Favorite supernatural creature you'd like to romance?


Are there any books you recommend?


Which syllable has the stress? Is it MANananggal, maNANanggal, manaNANGgal, or mananangGAL?


After pronouncing it a few times (although personally I think all of it falls in a straight line):


Definitely a kitsune :heart:
Anyone knows a COG or a WIP with a kitsune (a male one) for a RO???


The wips Fox of Sunholt has a male kitsune RO and Yugen has a kitsune RO whose gender you can choose.

Kitsune and foxes are awesome :heart_eyes:


Oh I know Yugen. I love that one :heart:




Yog-Sothoth :heart:


Whatever creature frodo was.


A girl whose interested in me.


Frodo Baggins is a Hobbit.


I would not mind romancing a werewolf. As long as he/it/she doesn’t date me around the lunar cycle monthly.
:smile: Aka: Were are my werewolves at? :grin:


A windigo or skin walker


A werewolf is honestly fairly easy as a date as long as they’re not planning to eat or kill you and you’re fairly comfortable with the wilder parts of the world.


Siren/Mermaid, Selkie, Kelpie, Faun maybe a Skinwalker or changeling


Half demon and succubus


I’d like to play at least one game where you could court a dragon (ideally the kind with shapeshifting, because I feel insecure enough without having to deal with a romantic interest ten times bigger than me,) just because it’d be fascinating to be of interest to a being so powerful and old.

It’d also be weird, but that’s kind of the point of this topic to an extent.


A spirit of some kind with a physical body, although if u touch him/her, he/she turns into cherry petals and disappears forever.


There is a WIP in the works where the plan is that one can romance a dragon. It is called ‘Till Death Do Us Part: Epic Fantasy Romance’.
Though the dragon romance is not yet added.

And in another WIP the reader is the dragon-turned-into-a-human. This one is called: ‘Honey and Fire’.

Also, on another note, have you seen ‘Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon’ (English title: ‘Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid’). It is a slice of life anime about dragons who turn into humans and try to live their lives as a human. I really enjoyed it, the humour is good, in my opinion.


The devil (with the fallen angel lore, please thank you, not the loyal enforcer of a donkey cavity god), demons, fey, vampires, gods.

What do you mean I’m fishing for immortality? :wink: