality of the ghost regarding how they want to use their energy to manifest themselves… or present themselves :slight_smile:

The visual novel i read, the ghost wander among the human society for the past decade in order to “learn” about the behaviour and courtly gesture of humanity, their fashion , the food and drinks … so that she can create a spiritual world that is identical to real world to meet her childhood friend, that including her appearance in dress and the smell of tea and cake, she create all these illusion that directly affect the senses of her friend just so she can have a chat with her friend as if she is still alive :slight_smile:


She isn’t half bad… ha ha ha…